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Best Motorcycle Tires 2018–2c

Get pumped! Use our breakdown of 2018’s best motorcycle tires to get the best connection between your bike and the open road. In a change from our previous tire videos, we’re covering the latest and greatest performers for this year, rather than dwelling on proven options that come back year after year. From the best budget skins to top-tech corner carvers, Lemmy covers ‘em all.


Lucas Araújo says:

Nice that you are trying something new, but the audio is a little off and Im getting a bit of clipping on most of them.
Just a little feedback.

4490red says:

My 899 Panigale came with Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa’s, it stays on them.

Alex Essman says:

Hey Lemmy, are the road 5’s supposed to get better mileage than the road 4’s?

lone wolf says:

Lemmy for PRESIDENT!!

Emre Balin says:

Hey Lemmy, dont you think m7rr is still better then those tires?

D man says:

its lemmer grom revzilla lol. lemmy u rock. 2018 woooo

ThePerbin says:

Lemmy show you some tires

Night Rider says:

*I miss Anthony*

Benny Ang says:

For the Dunlop Sportsmax 300 tires that Lemmy mentioned, i am just curious if this will work on the Versys 300X that spurgeon reviewed before or does the stock spoke wheels only take tube tires because the stock wheels are not sealed?

Gido Pranger says:

got the road 5 for a few weeks now and i have to say the grip is phenomenal. have only been able to test them at near freezing temps

frozenDear says:

Did he pregnant ?

M L says:

Just put a new PR4 on the rear and my front PR4 will need to be replaced soon. Can I throw a PR5 on the front with the PR4 on the rear?

Anthony Campos says:

I literally just got a pair of Q3+ installed on my 08 Aprilia shiver 750 about a week ago. I’m still scrubbing them in but so far I’ve noticed a HUGE increase in agility and speed in which I turn in. But they are pretty hard and every bump in the road I feel (I may under inflate them a bit) but I’m also comparing them to the very old stock tires.

sam krum says:

I liked this video 10 seconds in, Lemmy is too funny

Jeremy Antunes says:

I got a pair of Q3+ last season (at Lem Lem’s advice). I love them. Great on turn in and so far great on mileage. Keep up the great work guys. I’ll be in Philly at the beginning of April for my bday, I think its time for some shopping.

tmrthiago says:

Pilot Road 4 as a “semi sport” tires ? Really ? That crap is the worst sport touring tires on the market today. I have no idea on how the Michelin marketing machine pay you guys to say things like that, but you credibility is at risk here.

dee Rafael says:

Go back to the other format.

leeasam says:

i know I am going to put the conti road attack 3 on my z900 this spring. in 2017 they won two tire comparison test over all the major tire companies . they were 2 major euro mags. plus have read and seen a few reviews where they are favorites. One review I read said in the turns you can brake and the bike does not try to upright but stays planted and leaned very well. Stable. the reviewer said he could not say that with his PR4s. they have very good wet road too.

Liu Kang says:

Lemmy is the best, thanks for the vid.

Lima Foxtrot says:

Dang it, just purchased a road 4 a few days ago….

Quang Lam says:

Q3+ all day.

Jay Drenth says:

How convenient. Yesterday night I was going through tire vids since I need fresh in 2 months. Now theres this.

Bloopies of Egen says:

there are no pirelli diablo corsa 2?

Derek Fz says:

Would a q3 plus last around 10k on a rear? And would gpr-300 last 15k? I ride almost 15k a year I want a tire that will last one year! Mostly commuting miles

Julien Miron-sylvain says:

How many milleage can you do with q3+?

Chris Doms says:

Do you guys ride anything before you review it?

ZezoBash 74 says:

What’s good with rain and ice?

Streicher119 says:

I’m disappointed you guys are focusing on new stuff rather than what’s actually good… I would have preferred it if you had at least recommended the “actual best” rather than just telling me about the “best new” stuff. While it is nice to hear about the latest stuff that’s going on in the industry, the whole reason I watch these videos is to help me pick the “best” stuff for my bike not the “newest” stuff for my bike… :/ Maybe do something half way between the two styles next time..?

Teh509 says:

Angel GT or non GT and pilot 3-4-5 GT or non GT’s pretty much all you need for any bike in any temperate country. Goes without sayin really.

Only recommend a tyre if you have worn out a pair. Otherwise you’re just reselling some one else’s PR.

tpcs says:

First tires Lemmy talks about are the stock tires for the 2018 Ninja 400 that just launched .

Nate Silva says:

Hey Lemmy, love your D.I.Y patch mind if I get one lol..Put scrambler to side and went with Pirelli Route 66 Mt, so far nice tire . Liked this vid and always watching .

hypojames says:

Where’s the Bridgestone T31

Cyrus says:

I like that you’re showing what’s new. It’s be nice if you compared it to the reigning kings of the class tough.
Your customers are looking for your recommendations. We can get reviews of those tires all over YouTube.

billigerfusel says:

Lemmywinks Lemmywinks

matt sword says:

When are you gonna do a review of the ninja 400?? Noticed you mentioned riding it

Eric Freund says:

Can or does Anthony have a video of how revzilla Started?

MentleGentlemen says:

Im still Running Angel GTs they might not be the longest lasting but man can they corner. Especially for my aggressive riding style.

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