Best Motorcycle Tires 2019

Best Motorcycle Tires 2019

Choosing the right tire for your ride is absolutely key to a successful riding season. After all, tires are the interface between your and the road. Get your bike dialed in with the year’s best rubber, tested and assessed by Lemmy, Spurgeon, and the rest of the RevZilla gear gurus. Whether you’re on a sportbike, a cruiser, an ADV machine, or another kind of bike, you’ll want to see RevZilla’s top picks for the best tires of 2019.

Michelin Anakee Adventure Tires – 0:30
Avon Cobra Chrome Tires – 2:25
Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II Tires – 3:53
Dunlop Q3 Plus Sportmax Tires – 4:43
Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR Tires – 6:07

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1EVILZ06 says:

No Michelin power RS?

Raffy V says:

Q3+ !

Donald Trump's Space Force says:

Am I one of them?

Marc Bialt says:

Best tires and no sport touring tire? Fail.

BigCarKilla says:

No best tourer?

KissMyAsthma says:

how bout Bridgestone S22?

Steve Lawrie says:

Sports tourers?

Sam Larson says:

First tire looks like a more spendy version of a Shinko 705…

Jackson Whole Adventures says:

I just put on a set of Road 5’s on my 2015 FZ-07. Haven’t ridden it yet due to a LOT of snow, but heading to Bike Week in Arizona first week of April. Can’t wait to test them out.

Doug Frazelle says:

Guys, I really need someone to break down for me the logic behind tread patterns. The last time I looked for tires for my HD Heritage, I really was enamored with the tread pattern of the Michelin Scorcher II, only to find that tire was not designed for, nor did it come in the size for my bike. I ended up with Scorcher I’s and the tread was a lot less aggressive. Please explain tread design.

Oso 11 says:

thanks for reading off the catalogue to us.

Dar Tice says:

Are you guys just regurgitating what the manufacture says, or have even used these tires? Some bikes seem to work better with different tires, and different riders prefer different tires. Personal preference plays a big role in tire choices.

Adam Perkins says:

What about touring tires?

gwot says:

what about the most popular type of riding? street, sport touring, or wet street tire? All of these are so niche.

Jay _ says:

the scene change gimmickry is really distracting and inappropriate for the subject matter.

MonsterAssassin says:

I stuck a pair of Avon Storm 3D on my bike, they’re by far the worst tyres I’ve ever experienced.

1pjlewis2 says:

Several years ago I purchased a bike that was in some ones garage that sat for serval years. It was pouring rain when I picked it up, like 1 to 2 inches of wind driven rain. It handle grate. The tires were cracked from storage. When I got it running really good I took it in for some tires to be put on in the shop. I was told I was crazy to have ridden those in any condition with those tires.. I told him to put on some good tires. Well they handle grate on dry roads, really good. So in my first time I got stuck in the rain I was in for a really bad surprise. It slid all over the road. The bike was a 83 Honda 900 custom. The handling was soo bad it kind of of shocked me. So what I want in a tire is good handling in dry weather & handling in good in bad weather. This is most important to me! what do you suggest?

Sven ols says:

Q4’s kick massive butt

RevZilla says:

Each of the tires in this video come with additional information that will help you make the right decision for your ride:

Bogi 95 says:

What do you guys think of Power RS?

Tony Bigt says:

Road 5’s ??????

Cosmic Charlie says:

Adventure tires need to be planted on well graded gravel. Worth giving up some mileage for.

Drew Yager says:

Q3. Nope. Conti Road Attack 3

dantae666 says:

What about the cruiser market i dont care about mileage i want grip grip grip

Steve_Kamrad says:

You can get all of spurgeon’s clothes, unlike these tires, at Auto Zone. I think that’s the big take away from this video.

Chris Sandles says:

I was blind in the beginning, but am now realizing how bias the channel is becoming…no pun……I wonder of it is infiltrated the store reviews yet…

usaf vet says:

You guys Dropped the Ball by not including the S22’s by Bridgestone. Triple Compound Rear , dual Compound Front Tire. Best tire for a ZX14 SE . ! Mine. Lol

Geronimo says:

Yes but will any one these fit the rear tire of a tw200? 😉

Gavin Fraser says:

I see you had the new Michelin Adventure but have you had a chance of reviewing the new Bridgestone AX41 what is your take on it ???

Moto Addict says:

that avon looks kinda strange…basicly slick in the middle, wont it be bad in the rain?

e brehm says:

i missed the classic tires

Hringhorne Stularsson says:

Still can’t see why I would switch from my K60. For my GS. I get arond 1100 to 1300 mi for a set. Do not fix anything that is not broken!!!

marie Aitken-swift says:

What tyres do you recommend for a Harley road king

William The Great says:

The Avon Trail Rider tyres are by far my favourite adventure bike tyres, much more grip and better feel than the Michelins or the Metzler Tourance tyres.

Shawn Greenwood says:

will they fit my 2019 Suzuki v-strom 650 XT?

Ronan Rogers says:

I can’t think of a better Adventure tire than the Motoz Tractionator Adventure. It’s a true 50/50 tire that has far better mileage than a TKC80 and much better grip both on and off road. If you’re not tackling some tough terrain, the Pirelli Scorpion STR are a better option.

Shoggin R says:

My grammer Nazi self thanks you Lemmy for saying “oriented” not ‘orientated’. Ahhhh, so peaceful:)

And BTW, it’s Michelin Pilot Road5’s FTMFW!

midibudu says:

hmm id take the power RS+ over those pirelli, better overall i think

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