Best Off Road and Motocross Tires of 2016

Tearing up some dirt? Check out RyanF9’s top picks for off-road and motocross tires:

Product Links:

0:27 – Michelin S12 XC Soft/Intermediate Tire :

2:01 – Maxxis M7304D Maxxcross Desert IT Tires :

3:45 – Dunlop MX52 Geomax Intermediate/Hard Tire:

5:00 – STI Sand Wedge MX Paddle Tire:

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Jeff Brennan says:

I literally went through a MX52 in a weekend…Switching to a Maxxis desert cross IT tire. We’ll see how that goes.

James Russell says:

Do you even ride dirt bikes

Jose Delgado says:

Great info… thanks a lot … I will definitely go for the Maxxis for the fisrt time. Please keep us posted.

Aftermarket Al says:

Thank’s for mentioning a good tire for the okanogan valley that’s where I am

2StrokeBloke says:

Now THIS is what a review should be. Quality specs AND experience based input about quality, traction, etc. Great work F9. I’ll be going with the Maxxis.

satrio sukarno says:

I run the kenda’s budds creek is that a good dirt tires ?

lefa25 says:

Great stuff! Entertaining and informative.

SubnormalSwine says:

didnt know you were canadian, cheers!

UZIMike ! says:


TeamWake-N-Bake says:

i have a rfz 125cc with 17″ front rim with 70/100×17 tire and 14″ back rim with 90/100×14 tire. I want to convert it to a supermoto but have no idea how to go about choosing the right rims/tires. Can you help me?

Kryptastisch says:

Do you know the maxxis maxx enduro tire, its not so easy to get one but i really like them.

TR 50-112 says:

Great review but I’d have to differ with you on the S12xc being more versatile than Starcross 5 med rear. Try one… you’ll see. Keep up the great vids!

Adam Batchelder says:

No trils tires

Andrew James says:

“dirt bike tire review” Love your review, very professional.
Here’s an idea for another review in the future, “Coastal wet/ rocky conditions” look into Kenda?IBEX ; Shinko 505 Cheater, Kenda Equilibrium, GoldenTire 216X; Gibson tire Tech 7.1, Mitas XT754 Green stripe. Again, great job

Bruno Soares says:

What are your thoughts on the Continental TKC80 Twin Duro? I usually ride on asphalt but I love that scrambler tire look.

Jacare1973 says:

IRC M5B blows all those tires out of the water!

porti01iz says:

Thank you for the great Video and the exzellent explanations, i will now look for the Maxxis.

XSADV says:

Love me some paddle tire! The dunes in Florence, OR are phenomenal for that type of riding! So much fun!

Enduro North Nz says:

The s12xc is awesome , with the tubless it cant be beat , i run it at 0 psi take the valve out put it back in and you are ready to roll

driftke70 says:

wasnt expecting much from this review but its so refreshing to listen to someone talk at a decent pace and not treat people like an idiot.

Brett Young says:

Can I put that paddle tire on my cbr100rr? I think it would be a good track tire

Oscar Patterson says:


Brian Hunt says:

either the official maxxis commercial was totally wrong about there own products but you said the IT rear tires last the longest but the maxxis commercial on youtube says that that is a soft rubber and the SI rear tire is made of hard rubber which should last longer did you miss spoke?

Matt Agostino says:

I have tried so many tires over the years and now all I run is the Kenda Equilibrium. Such an amazing off-road tire.

Atom Bomb says:

you should have mentioned more tires. Ive ran the maxxis, its a great tire.The Dunlop’s are ok to. Ive never liked anything Michelin they suck all around. 2 years ago i switched to GoldenTyre though and i wouldn’t go back for anything. They are insanely good.

Master Ferguson says:

fuck i can’t take this guy..good reviews but come on.

BaseLine Garage says:

geomax mx11’s??

HeddleTowns Enduro Ride says:

The Okanagan.. born and raised! Great vid!

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