Best Motorcycle Gear For Beginners 2019

Best Motorcycle Gear For Beginners 2019

If you’re new to riding, you’re probably new to motorcycle gear as well. Riders have an overwhelming number of options when choosing gear, so where to begin? That’s where RevZilla’s 2019 Best Motorcycle Gear for Beginners guide comes in. If you’re stumped on helmets, stuck between jackets, or starting from scratch, Lemmy’s got you covered with a complete overview of what’s what in the world of moto. These choices will get you rolling, and they’re also pieces you can grow into as you advance your riding skills. Grab a seat, settle in, and get ready because your journey is just beginning!

AGV K1 Helmet – 1:47
Alpinestars T-GP Plus R v2 Air Jacket – 2:51
TCX Blaze Boots – 3:59
Merlin Alton Jacket – 5:38
REAX 610 Jeans – 6:30
TCX Mood Gore-Tex Shoes – 7:20

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TDY says:

Is the Mood better than Street?

Y A says:

A motorcycle jacket without a back protector is like a car without an engine pointless.

Publik Channel says:

Anybody interested in wanting to buy these items for cheaper than retail?:
TCX Explorer boots
S&S OTC 2.0 moto jacket
Spitfire Windshield

守る says:

I need a hand, could you make a video where you present the leather suits that recall the color or the brand of Kawasaki, or even replicas?

RevZilla says:

For more details on all of the gear that made the list, check out the full product specs and video reviews we have created to help you make the best selection for your style and your needs.

Rizqi Rizaldo says:

Honestly I’ve been riding for 7 years, it’s just I’m a student so this category is the only one I can afford

Leyanne Soares says:

what’s is the name of the 2 helmet please?

UhYeahWhateverDude says:

Yes!!! I love videos on this topic – they always have the best comments…

Round_Lake says:

Love all your fantastic content you make!
Thinking off getting a Svartpilen 401 as my first bike when I get my A2 licens even if it will cost me a great deal, sadly not much nice older A2´s for sale that I can get for a lot less. Do you think Im making a good choice?

Also would be so cool to see what you think of Husqvarna new bikes 😀

FOX _ says:

Are the REAX jeans that baggy or are their smaller lengths , do motorcycle jeans have the same length and width measurements as regular jeans?

Adoniyas Girma says:

I have not purchased a motorcycle and won’t be buying one for a long time. I just enjoy the content.

Austin Connell says:

Great video, but please reduce the transition effects guys. It is really distracting.

Robert Hicks says:

I know helmets can be costly but shouldn’t a beginner have the best he can afford the first year is when they are going down .

tien nguyen says:

Can I mix and match Astar jacket with a different brand for the pants and still zip up the pieces? Also do i have to buy Astar back protector or can I just get any d30?

bugz1591 says:

What about gloves?

Tyler Cookson says:

Hey Lemmy, I always do enjoy the content! But I have a few suggestions, I hope you’ll find them helpful! Please read.

1.)My biggest pet peeve. Speak to each piece of gear you show.

— The guy is also wearing pants and Alpinestar gloves in the first one. Are these just regular jeans? Are they riding jeans but they’re being left out due to budget options? They look great, how can I find out more about those jeans or should I not because they are not padded / protective jeans? When you don’t tell the audience, it’s just a big piece that’s not addressed and we don’t know why.

— Completely understandable that we’re being budget conscious and that you do not want to highlight riding without gloves or pants (even if they are regular jeans). But immediately what went through my head was, where was the pricing information / discussion on the gloves? AND where was the discussion about the jeans? I realize you might not have discussed them because they are regular jeans, but you need to address that in the video.

2.) Ensure links are to gear showcased.

— Currently, if I click on the K1 Helmet in the link it is not the one you have showcased in the video for the sport rider. Beginners aren’t going to know model differences necessarily. So, I believe the helmet you showcased is actually the AGV K1 Warmup Helmet, which comes in the color you showed. Nothing like seeing a cool piece of gear but then being linked to the wrong one and thinking oh, I don’t get those options, maybe they were showing an upgraded piece. But this is not what I know of you all. I know that RevZilla does straight forward and what you see is what you get style of reviews, which are the most helpful. So maybe just update that.

3.) Don’t make viewers hunt for the gear.

— May I suggest providing a link for the 2019 Beginner Gear selection as well? So we can just click there and see all the beginner gear you are suggesting? Otherwise, I need to search for that on the website You all already have everything in one nice easy to view area, which is great. Highlight that in your video with a link to the above and then each item.

4.) Each item highlighted highlighted in Beginner Gear 2019 section of the Website needs to be noted here (can be as suggested below…not that you need to go through and mention every jacket…but let us know here you’ve got other items – which will increase click through traffic.

— Aka, “Hey, guys/gals, these made our top picks but we’ve researched and provided you with more options as well. You’ll find those at the link in the description below:

— “All 2019 Beginner Gear –

5.) It’s great to mention the gear…

— but without a price it makes it feel like a gimmick to get us to check the links in the description below…to drive web traffic. But regardless of intention, just mention the prices.

6.) When referring to a “price range” – It’s helpful to give the price range if you don’t want to state the exact number.

The videos are by far the most helpful and driving reason I visit and would shop at Revzilla. The content is usually great, but I had been looking forward to this gear review for quite some time, but really feel that you all have fallen a bit short on this one. Speak to each piece of gear, and for us beginners a lot of the value comes from your knowledge, but video wise, from having all of the information right there in the video so I’m not having to do links in the description.

Michael Allan says:

More Revzilla videos please! We need more Lemlem!

Patrick Flinner says:

Beginner rider? Wear neon and strap a mattress to your motorcycle 🙂

Ronan Rogers says:

I’m watching this video because I’ve been riding for 38 years and I’m having a lie in bed this morning after a 500 mile ride yesterday…and because I really value the work you guys do…but my suggestion to new riders is don’t compromise on boots, I think those boots are too short (just my opinion)

Jeff Ruebens says:

Buy what fits the best- try on many for a helmet, jacket, boots and gloves. I have 3 pairs of gloves- one waterproof and thicker, one thinner, and one armored and vented depending on if it is raining and the temperature. I wear a nylon armored and vented jacket all year, and in the winter zip the vents closed and put a leather vest and wool sweater under it. I also wear the normal looking armored jeans. I also highly recommend a $50 better back protector from Cycle Gear- it is more comfortable and safer than the cheap piece of thin foam that comes with most motorcycle jackets.

Kieran Mckay says:

Gotta keep them tootsies warm

Vita Vegeta says:

When I first started riding(7 months ago) I didn’t account for gear, $1000 later gear ain’t cheap.

Zhou James says:

TCX boots are nice. I brought an RST jacket though. It’s a bit sportier. And the colour is way cooler.

Jack Lack says:

You say “price” a lot, but never say any prices.

NemesisDK79 says:

Thank you for the video, I would never recommend riding jeans or low shoes for new riders. However I guess its a matter of how much safety you are willing to sacrifice for comfort/looks.

nidheesh Nidhin says:

Glove ??

David Kellin says:

That Bell helmet looks awful.

AL Rubaie Mustafa says:

i like this guy

WaseWasp says:

gear that looks good on as off the bike and for those who comfort is just as much of a priority. well take a second look to the Reax 610 jeans when the rider sits on the bike.
it cant be comfortable when the pants opens up on your back, makes you look like construction worker and is way to baggy. it made me uncomfortable just by watching him sit there.
no thanks, please make a new suggestion for the pants

DarkIzo says:

wooo thanks !

Donald Trump's Space Force says:

Honestly I wish someone had just told me to buy a shoei in the first place. That said I guess I appreciate it more having used lesser brands

CANTSiR says:

personally i dont recommend riding jeans for any beginner rider. for the same price u can get textile pants with knee pads that are much safer.

jaysunrides says:

Tcx rush was my first pair of riding shoes and I like them a lot

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