Best Motorcycle Earbuds, Headphones and Speakers of 2017

Want to add some background music to your ride? Here are the earbuds and speakers we’ve had in our motorcycle helmets in 2017. If you’ve been procrastinating on your Christmas shopping, there may still be time to pick up one of these cheap gifts.

0:25 – Uclear Pulse Speakers:
2:16 – MEE M6 Pro Earbuds:
4:49 – Comply Tips:
5:33 – DIY Custom Fit Earbuds
6:17 – No Noise Motorsport Earplugs:

Quietest Motorcycle Helmets Video:

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Malcolm Pellerine says:

ordered these buds on amazon totally dissatisfied(sent them back) with these even with comply foams they are nearly impossible to keep the fit required for decent sound so I went out and bought a cheap pair sony ex110ap for the short term(long term now) $15  there small as to not interfere with helmet slid on a set of comply foams they stay in place and the sound was believe it or not comparable to 50+dollar buds all day long the foams keep out wind noise very well letting me feel the FJR1300.

Daniel Gertis says:

Earbuds are kinda dangerous while riding. Outright illegal in the states I’ve ridden in.

Walter Wilkins says:

Does FortNine sell M6 PRO Universal-Fit Noise-Isolating earbuds? I couldn’t find them on the site . . .

Sebastien Hamilton says:

what about the headwave or the syphon soundwrap… time for an update video 🙂

Kirk Johnson says:

I use lead filled ear plugs. The sirens behind me get to be annoying.

kimbercolt95 says:

Best Bluetooth?

Jon Uberisk says:

In the USA it is against the law to wear anything in-ear. Yes, this includes ear plugs and ear buds. Speakers are okay because they are not ‘in’ your ear.

Tyler Muzzy says:

Hey Ryan, would the no noise earplugs also block out the music from drop-in speakers?

kgsz says:

Sorry, mate, but these NoNoise plugs are horrible. I’ve been trying for three _months_ to get used to them, but they *always* one way or another wiggle their way out (usually only one of them which is twice as infuriating), often they would move the wrong way and poke me painfully in the ear canal…
Also at the highway speeds (70-90mph) they’re barely acceptable in the average helmet.

I seriously doubt you used them more than, say, twice, 10 minutes each.

I pushed them into the depths of my bag to serve as a backup ones in case I’ll forget bout my daily drivers (other reusable plugs) or foams (I would rather not use unless I have to).

Thanks a lot for the clip anyway.

Emil Nyg says:

I got a pair of m6 and i’ve used them a long time and the sound quality is almost unbeatabel until I tried jaybird freedom, they are smaller, provide an app with eq so it will fit any kind of music, they are even bluetooth so you don’t have a cable to worry about. Really recomend if you don’t want a wired pair.

RYD-ER-DIE says:

You can also buy a pack of memory foam ear plugs from your local department store…cut the tip off untill its about the length of your existing ear bud tips…poke a hole in the center with a nail and replace your earbud tips with it…all in all it cost under $5 for the same thing as your $15 memory foams

Robert Barba says:

So I have an O’Neal helmet and it’s wonderful but fitting headphones on and then slipping on the helmet often tears them off my ears. It’s the correct size and a very snug fit. Would the MEE audio headphones work for me?

M Nabavi says:

Bose is the best if one can afford it.

Superman Fan says:

marah carry is shit though

David Kuhn says:

Unless you’re riding a bike that crushes wind noise (big cruiser), any audio option is a balance between audio quality and noise exclusion. The M6 Pro’s also look interesting because with buds you can push for a bit more quality (though the noise floor even with good buds is very high on a bike)… but IMO buds don’t cancel enough noise for long rides without requiring high volume levels. For touring I use Plugfones – they are a combination of a memory foam FULL earplug (not a bud) with a speaker. They’re the other end of the equation from the M6’s… they cancel a LOT of noise but give up some audio quality to do it. So they’re not perfect but do allow me to keep audio levels to non-ear ringing even on noisy bikes.

Neil Dougan says:

Great recommendation on the MEE M6,
Bought a pair from amazon for £20, and it may have just saved my hearing long term, the wind noise from my helmet was immense at 60-70mph (100-120kph), now, barely a whisper, but horns and sirens and other need to know noises cut through

Zann says:

What’s the bike at the back?

jdoobz says:

se215’s ftw.

PATRICIA Rivera says:

Wow…good job! I’ve tried handlebar speakers, but they blow out in weeks. I’ve been through dozens of ear buds..I found the M6 pro 2nd gen on Amazon $50…Thx for the recommendation. Hope I can hear them on my Softail.

Pedro Meza says:

What about slapping a bluetooth speaker to your bike ?

pjmtts says:

NoNoise plus UClear equals perfect match for me

Zann says:

aren’t speakers dangerous (distracted biking)?

MrDirtbikesrule says:

My earbuds keep falling out every time I put my helmet on

DesertDRZ says:

You should do a review of the DRZ in the background ha, great vids man!

HalfNelson 1973 says:

Anyone have an opinion on the Iasus XSound 3? I’ve been going back and forth weather to upgrade my Sena 20s speakers.

Afshin Farahbakhsh says:

I bought some of these mee m6’s…they’re incredible. Thanks for the recommendation.

grn dragon says:

And I thought headfones on any bike was illegal. Plus dangerous.

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