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Best Motorcycle Helmets 2018

““What’s the best helmet?” It’s a question we get all the time here at ZLA, and Anthony has the answers you need for 2018. Riders have unique needs and riding styles, so our Best Helmets Gear Guide pulls together our top picks from across the board. From best budget buckets to top-flight technomarvels, here’s our top of the crop for this year’s helmets so far.

Helmets in this buying guide:

Scorpion EXO-R420 – 0:55
AGV SportModular Carbon – 2:25
HJC RPHA 70 ST – 4:43
Arai Defiant-X – 6:34


Moto GP says:

Time for a new shirt bro!

Adam McClow says:

Is Anthony in Venice right now? I could have swore that i walked right by him two nights ago. I looked right at him and was going to say something but i thought, naw, can’t be him. And it looked like he was with his family so I didn’t want to bother him if it was him. If it wasn’t him, he’s got a serious doppelganger out there.

K shinn says:

Owning the AGV Sport Modular – it really is that light and good…worth every penny!

Eduardo Barajas says:

You look like don Mazati

ILoveCostcoPizza says:

I have the HJC RPHA 70 ST. Great Helmet and even better price. Looking for a Good full face helmet with great ventilation and Dark Smoke inner visor but don’t want to pay over $400…. then HJC RPHA 70 ST is the best choice. Yea, their might be better helmets but at what cost? Plus, it looks awesome when you get a Mirror Visor. I was thinking about the Arai Defiant-X but it has no Emergency Cheek Pad pulls, its $600, and it looks really ugly IMO.

Motors for the Masses says:

Intro still stupid….just not as weird

Kawasexi567 says:

hey drew, how would you compare the scorpion r710 against the bell qualifier dlx?

billiondollardan says:

Does anyone else get bugs flying up into their Arai helmet? I’m sick of it. I bought a 40 dollar chin curtain and I don’t get bees in my helmet anymore but I still get smaller bugs

Cody Sams says:

Helmet of the year costs more than my bike 🙁

Johnathan Pride says:

just bought the 70 st love at first site but its a tight fit lol gotta break it in quick

tommy d u b b s says:

*Emptys out all air in lungs.. hey this anthony from watch…..dying…..decide and ride*

Future Motologger says:

Icon airflite with a mirror visor. Because it’s looks kick ass.

Adam Weege says:

Does the Aria come in not solid colors?

Gaming_with_austyn young says:

My dad drives a mortorbike/race bike I will tel my dad to come buy from you

annbuono24 says:


Patrick Schliesing says:

Helmet companies, and Revzilla, should stop promoting a helmet being DOT approved. It’s hardly adequate protection, let alone the many companies out there who are out of compliance but slap the sticker on anyway. Snell and ECE for the wins.

Tube-Bit ManChild says:

Technical eggheads

AJ S says:

I was reading an article about helmets and it was saying that helmets are not a one and done piece of riding gear, that as long as you don’t crash it you can’t get away with wearing the same helmet for 20 years. It said that helmets are only safe for the first 5 years from the manufacturing date. Is that true?

Sean L says:


Kirk Dunlap says:

Whats your recommendation for a Quiet helmet? I have been wearing Arai most of my riding life and they are very track oriented, light weight but noisy helmets, at least the one i wear now RX7 Corsair. This one is closing in on 10 years old now. I don’t track anymore, I mostly ride my 650R vs my 1000RR so looking for comfort and quite vs light weight race helmet.

DaLeprechaun says:

I’m trying to get a helmet really love the style of the Shark raw black Matte but my head is 24 inches do yall not carry a 2xl or do you think a XL would be perfect?

dxhjnv Zfg says:

Women size video please

ObamaReally Suucks says:

Does Anthony EVER change his shirt ?

daniel ranlee says:

I’m currently looking for a helmet around 100-150$ price point (roughly 5000php – 7500php here in the philippines) it’s hard to find a Scorpion EXO-R420, do you think bell qualifier is still good? 🙂

Martin Robinson says:

is the defiant x the same as the renegade V we have launching in europe?

King Cosmosis says:

No icon airflite?

Jeff O says:

Safety first

Rough&Ready says:

Almost a decade and the shirt lives on!!!!

Praveen Kumar says:

Could you let me know what Helmet and colour type is the one at 0:17? Shoei model?

GeoCog says:

what was the helmet you were holding in the beggining of the video? 0:38

Mar'Taja Jackson says:


Stanley Hudson says:

Helmets are useless after riding at a certain certain speed

Marc Daniel says:

Hey Anthony! Have you any plans to do a 3/4 helmet review for 2018 and what about the Schuberth O1 helmet… Seems like Schuberth and Klim are the only possible helmets for me… Gotta 60.5 cm and while those two products have an XL size of 60-61 every other helmet is sized L 59-60 and XL 61-62. Now I got some little oversized Bell helmets but I am thinking about going Schuberth. Thanks for your great reviews… M

skpal says:

Aria defiant vs shoei rf-1200?

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