Best Motorcycle Tires 2017 at

Best Motorcycle Tires 2017

Motorcycle specs are potential. Motorcycle tires turn that potential into performance. This buying guide for the best motorcycle tires of 2017 is all about the options that deliver at the top level. From high-octane motorcycle racing tires to long-range touring, heavy-duty cruiser, and ADV / Dual Sport options, Lemmy’s list of the best motorcycle tires hits them all. Maximum mileage or stick-to-the-track-like-glue grip, the top motorcycle tires of 2017 feature front and rear tires that have been crafted by the best brands in the business, for every type of rider, and every type of bike.

Be sure to check out the rest of our gear guides as we continue to release the best performers and top picks throughout the Spring of 2017!

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Gaming panama says:

What about Maxxis? i’m using the Presa Detour ones and are damn good


Help. I have a Cbr650f. I have 1 year of riding experience. I’m looking for tires that will last a long time, don’t plan on riding in rain, there’s a lot of loose rocks where I live. I don’t ride super crazy, any ideas?


I have a Varadero I leave in Greece its hot , but I go many khm in sumer at Europe whtat is the perfect tire for me ?

Homenutt says:

I have a 2016 Indian Scout what tire do you recommend for performance?

lordshampoo says:

pilot road 4 on my zx6r is the only tire i will ever run <3

David Bock says:

LEMMY! Serious music, camera slowly pulls back… gearing up for an epic baddassery opening then……. “Howdy! This is Lemmy…” Had to laugh.
Dude, you’ve got to be one of the happiest guys I’ve ever seen!
Mitas E09s…. would love’em, but probably need to stick to the E07s… Starbucks parking lots and getting TO the dirt, ya know?
Great Vid.


Michelin Power RS !! so far The best tire for my S1000r! ! M7RR second best

sleepzou says:

I have a Kawasaki Z800 and only ride street. I live in Sweden and it’s often raining and roads are not perfect. From the video it seems pretty obvious I should choose the Metzeler Sportec m7 RR. I do like to ride aggressively. So what would you recommend revzilla?

Scott Dean says:

I’m partial to Shinko 00 3 Series on my sport bikes … I had a set on my GSXR 600 and I’m on my second set with over 8,000 miles on this 2002 GSXR 1000 that I’ve owned for over five years… while I am commenting, may I ask what is a great mileage for a set of tires and is 40 PSI proper amount of air ..?

Tom Luca says:

I am looking at getting some new rubber on my 2013 HD FXSB Softail Breakout. I bought a dunlop 3elite a couple years ago for the rear and now it needs replaced again along with the factory front tire. I had thought of putting matching set of E3s on again but my motorcycle guy is trying to persuade me not to do so. He is telling me the E3 is going to be a discontinued tire. the E3 rear i currently have is the 250/40R18 its 10mm wider the the OEM tire and really fills in the bucket tin they call a rear fender. However, my guy is telling me that the American Elite tires are the way to go and i should go back to the OEM size. Just looking for some other opinions. I have read some bad reviews on the AE tires and i’m now skeptical. Thanks

fernando martinez says:

what’s your opinion about the mitas mc50?

pinkasfloyd 7 says:

I thought he gonna say “right up your ass”

kencolle1 says:

looking to replace the stock dulops on my 15 vulcan s.i do ride it a little more aggressively than the cruiser it’s portrayed as. grip is more of a concern than overall miles to me but I don’t need a race any recommendations?

Aatrox says:

Any advice on good street tire for BMW S1000RR. I do lots of miles but love fast corners also.
So, long life and good corner grip are what I want.
Ty in advance.

Manas Malty says:

Hello I love ur channel. I need help. I have a Yamaha fz16 bike. M from India. I want to install continental twinduro TKC80 Tyres in my bike. but the problem is my bike has 17 inch front wheel and the Tyre is for 19 inch wheel. Please help me. I want the same grip Tyre for 17inch wheel. rear wheel is ok. it’s 17inch but the front is 19inch

Cotivity says:

I’ve been putting a set of T30 Evos through their paces for the past month and these tires perform ! I even got caught in some heavy rain and I felt planted.

Seth Fjeldheim says:

In my humble opinion, for car tires high mileage is no big deal. But on a motorcycle I’d be much more confident with a tire that is softer and doesn’t last as long. Tires are cheap, I’d rather have that extra grip.

Robert Brumley says:

I’m extremely happy with my Commander II tires.

Arcaos84 says:

Hey @RevZilla I’m trying to decide on my next set of tires for my FZ-10. I live in SWFL where it’s hotter than Satan’s gooch during the summer. I’m not 100% concerned with rain since I have a second vehicle, but I don’t want to slide if it just happens to rain. I am concerned with tread life since on my last bike the Diablo Rossi 2’s let me down with under 4k miles and risky traction as it aged. On the FZ-10 I’ve been running with the stock Bridgestone® Battleax S20’s that are on their last leg. Loved the grip, but I was only able to get ~4500 safe miles on them. I cannot confirm or deny my personality switches to street Rossi every now and again and would like to feel confident, but have the miles. Was waiting on the MICHELIN® Power RS tires, but they seem kind of steep and have just recently become available. How does tire shop? Plz halp, thanks in advance.

Adam Pearson says:

Hi Lemmy, I use to run a BT010 on the front and a BT020 on the rear of my TRX850 back in the day. Do you know what today’s equivalent(s) would be?

Thanks in advance.

Marshall Webb says:

I blew my wad and my load..

Christian Cornelius says:

Maybe you guys can add like a list in the description, with links to the timings that the listed tyres get reviewed 🙂

DominicanOps says:

Any opinions on the Shinko Tires for a CBR600RR? I use the bike basically as a commuter to be honest.

Austin Ling says:

So I not as aggressive of a rider with one bike. I want a tire I can carve well with but I need need all conditions stickiness and highway miles. I thought like the continental sport attack 3 had the right middle ground. How does it compare? Say with the diablo rosso 3. Thanks

chauboii says:

“blew your wad on your bike” @13:39

Kevin Hood says:

Question: I’m running the Michelin Power Pilot 3. The front tire is in great shape. The rear is almost bald up top. 3,500 miles on both. I commute 50 miles a day on a Super Duke. Would it be safe to just replace the rear tire and keep an eye on the front to see how it holds up? I suspect they will both be ready for a change in another 3,500 miles.

Lokalna F. says:

What about Anakee Wild as opossed to TCKs and Shinko?

Joseph Heslin says:

Wait! Is that a booger in your nose?

whoruiamno1 says:

Hey RevZilla,
I’ve been running the Metzeler Sportec M7 for the last 1-2 years but I’m looking to get a little more miles out of a set of tires. I’m thinking about going with the Metzeler Roadtec 01 but I would like to know is how these tires really differ in feel on the road.

SickMeds says:

neither bt003 or SP2 or SC2 especially ? what a dick, guess I’ll watch does videos marked RevZilla scam …

Jeremy Goeringer says:

What about the new Michelin Power RS?

dizzicz says:

Guys, you are showing T30 not T30 Evo 🙂 (interesting is that fortnine made same mistake) Check correct picture in your eshop. Tread pattern is different. But don’t worry I still love you 😉 (For differences check: )

Roy Batty says:

Don’t buy Pirellis. The last set I got were made in China and they caused my first low side. They literally looked like they were made of plastic. Michelin is a better choice.

chris1657 says:

Wondering about the Diablo Rosso 3. Currently have a ninja 650 with dunlop roadsmart 2’s. I know its hard but what might be a reasonable range in terms of miles that I would get out of the Rosso 3s? Would like to try something different but dont want to get an amazingly grippy tire if it may only last for 2k mi. Thanks! Looking to purchases a tire asap

Sam D'Cruz says:

fuck this lemmy is an annoying jumped up idiot

beloit22 says:

Oh-God !! Get to the Point Already!!!

Nate Wallinger says:

Will the mileage and performance tires be ok on gravel? I live in a rural town, and I have friends that live in the country. It’s tarmac in town then when you get out to the country its gravel for about half to 3/4 of the roads.

Mr Fechu says:


christian cote says:

Lemmy kills it again! Dang he is good !!! Thanks for that review, you guys are simply the best…

fernando hernandez says:

i currently have Michelin tires that came with my 883 so far im at 13500 but i heard bridgestone h50 tires can last 80% more

James Bond says:

Revzilla is simply the best! Fastest shipping in the game and customer service will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy. You can tell that this company staffs actual riders! Everyone I have talked to rides and understands the things riders want and need. Thier cash back program isn’t half bad either, with a few major purchases you will have $20.00 credit on your account. Keep it up RevZilla!!!!

holymolie says:

So, no reviews for the sport touring bikes..

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