Best Motorcycle Tank Bags

Motorcycle tank bags product links and video timestamps:
0:08 – Cortech Super 2.0 12-Litre Tank Bag:
2:29 – Giant Loop Diablo Pro Tank Bag:
4:28 – Nelson-Rigg CL-2020 GPS Sport Tank Bag:
6:23 – Icon Urban Tank Bag:

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chiptaxfree says:

What tank bag would you recommend for a 2014 KTM exc 350f?

webcharger says:

Sw-motech Tank bags should be reviewed Ryan as they are by far a better bag than those you’ve just reviewed.

jitendra julka says:

Any mumbiker Nikhil subscribers

Stoney3K says:

To be honest, the Nelson looks more useful as a tail bag than it is as a tank bag.

Bold Kojak says:

I do not like the bag and I do not like you

Jacob Hendrickson says:

Wow your favorites are all huge. I like the much smaller units.

bryson502 says:

what bike is that

Jonathan Stenson says:

Hey Ryan,
I know this is an older video, and I’m sure you’ve got a GANG of other content you are busy with, however….
Wondering where exactly you mounted the “bottom” strap on the Super 2.0 to that Vstrom and how much play there was after mounting. Having a hell of a time getting it right. I could just be an idiot…im probably an idiot.
Thanks dude, cheers

FreakinFreedom says:

F@ck Canada

shaheedali sayed says:

RYNOX Optimus Tank Bag

Aaron Pops says:

When I’m not signed in, I can see F-nine’s replies to comments. When I sign in I can’t see the replies.

tbillyjoeroth says:

Why does a tank bag need to be durable? You gonna drag it on pavement? Eventually, sunlight will fade and oxidize the fabric but I’ve never seen anyone test them as to long-term photo-oxidation. If you drop your bike, the least of your worries is the crap in your tank bag!

akshayd82 says:

Surprised to see rust under the tank cap. I have watched a few of your videos and until this one I was thinking that bike is a BMW GS. Suzuki did do an great job of imitating the GS look!

Jeffrey Kim says:

that brick wall is fake as hell

Brandon Smisek says:

Cool man cave.

Samnold Telfort says:

How much did those V strom saddlebags cost you, when you got that bike

Neil Sullivan says:

nicely done!

Khotta Bogard says:

” McGyver it” we use that in latin america too, we say “McGyverearlo”.
It’s cool when we hace things in common like these

Dave McMahon says:

GL is good I’ve rode 4000 km with it. some water does get in however but easy to work around. Nice work

EraForaMomentChannel says:

Hey Ryan- this is Shelby from ERA FOR A MOMENT (i use the band account-hence the odd username)…but wanted to just say your channel is great. Just started getting into riding and have been watching all your vids. Great info for so many aspects! As much as i like revzilla as well – the guys on there, esp Anthony i think – TOO MUCH. Dial it down a little man…too showy – so it seems disingenuous. You are adorable, great delivery, natural, honest in your reviews and a great, dry humor in it as well. Thanks for the info – i will continue to watch!

GSXR1300X says:

What would you recommend for a larger tank bag than the one’s you shown here?

morgando2 says:

That map pocket is dangerous to the phone. The phone can over heat in that closed unvented pouch.

Mohamed Anvar says:

Hi ,your videos was perfect and good ,and the product in discription are applicable only for Canada .I’m indian .pls do something for that.

orangelion03 says:

Folks shopping for a tank bag should at least look at Chase-Harper. Made in USA (Ventura, Ca). Solid product with excellent service and warranty. They also make tail bags, saddlebags, etc.

Aditya Venkatraman says:

What are your thoughts on the Joe Rocket Manta XL ?

Rahul Jonathan says:


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