Best Motorcycle Tires – My Tire Experience 250cc 600cc 1000cc

Best SportBike Motorcycle Tires From My Experience So Far.
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Adam says:

My stock cbr1000rr stock rear tire have problem. Dealer told me it was manufacture defected. And I have wheel and tire protection with them. They only replaced the rear tire with dunlop q3 and keep my stock front tire. Just curious when some like this happen should it be cover for a set both rear and front ? It’s doesn’t match visually and they told me it’s ok. What do you think? Thank you!

sayheytome says:

Any tire will get nails if you run over them…

Porkrindlove says:

I got new Bridgestone Batllax on the front and Pirelli Dragon supercorsa in the rear. Both are for the track, but do very well on the streets as well.

lance22me says:

Thanks brother.

Willbanana says:

This is one funny ass dude ahahah

yuunjac says:

Cruza, thanks for the vid but would you recommend how to pick tires for front and rear? My country rains a lot and we don’t have the best kind of road. Michelin and some of the top brands tire usually overpriced for us living in the 3rd world country so we use some more affordable brands like Corsa, Dunlop and maybe Zeneos. So rather than brand recommendation, would you provide some technical tips on choosing tires or knowledge about tire technologies?

That being said, I heard some users mix their front and back tyre so they receive some sort of ‘balance’. For instance I heard that some users use rear tire that specialized in dry condition while the front tire meant for wet condition.

EvokkiHD says:

I’m getting really TIREd of these videos

Craig C says:

What did you use to tidy up your rear fender on the 1krr? Looks good

ThunderWolf39 says:

never had q3’s but I had q2’s never had a problem at all, wasn’t scared to get my knees down with them at all

PorQ 201 says:

Need to try out the Michelin Pilot Power 3s…

jjfreak48 says:

How many you get from them?

NicheRiding says:

is your mic messed up? I hear a bit of scratch once in awhile the past 2 videos.

Tim Kurb says:

ПРивет пацаны )

Joel says:

what year is that cbr600r? ’06?

Moto Virus says:

It sucks looking for tires for my bike, it has 18 inch rim on the rear, not many choices for me.

Getting a cbr on the winter when prices are cheap, I’m keeping my fzr as a backup bike.

E.S. Slc says:

Hey Cruza,
When did the CBR 1000RR get the last big update/changes? 2014? 
I’m thinking between a 2013 and 2014 to replace my 2011 CBR600RR.
Are the changes worth it?
Thank you 

John Green says:

its carbon fiber how can you go wrong…. full season in best tire so far….

YarekBalear says:

Thing that freaked the shit out of me was when my wife was on her Honda 125 CBF and complained about the bike squirming about in the wet.  I checked the tyres and found out the stock tyres are nylon!  In the wet!!!  Took me 12 hours to buy her new tyres and replace them with actual rubber!!!  Scary shit!

Christopher Bunker says:

haha just got a nail in my rear tire while riding on Dunlop Q3’s gonna try Michelin Pilot Power 3’s this time around, hopefully I don’t have bed luck like you had with Michelin hahaha.

Cool Grind says:

totally agree!!!

henry habibzadeh says:

Can you please do a video on cornering a sportbike? Thanks

Thijs van Gils says:

My personal favourites are the Metzeler roadtech Z8 or the michelin pilot road 4’s. The michelins just seem to stick perfectly in almost any weather! I’m gonna try the q3’s next time.

Jefferey Hudson says:

so, I live in missouri, I commute on pretty straight roads, weekends I hit a few twistes.
my question is, what do you think the best commuter tire is, for mostly straight riding.
I wanna keep that flat spot out of my tire as long as possible.

Tim Kurb says:

Удачи в новом сезоне)

nutnfan1 says:

Have you formed an opinion on the CB1100?

Titan Crüe says:

I love the pirelli diablo rosso 2 tires

Jorge Gonzalez Sahdala says:

CycleCruza you’ve been my guru lately, would like to ask your opinion on tire sealants like Ride-on and Slime, in your opinion, would you have that on your wheels for peace of mind on the long rides

Superman DK says:

Hey whats up Cruza ! Just got a cbr300 for my starter bike , but the front tire is small and looks kinda cheap should i upgrAde i have a

lui lui says:

LETS GO FOR A RIDE!!!!… (cant get over that)

DNJ Pythons says:

Q3 is the next best tire after Pirelli supercorsa imo…Ride safe.

Mr.perfect says:

Bro, this is too funny, your off the chain …v8ds are consistent and are all good…have learned a few things from you expecially waiting on you to speak on all of our American holidays that have the people spend there hard earn money on the wrong reasons ..theres no need to support the,”machine”…lol you will see my future vids …have a tone of things to say…daily. ..

Robert S says:

I just rid of a set of Q3’s and replaced them with Michelin Pilot Road 4’s. The fact that the Q3’s were 8 years old probably wasn’t helping.

johnjuice507 says:

All Weather type: Michelin Pilot Power 3 Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2

Dry weather: Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa Sp V2, Continental Race Attack, Michelin Power cup


excellent timing,  i will be purchasing tires this week . thank you for the link

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