Best Motorcycle Communication Systems of 2017

Transmitting to a YouTube channel near you. RyanF9 dispatches his choices for Best Communication Systems of 2017.

0:09 – Cardo Scala Rider PackTalk:
2:16 – Sena 10S Bluetooth Headset:
4:05 – Uclear AMP Pro Helmet Audio System:
6:00 – Cardo Scala Rider Freecom 1:
6:15 – Sena 10U Bluetooth Communication System:
7:00 – Sena 10C Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System:

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RJN says:

A lot of friends ahahahhahahabahabahhahahahahahah…

Rene Van Eynde says:

The Freecom 1 (yes I am 68 and have no friends with a motorcycle anymore) adjusts it’s volume automatically to the ambient noise, which is nice in a city. I use it in a Shark spartan carbon. The ultmate luxury Shuberth never delivered. There is even an app for the cardo Freecoms, so you can make adjustments on your phone.

4StrokeBloke says:

I would buy the BT-S2 but it only allows you to pair with one other user… I’d like to connect to multiple riders at once (4 specifically).

mikeee6 says:

Everything I wonder about motorbike stuff is already covered by this channel. Good stuff sir, well done.

Τζουλιανο Χοτζα says:

I wonder how health hazardous this is.

Shadow Gamer says:

Are any of those waterproof?

donnyo65 says:

What about non Cardo units? I have a Freecom 4 which simply does not work. All I get is an annoying bing bing bing, if I dare go near the speed limit! Thats it nothing else apart from connecting to my phone from time to time but not allowing me to talk to anyone. To add insult to injury – Cardo are just not interested, they just keep sending me messages asking the same question over and over – I will never buy any of their products again, they are rubbish! DO NOT BUY CRADO PEOPLE – YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!

Joseph White says:

Excellent Ryan, appreciate your info, too damn funny to boot!

Qasim says:

Sena seems to be updating their firmware and fixing quirks:

Wonder how it compares to Packtalk now…

Benjamin Lehto says:

Hi, just picked up a Smartpack Duo system and I’m wondering what you’d recommend for an open face helmet with this system that can house the provided speakers or the 40mm drivers from Cardo?

Also, is there a dummy proof setup guide you know of for simply getting this system up and running? I followed the directions and had both units in DMC Mode but neither of us were hearing the other.

Thanks for any help/advice you can offer.

Daniel Gadd says:

Do any of these devices , connect two of them to one mobile phone so driver and passenger can listen to same music, and also chat at same time? Thanks

MrSlowestD16 says:

Wow, bit surprised you didn’t really talk about the 20s – I don’t even know anybody whose top pick isn’t that (or the 10s if they don’t have the $).
I love my 10s, works super well, I don’t care about mesh riding, only care about talking to pillion. The speakers are loud enough, but not super loud. They’re fine at 75 on the highway, but that’s about the top of it before they get too hard to hear. Speaker upgrade sounds like a good idea, wonder if I can get those pulse speakers separately and wire them in..

Richie Montgomery says:

20S is easy to use with gloves. Also I rode in super hard rain for 2 days straight, never failed. Not saying its perfect, but it always connects to my phone, and it is definitely waterproof, had it going on 3 years now.Also, 3 years of hard riding, the clip has NEVER failed. The device has remained secure.

Paul Silva says:

I am unclear about the SENA 10C portion of your scant, brief debilitating inaccurate blurb indicated herein.?.? I have owned my SENA 10C for over 3 years, and over 8,000 miles. And your inane misreprestation of vocal sound recording quality has me wondering (read that doubting) THE REST of your findings… Any one must do their own you tube search of your products to ascertain your validity now.??

NBT 3 says:

Ok who thinks Game of Thrones when watching this video?

xizel says:

what about a rider to passanger solution that would also allow connection to GPS and/or phone ?

Daniel Martinez says:

You got anything under 100 bucks lol

L says:

what about using discord ?

SuperREHMAN says:

@Ryan – how’s the “ChatterBox X2-Slim” in comparision to these ? well the X2-slim is about a 100euro

dragnridr05 says:

Would love to have the go-pro capabilities but with the 10c small package. Just having a block hanging out on the front or the side of the helmet would kinda keep me from having video or motovlogging.

In other words, have a small all in one unit that plays music, gps, and has the camera of the gopro, along with a boom mic hook up for audio and have under $200 and that will sell just about anyone. For about $300 add in the mesh communication with other riders and call it the AIO.

Thomas Miller says:

First off, your videos have been a joy in this last week of looking for gear and accessories. However I have been stuck on my helmet choices due to the simple fact that I want bluetooth but unsure whether to buy an integrated system or an add-on system. I am looking to get a 3/4 helmet and haven’t seen too many choices with full integrated. Do you have any suggestions on this matter? Again thank you for all the content and help in these decisions

MrLunithy says:

Mirier Cary………….. lol

AZ Razkull Rider says:

I’d love to hear Ryan’s take on the Cardo Packtalk Slim.

Dxfour Zeroeight says:

What about the Interphone tour ? and if you add the sound pro kit well ?

Wayne Mcneely says:

The reviews of the communication systems not withstanding, you my man, have a great future as an announcer / radio personality.

Neal Feikema says:

Is there a good reason you didn’t include the Nolan units?

Jon B says:

10/10 Review, proud to support Canadian YouTubers!!

kullzer says:

Wich one would be better to get the Sena 10s or the cardo Freecom 4? (for rider to rider use)

itsdatboi woodwik says:

can different brands all pair together or does every one have to have the same one

Pixel Gun Sniper says:

Ok so I’m just a dump as s*** 18 year old that just started riding but if I can get a nice pair of Bluetooth earbuds with a nice mic and voice control for $30 and a free intercom app that allows me to call multiple friends at once for free and if me and all my friends have unlimited minutes why would I buy one of these?

charro lambatan says:

yeah not good in my place for many will steal bluetooth from my helmet when i leave it behind

glas l says:

Question: Is it possible to link multiple communication systems from different brands?

Nice Video, thanks FortNine!

kedwardsTWO says:

I use a dirt cheap freedcon to keep myself, my brother and my dad in communicando on the roads, granted, it’s not great, but for a group of bikers on a budget, and occasionally needing to listen to GPS instructions, it does the job brilliantly.

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