Best Motorcycle Helmets 2017 at

Best Motorcycle Helmets 2017

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They are the single most important piece of motorcycle equipment that you can buy. Period. If you ride a motorcycle, a motorcycle helmet should be the first place you look to ensure you have the right gear to get you where you’re going. With this list of the best motorcycle helmets of the year, we highlight the top new helmets, as well as staples of the industry that have continued to excel over time. From ADV to retro, and everyday street riding to the most precision-crafted race helmets in the world, our list of the best motorcycle helmets of the year cover the juggernaut performers for the trail, tarmac, or track-day enthusiasts.

Be sure to check out the rest of our gear guides as we continue to release the best performers and top picks throughout the Spring of 2017!

Best Motorcycle Gear of 2017 Playlist:

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Olivia Sackmaster says:

I like the 4th one

Ice_Wallow_comee says:

Revzilla is the best, I got my dirt bike gear there and they never let you down

LimitedInfinity1 says:

Whats with that Bell Moto III?
I had one of those in the early 80’s.. Its not a new helmet.. Yeah I know I heard “retro”.. So will they remake the Bell Moto IV?

Taga Taga says:

which one is the best the RF 1200 or the hjc pro 11

Harry says:

what jacket is the model wearing when he is wearing the Schuberth SR2 in the video clip when hes riding on the motorcycle? that nice black jacket.seems like Dainese

Christopher G says:

Thank you for pronouncing Schuberth’s name correctly. (“Shoo Bert” not “Shoe Birth”)

Jim says:

Anthony, glad to see you still doing these product reviews, great information, though I need to rewind a couple times to get it all, you really need to cut back on the caffeine bro. Just kidding, love your style, second only to Lemmy’s… us Harley guys gotta stick up for one another.

Bat MikiPig says:

the arai will make you look like buzz lighthere

KingN8Boogie says:

I’m sorry, I cannot take his intro. I skip the first 57 seconds of every video.

Ben Johnson says:

No icon variant?

Valen Sinclair says:

Please speak slower.

Matti Sillanpää says:

One also have to wonder how many takes it took to get this whole nine minute blast to one take. I mean damn, that’s lot of info with no breaks!

tdunster2011 says:

Considering most peoples head shape will mean they will be limited to one or two different brands this type of comparison is pointless. Buy a helmet that fits you best not the one that fits poorly just to a certain graphic or feature set.

vcdc3 says:

What’s your most quiet helmet? I have a Shoei rf1100 and it seems kind of loud with wind noise at highway speeds.


Where’s the icon variant, i love it

MVP JEFF says:

I perfer shoei

Zechariah 12:10 says:

Great to see that you don’t have any dumbass tattoos, obviously you don’t need them to feel like a man. Plaudits to you.

Dr Dizzy Saivate says:

Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS 🙂

iOF Apollo says:

Schuberth helmet looks like master chief helmet the Mark IV

Dave B says:

They call this type of salesman a fast talking huckster.

Harley Russell says:

it’s so annoying that there is no Intermediate Oval Arai built like the Signet or Quantum. I don’t want a Defiant, the Vector 2 is the entry level and the Corsair is too expensive. Why, Arai?!

dujfraz says:

Seriously, Shoei RF-1200 is such a nice helmet. I couldn’t complain about a single aspect of the damn thing. Well, except maybe it doesn’t have a drop down visor (but who gives a shit).

Anonymous Global says:

Can you put the helmet on and then let someone hit you in the head with a sledgehammer so we can see how it works out?

kcin1523 says:

can i have one that i can afford ;-;

Enrique Zambrano says:

Hello guys, Can you guys find me a HJC helmet model: ( RPHA ST Terrain MC1 )
Let me know, if for some reason you can’t get this helmet, can you tell me where can I get it. I love the graphic on this shell.
Thank you…EZ.

Finn The Human says:

some ugly helmets

RJrigges says:

So what’s the best helmet for wearing glasses and stopping them from fogging up?

AEO O says:

You covered no Touring helmets! Nolan makes the best modular Touring helmets. They have steel locking pins not plastic like the other. I want a helmet that I can have a communication setup in.

Silver Noob says:

This guy could sell mosquitos in the woods at dusk.

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