Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

Don’t let the rain catch you off guard. Gear up with the best motorcycle wet weather gear. We got you covered, or dry!

Motorcycle rain gear product links and video timestamps:
0:09 – Icon PDX Rain Bib:
0:09 – Icon PDX Rain Jacket:
3:09 – Nelson-Rigg WPRB-100 Waterproof Rain Boot Covers:
4:17 – Giant Loop Rogue Dry Bag:

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1990 says:

I agree with waterproof overpants. And I still have a Frank Thomas Aquaguard jacket. I use it as a waterproof overshell after discarding the winter liner. Waterproof overgloves are great. Waterproof overboots are useless. They fall apart quickly.

wiwwee says:

Spidi rain salopette and the matching rain jacket.
Boots and gloves are gore tex.

kandin Robinson says:

In the rain I ride nude. No wet gear. And a fresh towel is all I need at the end of my ride

AustralianPie says:

Annoying head but great video, always give good opinions and advice in your videos

Rainpal says:

The only electric wiper for visors – controlled via Bluetooth

Albert Tran says:

Shame on Icon

Paul Byrne says:

Great review – thanks again

nitemareman1 says:

Best rain gear of 2016. Then he spends half the video telling us how bad the new Icon PDX is.

BillyJoe1305 says:

I just wear a cheap pair of frog togs over/under my gear. They’re not even real frog togs, they’re like Ozark Trail or something, whatever the Wal Mart brand is. I have put a poncho and bungee’d it over the backpack before, but I’ve been looking at dry bags, my idea is a poor last minute option. I have hard cases so it rarely comes up.

Goathead85 says:

Love the honesty! Never stop!!!

Zack Day says:

Hmm, making everything worse while changing for change sake? Yep, sounds like Icon really captured the spirit of PDX.

Paul Henderson says:

For stuff: Kriega…for me: two pairs of cheap waterproofs, gore text shoes, sealskin socks.

Toni Kelsall says:

I love how you tell the truth about every product and not just a one sided story, keep up the good work

Michal Janiszewski says:

I’m using Touratech Companieros suite and TCX Infinity goretex boots + Alpinastar goretex gloves. I’ve done many kilometres in the rain with that setup and never get wet .

Rainpal says:

A detachable wiper for your visor

Frito says:

This would have been a fantastic video if it were titled something along the lines of “my choice of rain gear”.
Still good content

pyruleanfire demon says:

Pants aside I’d have thought you would have a rain jacket in hi-viz. Reflective piping is one thing but I’d rather have the bright hi-viz yellow in the rain.

John Brown says:

First Video from you I thumbed down… Simply didn’t talk about how to keep rain from either blurring end fogging up the visor to severly painful visor open riding due to rain ruining vision.

whitedevil2 says:

incorrect title. “best” gear? you don’t compare any product against any competitor, and a good portion of the review was how awful Icon’s 2016 line is. you’re just reviewing the few pieces you personally seem to own. correct your title.

Chase Martin says:

I’ll give another vote for something with Gore-tex. I too messed around with waterproof liners etc, and switching to Gore-tex was a revelation. On my Klim jacket I can just zip up the vents (while riding) and not worry about the rain. If i’m not mistaken, the membrane is guaranteed for the life of the garment.

Also with rain gear I start sweating buckets (might as well be riding in the rain), not so with Gore-tex.

FortNine says:

Motorcycle rain gear product links and video timestamps:
0:09 – Icon PDX Rain Bib:
0:09 – Icon PDX Rain Jacket:
3:09 – Nelson-Rigg WPRB-100 Waterproof Rain Boot Covers:
4:17 – Giant Loop Rogue Dry Bag:

Nicholas Paraskevas says:

What motorcycle is that? Always see you riding it, and looks like a wonderful ride. Keeping an eye out for a first bike and would not mind checking the reviews of it.

John Brown says:

How do you keep visor from blurring and fogging up!! Horrible Video coverage..

Glen Goncalves says:

In my opinion, nothing beats a 1 piece rain suit. My rev’it pacific suit stashes nicely in my backpack and I can slip into it real quick if it starts to rain or if it gets cold. No water gets in that bad boy.

Thomas Summerfield says:

Dude you give Revzilla a run for their money on quality of reviews. Great job

mospeed200 says:

So not the best rain gear…

Julian Rich says:

awesome review. I like that dry pack. it looks like it would be really practical

Kelvin Nana says:

wat motorcycle does he ride?

Cole McPherson says:

I stay dry by riding my car in the rain…

Jimmy Osalla says:

Hi Ryan! Can you please make an 2018 Rain Gear update video?

Isaac P says:

You said your raiden jacket is now “waterproofish?”

John Little says:

What are those boots at 3:38?

Jerkame Offkoffsky says:

Who is this fucktard anyway ? This is supposed to be some kind of comparison of motorcycle rain gear and all it is is some dipshit’s opinion WTF ? Why do morons like this continually show their face on the internet when they have nothing useful to say ?

Milan Boras says:

this guy looks like Harley from the series harley and the davidsons!

Erich Knoop says:

Ok Fortnine, care to do an update now that PDX 1 gear is gone?

Jordy Adrian says:

Can you make your website accessible for America?

The Jones says:

where do you make your money?

Robert Boyer says:

What would you recommend if not the new icon pdx for raingear? This is a great topic for those of us on the wet coast. Please do a another video like this but on jacket and pants!

Sand Man says:

that shoe is brilliant

jostego says:

Hi Canadians. Good info. What, in your opinion, is the best available one-piece rain suit?

dippitydoinit says:

Your video and sound quality is great. Also, you have a really good presence on camera and a good voice. Keep up the great work man!
I stay really dry on my Ultra as long as I am not at a complete stop in a downpour. Hurray for lower fairings!

KingSkyliner says:

Best shit gear

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