Best Motorcycle Bluetooth 2018 at

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Communicators 2018

Spring is in the air, and so’s the anticipation of a new riding season. You know what else is in the air? Bluetooth wireless signals, connecting riders everywhere to their friends and wireless devices. Never before have we seen so many options on the market, but don’t worry. In our latest Gear Guide, Anthony is here to walk you through the top Bluetooth communicators available today, from the best bare-bones to the smartest mesh-networker, and everything in between.

Bluetooth Communicators in this buying guide:

Cardo FreeComm 1 – 1:22
Sena Momentum Helmet – 3:05
Sena 20S Evo – 5:05
Cardo PackTalk – 6:50


John Flynn says:

I can’t say enough bad about Sena. I got a 10R about this time last year. The instructions for installation, both in the box and on the Sena website were inadequate, to put it mildly. Their website, their software and their firmware upgrades have been a nightmare to deal with. The speakers did not put out enough volume to be heard even at moderate speeds in my full-face, Shoei “low noise” helmet, so I had to get the optional earbud adaptor and find earbuds that would work well in the helmet. Then after about 6 months, one side of the 10R quit working. It took me six months and dozens of emails to get them to honor the warranty and send me a new unit. Their customer service people were polite, but not set up to do more than very, very poor customer response. Buyer beware!

Paul Prescod says:

Every one of this guys intros are trash

lewiscarr15 says:

This guy is the worst presenter for these it like watching one of the shopping channels my Nan watch’s qvc or something

Emin Pamuk says:

Is Freecom 1 any good? There are many people saying the sound quality is terrible when listening to music trough bluetooth.

Zea Moore says:

The Sena 20S Dual is $510 and up in Norway….

Phill B says:

Hi Anthony!,
Thanks for the informational piece to you and the investigative team. I have some questions before purchasing a unit:
1-what would work best for modular helmets for basically two riders (myself + my rear-seater passenger)?
2-I did a quick search for “Sena modular helmets” and didn’t come back with anything. Do they do a modular helmet version?, cause the Sena Momentum helmet isn’t one. What did come up was a “Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Modular Helmet” (MSRP at $220 on Amazon); while the Sena Momentum on Amazon is advertise for $399.
3-I did a search on your website for “modular helmets” (searched the HJC IS-Max 2 Dova Helmet and the Scorpion EXO-GT920) and none had the bilt-in/fully integrated or hardware-ready comm features. Any suggestions for ready-to-use comms modular helmets?

In the end, I am looking for a comm (possibly purchasing a modular helmet w/ comms already in it or having the hardware-ready for) that would let me communicate w/ my rear passenger, cell phone usage, and that’s about it – I don’t need all the bells and whistles. Before forking out $379 for the Sena 20S Dual pack ($379 on Amazon), I would appreciate your feedback.


p.s.: any suggestion for video recording device for a modal helmet as well. The Sony I purchased didn’t stay too long attached sideways. :-/ The Sena Prism Tube camera (MSRP for $119 on your website) states “…mounts all types of motorcycle helmets”

ApocGaming24 says:

This man is my moms cousins husband terra is the wife

Chuzo1946 says:

Comms in the motorcycle world is badly outdated.

Okie Rider says:

How many of those shirts does he have? He probably has a storage unit filled with boxes of them!

Aki Ren says:

Where is the schubert c4/r2 ?

pyruleanfire demon says:

“What’s new about the Evo, its more water resistant.” You’d think that would’ve been standard on every helmet bluetooth. I mean I’d be pissed as fuck if I dropped $200+ on a bluetooth only for it to crap out in a light drizzle.

Patrick Szabo says:

Riding a motorcycle used to be about an engine two wheels and the wind……….if you can’t stand to be away from your computer STAY IN YOUR OFFICE maybe you won’t be distracted by a bunch of electronic BULLSHIT and get dead on the road

Anthony Mason says:

I’m really confused. Doesn’t the Sena 30K have mesh? Is it not real mesh?

Blah Blah Blah says:

Anyone know if I can use any of these,( or any out there) for me and my gf (she will be passenger) but also my friend and his gf(also passenger)?

Tiesto Maldito says:

Did he even say the price of the second helmet (the sena) ??

Dave Simonson says:

I have a Shark Evoline Pro Carbon. Will all these comm systems work well with my helmet’s modular design?

Sgt Worm says:

How can you say you’re comparing the top units and just review 2 makers? Chatterbox is better than both, be around longer, and has 1 million times better customer service than Sena. I’ll never buy another thing from Sena because of the that.

Andrew Venables says:

The Sena 30K is now using the mesh network but Scala has been using it for a few years now so they are the leaders with that. My concern about the Sena Momentum helmet is the replacement of speakers or microphones when they go faulty, are they replaceable?

Matt V says:

Do you need to have the same model as your buddies to talk?

Quagmire88 says:

That was a lot of data to take in. So if its just me and my passenger which one is best? I am guessing they all do the basic stuff; rider/passenger coms, phone calls, GPS, music….

kapsa says:

Meh… just use discord with earbuds w/microphone.

AJHD says:

Anything cheap for us on a super tight budget ?

BChomby says:

I’m surprised you didn’t mention ride connected app by sena… basically adds voip connectivity with group intercom functionality

MattzTattz says:

Anthony – Just came back from Drexel with my stepson. Very inspiring speech!!

Chris Droste says:

I got the 10S back when they started discounting them due to the 20S and 30k on the horizon. I dunno if it’s just mine or just the 10S but the phone app is lousy imo, these things don’t get loud enough, and i recently found that with my friend getting the 20S that it’s annoying and vague to pair intercoms on these. the only tip i got really was “sometimes” it may be necessary to unpair from our phones, pair the intercoms, then rejoin….which doesn’t seem to work. Is it just the old utility and not the new where i SHOULD be able to go into the intercom/pairing menu; and SEE the other headset transmitting to pair them up for intercom management? Once they’re paired the sound quality is excellent but the “easy” task of connecting 2 together is accidental success at best.

reveritus says:

The showroom you’re filming in is an echo chamber

J Walker says:

These Bluetooth devices are a waste of money. I don’t know how people use these things, because I tried the Sena 20s and couldn’t hear a damn thing after getting my bike up to 40mph.

Aquiles Vailo says:

what is the best headset for solo riders? all I need is music and be able to take calls.

Hagen Drenne says:

Any help and I want helmet building in Bluetooth not more stupid big Bluetooth… Cos I can buy a Motorola micros Bluetooth and put is and I will get more quantity for 150 dollars … Be smart and make better videos please

heroofharo says:

Why wasn’t the 30k involved? I need to decide between it and the packtalk. The 30k was available 4 months before this video came out.

Violetspider says:

ok, so i think i’m just gonna buy some 20$ wireless headphones. why pay 125$, with no camera and can’t even speak with nobody? and if you want a camera buy a go pro. so small nowadays! paired with my gps for what? does it project a hologram on my helmet? none of these have a good camera! whyyyyy?

Jared Neaves says:

I’ve used 4 or 5 brands and i’m sena all the way, DESPITE them taking FOREVER to release the 10c Evo…. I really wish they had voice activated time though, an overlooked feature I think.

ski3435 says:

And the review of the UClear AMP Pro?? Best sound quality of any unit. Completely waterproof. And no need for a boom mic.

Jeff N says:

Is the Cardo Scala Packtalk getting replaced with a newer version?

we3fh1b41wr6e5b4r65t says:

Seems to be no great design improvement from the same old designs, just a few different features.
Trying to local buttons whilst having one of these stuck to your helmet can be hard work, someone needs to come up with more handlebar mounted bluetooth controllers for the helmet unit, yes I’ve see the crazy priced units 🙂

Adam Thompson says:

This guy sounds like an idiot.

MrEye4get says:

The fully integrated systems (in helmet) are important since many states (police) are fining riders with aftermarket systems. Riders can no longer mount cameras or comms systems as they are deemed unsafe and void the DOT certification. Just proof that ignorant lawmaker shape reality.

Jeff Codling says:

I was recently in the market for these. I checked out the SENA 20S EVO and 30k as well. I chose the Scala Rider PackTalk Duo kit for 2 reasons:

1. Waterproof – There are a lot of complaints online about SENA units dying in the rain. No thanks.
2. Best sound quality with included speakers – Sure I can upgrade the speaker at extra cost but why bother. These sound pretty good.

Fawad Bilgrami says:

I don’t have anyone with Cardo. I think it would had been better to advise that these products are not compatible with each other.

So if you have Sena in the group, then make sure you get Sena.

Sir Tristen says:

Do any of these options have voice activation?

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