Best Motorcycle Locks and Anti-Theft Systems of 2017

Motorcycle anti-theft solutions are plentiful, but these are our favourites. You’ll definitely be locked in you seat for this review.

0:22 – Nelson-Rigg Deluxe All Season Cover:
0:53 – Kryptonite R2 Accessory Retracting Lock:
2:00 – Oxford Boss Alarm Disc Lock:
3:50 – Kryptonite Stronghold Anchor:
5:20 – Xena XC14 Heavy Duty Chain:
6:09 – SPOT Trace:

Best Motorcycle Covers of 2016 reference:

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Bel Mibson says:

120db vs bubblegum

Michael de los Reyes says:

Any option on the Abus or Kryptonite chains and locks?

J. Garcia says:

concise and to the point. no filler, and hilarious.

simon ###lol says:

well get one with radio tracker to track it in caves and under graund

Konstantinos Τ says:

Hello Joffrey Baratheon

Cristian Cepeda says:

Guess what, in nyc most bikes get stolen in a van, I’ve seen countless videos showing that…

Pri Roffa says:

All the dislikes, they are probaly thieves

Adam Vulture says:

Cheapest theft prevention: cover. Cover the damn beauty, before it triggers someone.

billy4rocks says:

If your looking for a home chain and lock combo and if your budget will stretch to it…get a Almax Immobiliser Series V EXTREME 22mm + Squire SS80CS Stronghold lock… just the shear presence alone is enough to put of most thieves.

Chirag Ojha says:

That is useful for those who have costly bikes. Not sure how much that adds up to .. but you get a new budget motorcycle for around $1000 here in India. Around the amount you suggested spending on security of bike.. I get it.. it is mainly for high-end bikes..

Nice one. Thanks.

Ed Sunderland says:

Good information, Thanks.

antiv 97 says:

the way i stop my bike from getting stolen is to lock it up inside my house

jay clancy says:

Canada sucks.

Geiles Rindfieh Sternengucker says:

I don’t even have a Motorcycle

CreepyMonkey HeadGame says:

$25 and bits with the size of those bits for the Kryptonite anchor you’re lucky to actually even get those bits for under 40 nice touch on Kryptonite send probably spelled Kryptonite wrong but I’m not changing it so shut up LOL XD

Rob The threeA pyro says:

Use a claw clamp

Tom_AC11 says:

I have an alarm lock and always park my bike in sight of alot of people.

Marco says:

What about brake disk locks?

redEYEfight says:

‘And a gps tracker for when it all goes to shit!’

Im weak haha. One of favorite channels

Paul Fuller drum study says:

You have fantastic presentation, realized at “the batteries are those annoying little round shits no one keeps on hand.

dj traBBiz Ramage says:

Satellites don’t exist it’s all ground-based technology radio waves bouncing off the firmament Exedra and such we’ve all been lied to and deceived four generations by NASA and World governments trying to hide the truth

Luis Torre says:

Nice video what is the link for the GPS tracker device???

AC Productions says:

Can you do a review on real time trackers at least 5? I’m having a hard time looking for the right one

Baqca Sanke says:

I just have a 20kv shock system on my bike. Touch it and you get big surprise…

Just kidding. I wish tho

Bojan Savanovic says:

problem with alarm is that wet cloth or sponge will make alarm sound like tetris

exsplodingcow says:

Annoying little round shits, make favourite quote of the year

franklin phan says:

Those two beeps were smooth as FUCK

V Star 1300 Adventures says:

An ’83 Honda Magna would definitely be worth stealing. Those things are a really nice ride.

edstud1 says:

This guy is weird?

AntisepticHandwash says:

Great writing, smooth delivery, and professional editing with excellent presented information. Great video

Ash says:

“And a GPS tracker for when it all goes to shit” lmao

Norfolk &Chance says:

The weak link in your set-up is the ring on end of chain, get through that & your anker & alarm lock is rendered useless

Obzervafy says:

Post a video on where to hide the GPS tracking device !

ADzer _ says:

No Almax chain.. No antipinch pin… No flush ground anchor.. strong disappoint.

Victor Drevin says:

2:34 That smug face tho

dantae666 says:

in the uk they are using cordless angle grinders to get through it

relaxesonsand says:

I would rather own the 80’s Magna over any new Harley

ciszero says:

what about VHF? GPS is kinda easy to jam right?

Nateda says:

I live in the UK so don`t think this is over the top as i see people over my bike contemplating when and how to go about taking it every week.
I have a note on it saying max 5 mins to jack the bike for you max 2 mins for me to hear the alarm and aim my high pressure airsoft at your balls.
I mean the Police don`t help us here and let them walk away with it all the time i could not give two shits over facing criminal chargers over any type of asault i cause these sub human gypo fucks.

Noah Cooper says:

An old magnas are cooler then new Harleys. And probly faster.

Jeremy Putnam says:

I used the Lojack along with a mid-priced hunting motion camera that I put in the pannier so when they break the lock and open it up the judge has a picture so he/she doesn’t have to guess who was involved since no thieves will admit to it. The pic goes to my phone

coorsep says:

Super man must be terrified by all that kryptonite

Benjamin Skjonnemand says:

And if your rich enough for extra security get a wired tracker along with a wireless, cause what dumbass is gonna expect to find both

Magnus Nordström says:

Very good content, but what I really return for is the attitude. Cuts through the shit with charm and bravado.

Samuel Bernard says:

The best deterent for people trying to steal my uncles motorcycle is the 2 pitbulls that sleep on each side of the bike.

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