Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts

We all got different needs when it comes to mounting a cell phone to our bike. With the over saturated market, it can be hard to find our perfect fit. Well good thing we got RyanF9 as he shares with us his best selection of Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts.

Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts links and video timestamps:

0:10 – Hitcase SuckR:

1:14 – Hitcase Pro cell phone case:

2:43 – RAM Mounts Tough Claw with the Short Double-Socket Arm and a Universal X-Grip Holder:

4:20 – Kuryakyn Arkon Smartphone Pouch:

6:05 – RAM Mounts Fork Stem Mount:

6:05 – RAM Mounts Fork Stem Mount with X-Grip:

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Adam E says:

Ive got the fork stem on my 2012 CBR600rr and I love it!

Deathculture says:

i cant justify $100 + for a phone mount. that makes me a cheap bastard? XD

chriseijgermans says:

too bad they are all canadian only..

XSR900NYC says:

Hey Ryan it’s been a while since this video has been posted. Can you please do an updated version for 2018 and try the Quadlock, SP Gadgets and ROKFORM Thanks

Stefan Majonez says:

I have a RAM x-grip bolted onto my handlebar, and had my phone in it (with the rubber wrapped for safety) when I had an oopsie on an oil spill at 120 km/h. The phone was still attached to it.

Dr. DCT says:

Perfect Squeeze phone mount is the way to go and I’ve tried them all.

Matt Fielder says:

Not sure why you didn’t include Quadlock in the review. It’s a decent phone case all the time, then snaps really securely to the bike, and they offer windshield mounts for the car, armband mounts if you’re a runner – really several mount options.

multisomebodyelse notme says:

if u like the thing but not how its loose…use a blutac worm around that ball joint

Dougie Quick says:

Time to redo this ehh? New devices since then I dont find in your review

Kyle Straatsma says:

Thoughts on the Rokform magnetic mount/case?

Kaitlyn Erb says:

My favorite setup that I’ve used on and off road, is the ram base and arm, with a “SlipGrip” phone holder. It’s phone and case specific, holds the phone very securely, is quicker to grab your phone than the X grip, and allows use of all the buttons, camera, and fingerprint scanner. I use a Galaxy S8 with Otterbox Defender case.

Jeff Hanson says:

Anyone who is smart does not trusted shortened URL’s. You don’t know where you will actually go.

misamisatv says:

Is there an updated version of this list for 2018?

Dutchman Chris says:

To us a child is born!


Quad lock has all those garbage ass mounts beat!

CanzZz says:

There is a Chinese Version of the RAM x grip for 20 bucks. It has the same quality (Crash and offroad tested by me) + you can attach it to your batterie and charge your phone through an USB Port on the mount

Paul Dale says:

“Perfect Squeeze” mount?

Jacques Donnelly says:

I don’t think anyone could argue the fact that your videos are superbly produced. I wish all things in life were this well made.

J G says:

Any updates on this topic?

Butters says:

velcrow . add it to phone and to bike. bam. insta mount. lols. but only do it if you have wind shild and its very gripy

Soshi12005 says:

So… anything goos is buy RAM

Smokey04b says:

Quad Lock – they make all kinds of mounts for the phone case – arm band for running, road bike, mountain bike and motorcycle.

Lasse Krogh says:

jokes on you! i dont have a girlfriend

Zedwick says:

Can you do a video on magnetic mounts?

Leon Jarebica says:

After watching this video, I bought Ram toughclaw and I have to say, that is the best investment I ever made.Thank you Ryan and keep up the good work!

zach sullivan says:

do you mind to run through the list of what all is used in the ram x grip with tough claw at the 2:50 mark? thanks!

Josh Pavelich says:

6:10 you lost me at this part.. XD

Steve L says:

Thanks bro I just ordered one

Baqca Sanke says:

I just welded my phone on my bike tank. I don’t need a phone anytime else i’m always on the bike. It over heats in the sun tho the one downside

xvillin says:

I have an iPhone 6 inside of a life proof case with a life proof magnet plate that sticks and locks into a life proof handlebar mount. Real downside is I had to FUCKING MACHINE some aluminum bar stock to make an adapter for that to fit on my stock KLR650 middle handlebar thing (the part of the handlebar that goes from the left and right side). My work has a metal shop and a mill drill so I figured I’d give it a shot. I learned some things namely how to use a mill. The adapters that came with the mount never seemed to fit my handlebars on any spot. However, now that I have my homemade adapter, the mount is pretty solid and doesn’t shake around too much. It shakes a fair amount at the interface between the Mount and the magnet plate on the phone (I wouldn’t use it to film). If anybody would ever figure to use this on their bike (without the homemade mount) It’s actually pretty decent.

Meme Machine says:

$90 for a phone case?
The most expensive phone case I’ve ever bought was $1… Lol

Philipp Dase says:

What’s a girlfriend?

pornobob says:

Check out x-armor

Rysiu says:

This guy could sell meat to a vegetarian.

nadakidd says:

While many of their products are great, the Ram stem mount is garbage. There is no way to get it tight enough such that it won’t spin around the bolt. It doesn’t come out, but you lose the positioning of your device. After reading countless reviews of stem mounts I went with the Ultimate Addons stem mount (branded as BuyBits) which has been rock solid. It features the standard 1″ Ram ball. I use it for a gps which is even heavier than a phone and it hasn’t moved/spun a millimeter.

In the US you can get the same product branded under Ultimate Addons or BuyBits (they have a US site with cheaper and faster shipping that they will link you to if the item you’re looking at is available through it)

Train Monrovia says:

You must live in a very safe, respectful, and innocent community because you didn’t talk about how easy each device might get ripped off. Look at that RAM Mount. Probably takes 3 seconds to walk off with that baby. 🙂

V Star 1300 Adventures says:

On the first mount you showed, why not simply put in the right hardware. Lowe’s special fittings section would offer you a better alternative that having to use a screwdriver.

Chase Lyons says:

Love the videos Ryan but y’all have to figure out how to make your links work internationally or at the very least down to your neighbors in the US. I’m sure there’s a reason y’all do it this way. Either way, I’ll keep coming back for more! Keep up the good work!

Richie Montgomery says:

Tech Mount. It is all I have used for 3 years. Worth every penny and when my ball mount cracked (because I left it out in the east coast winter), they replaced for free. Tech Mount.

Bryan R. says:

How do you keep the phone from rotating a few degrees while on the x grip mount?

I’ve installed the mount, and when the phone is in there is a good half inch of play where the phone will go from vertical to slightly askew in one direction.

Is there a lock that I’m missing?

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