Best Sport Bike Motorcycle Tires for Grip at

Best Sport Bike Motorcycle Tires for Grip

Don’t let subpar tires hold your sportbike back from its full potential. To get the most performance out of your sportbike, you need an inspiring connection between your ride and the road. Whether you’ve worn your old tires down or just want an upgrade over the stock rubber, RevZilla’s guide to 2017’s best motorcycle tires for grip will take your road rocket to new levels of confidence. From the fastest, to the stickiest, to the best bang for your buck, you’ll see immediate returns after fitting your bike with the right tire for you.

Lemmy noted the SPV2 as a tri-compound. It’s only two compounds, but in three areas.

Best Sportbike Tires for Grip:
Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2 Tires – 2:00
Michelin Power RS Tires – 3:20
Bridgestone Battlax RS10 Tires – 4:37
Dunlop Sportmax GPR300 Tires – 5:29


N .A says:

How does the Michelin pilot street compare with the Dunlop sportmax GRP-300’s?

J Preston says:

Best sportbike tires for mileage brought me here…

wradford1 says:

I went from S21,s to the RS,s and find the RS good. A bit slower steering but stable at lean like S21,s. RS take a bit longer to warm up tho. I got 8,000kms out of rear S21. Have to see how long the RS last. Both good tires but Super Corsa is the best for grip if you don’t care about

Ducati Fanboy says:

how do you compare pirellis diablo rosso 3 to the metzler m7RR and then to dunlop Q3s or maybe the sportmax alpha 10?

Huib1992 says:

I’m currently running RS10’s on my ’01 GSXR 750. Since it’s my only bike for both road and track, it felt like a good compromise. I’m now getting to the point that on track they are letting me down, with all the guys around me on track tyres with warmers, whereas on the street 9/10 times I’m not riding the bike hard enough for them to get enough temperature. With that little thread they’re also very tricky should I get caught in some rainfall. Therefore looking at the R10 for track (with warmers) and S21 for the road. Does this make sense? I’m wondering whether the R10’s will give me any significant advantage on track over the RS10’s. Also open for other brands, but that makes it all just more complicated and besides, both R10 and S21 seem reasonably priced.

Davy Crocket says:

Hello, I have a 2018 Triumph Speed Triple RS which came fitted with Pirelli Supercorsas. As we all know they are amazing on hot, dry days, but are useless in the wet. I have a question!
I am going on a 1600 mile tour around Scotland in July. The route will involve a lot of motorway/highway riding simply to get there, and the weather can go from hot and dry to torrential rain in a matter of hours. Obviously the Supercorsas are a bad idea. I ran M7RR’s on my KTM SDR but I love Pirellis. I am stuck between the Diablo Rosso Corsa 2 and the Diablo Rosso 3 to replace the Supercorsas with, as I want better mileage (even if it’s just another 1000!) and wet grip, but don’t want to lose too much ability to have fun in the twisties when it’s hot…can I have some advice please??? Thanks

Vapor says:

The Michelin power RS will fit on most 300’s as well.

Street3x says:

Again no Metzeler recommendations…

Slick- B says:

Where’s the Pirelli sport demon?

brunocoelhobass says:

Where is the metzeler racetec k3 RR?

Luis BH says:

Whats the diference Between the GPR300 and Diablo Rosso II?

tmrthiago says:

Why is Revzilla hiding the Metzelers ??

Auto blipper says:

I am going to buy a sport bike with the intention of riding it on streets n occasionally on tracks. Diablo super corsa sounds about right to me but what if while riding in the streets it starts raining, would it loose any grip?

Rob Low says:

1:34 is that a gopro on the caliper?!

Cheng Hui says:

expected the Bridgestone Battlax S21 to be in here but not!

Repsol R1der says:

i would like to see a comparison of track tyres.
dunlop d212 gp racer or d212
Bridgestone R10 or R11
Pirelli supercorsa SC
Continental race attack
Metzeler raceteckRR
MIchelen PowercupEVO

i’ve used all of them but the metzeler and the michelen’s on the street. not taking into consideration mileage

i would say i am a big fan of pirellis but they are super expensive (excellent feedback , more grip than i can really use, really really agressive)

then it’s the r10 super aggresive, i would like it to heat up faster and not loose heat if you go less aggresive for a while. excellent feedback

continental, maybe the best grip of them all but in his middle life, looses consistency and the performance drops.

dunlop’s are really sticky, they like less air than the above, carcase is relly hard, not much agressive, but a really easy tyre to ride. it forgives a lot of mistakes fro mthe rider.

Matty Cakes says:

Where’s the Dunlop Q3+ ?

The007FMG says:

Review shinko

Andrew Lucas says:

Facts on the Rs10 lifespan. My rear has only lasted about 1500 miles but the front will probably last a few hundred more. Regardless, both will get swapped at the same time. The Pirellis that came on my Rsv4 lasted about 2000 miles and are just as sticky. Just wish the 200 series tires weren’t so expensive.

Cajunman Dick says:

There is no such thing as a high mileage sport bike tires with grip. I usually get 3000 or so miles from the rear and about 5000 on the front on a thousand cc. I’m just now recovering from a front tire wash out at about 73 mph in a left – handed corner with Continental Conti-Motion tires and the front tire slipped grip at the turn in. From the his point forward , it’s Michelins PP for me……On a sport bike GRIP is EVERYTHING!!!!!. Don’t cheap out !!..

Darrell's Moto Diary says:

Metzeler K2 & K3 RR are better tire for track and canyons.

Ahmad Bilal says:

His howdy sounded like Whoof.

MaxPayne19146 says:

WHY YOU NO Q3+!?!?

Albert Jr Brillantes says:

I have a power RS on my Yamaha R3… on stock size… just saying…

MrGoldenFoxHD says:

Conti-Attack 3s FTW

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