Best Motorcycle Touring Gear 2019

Best Motorcycle Touring Gear 2019

Own the open road with RevZilla’s Best Motorcycle Touring Gear of 2019. Join Spurgeon for a review of the year’s best products for long-haulers and highway warriors who demand the best on the market today. Touring means exposure to a range of climates and conditions, so these products are built to adapt and overcome. Why settle? Get the scoop on the best we’ve seen, then start planning your next expedition.

Scorpion EXO AT950 Helmet – 1:19
REV’IT! Airwave 2 Jacket – 2:36
Alpinestars Ridge 2 Air Boots – 3:34
AGV Sportmodular Carbon Helmet – 5:33
Rukka StretchAir Jacket – 6:32
TCX Clima Surround GTX Boots – 7:52

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ThaKenMan says:

Love it. Though I feel that adventure touring gets more love these days then touring.

Bear Smash says:

Just wondering why you never mentioned the gloves during this review of touring gear

Justin Meyer says:

Adventure Touring not “Touring”. Just like your “Cruiser” video lumped all Harley’s into one category which is inaccurate as well

Dainty Canadian says:

Why would you wear a peak on a helmet on a long ride? Do you want your neck to hurt? I promise you aren’t going to get roosted by one of your gs1200 riding friends.

Doug Maurer says:

Should be labeled “adventure touring”. big difference.

Dennis M says:

Jesus those TCX boots are ugly. My A-Stars Gran Torino boots are way better than these. I really wish you would have finished the outfits with some pants. That’s what I was waiting for! Disappointing…

amit trivedi says:

REV’IT Airwave 2!!!! Common guys….I’d really expect u to have much better picks for the same or even a cheaper price points. My biggest gripe with this jacket is the collar. I mean REV’IT really cut corners for the wrong reason for not giving a neoprene version. Dainese Air Frame D1 is a far better choice IMHO

Grant Powers says:

I remember looking forward to these but now it’s just Spurg in front of a terrible green screen.

SadaEKE says:

Anybody remember the good old days when Lemmy was the ugly, fat dude and Spurge was the fit, handsome one?

Bushor says:

The only protection I need are Flip Flops and white socks ! >:D

Snowy Sleet says:

Bring back the beard dude!

generiKGaming says:

Love to see one specifically for naked bikes

Darrell Pistone says:

Polycarbonate helmets bounce on impact and do not absorb impact, leaving the liner to do that.. I feel Fiberglass or carbon fiber combos are safer…D

Steve_Kamrad says:

I didn’t know they sold revzilla shirts at AUTOZONE. Which is where Spurgeon shops exclusively. I’ve seen it. One day they’ll accept zillabucks.

born2bWildNE says:

Really? One jacket, one helmet, one pair of boots for touring riders to consider? Same for commuting/weekend trippers?

Would prefer covering a number of options in each piece of gear. This almost feels like product placement advertising.

Ali Behrami says:

do you sell Dehner patrol boots

BigBlue Glide says:

10 Mins and no high impact bandanna choices, no CE rated HD t-shirts, no anti-slide wallet chains, no Hi viz skull cuts. What happened to touring in style.

BrotherToTheFox says:

Jesus…. Spurg’ sure has put on some weight…

Malvina Carabas says:

I wish Scorpion have made non modular version of that EXO AT950 helmet . Would be the hot seller . Nice review as always .

Vasya Pupkin says:

The video is very dark. It looks cool, but I can barely tell where the boot ends and the jacket begins. Please add mode light in the future.
Thank you for the review!

RevZilla says:

For more details on all of the gear that made the list, check out the full product specs and video reviews we have created to help you make the best selection for your style and your needs.

Голос Бездока says:

Waiting for FortNine’s version to compare your choice and theirs 🙂

Esteban Suárez Henao says:

Pants/jeans, gloves, rain suits ???

Bruno says:

How does the Revit air wave jacket compares to the revit eclipse Jacket in terms of protection?

Localpain says:


Drive 4Pleasure says:

Nothing on gloves or pants? Too bad 🙁

DMCEMason says:

Love my FJ-09! Was so excited to see it as the example bike haha. I’ll be looking for some gear this spring, and definitely got some ideas from this video. Thanks!

Gator McKlusky says:

Can we please stop saying, “baked in”?

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