Best All-Around Adventure Bike Tires: Heidenau K60 Scout Review

In this video, I talk about my experience with the K60 Scout tires made and imported by Heidenau as my current go-to adventure bike / GS tire.They offer a similar compromise to the rest of the GS, giving capabilities both on and off-road but ultimately proving themselves as a long-lasting 60/40 tire and only lacking in mud, sand, and wet road conditions.

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Kaufeetimevideo says:

Considering your speech pattern you might try a career as an auctioneer.

Brakelateatmsn says:

Odd, I went looking for a pair of Mitas E-07’s for my R1200 GS/A and I was unable to find a 120 front or a 170 rear.  I could only find 110 fronts and 150 rears.  Not sure I want to step back two full sizes on the rear of this bike.  Thankfully my current pair of Metzeler Tourance NEXT are holding up quite well, but are just too biased towards asphalt for my liking.

Outdoor GB says:

Hi, enjoyed your video and channel. I am trying to build my channel. Would you consider subscribing to me? I will do the same to your channel. Thanks Outdoor GB

Leandro Garcia Alves says:

Hello you could comment on this tire in the rain! thank you

Scott Bot says:

I wish this was a radial. I just can’t use a bias ply. It feels wrong

Rob Vann says:

Love this tire ..great on gravel which I’m on most of the time. Best of all 16k on the back 27k on the front and still going strong..

Rory Francis says:

Nice video but you can’t call it the best video when you have not tested most of the tyres, for example the E-07. Personally i prefer E-07 especially with no problems in the wet.

Also what is your experience on fixing punctures. The guys around me here battle with the K60 and a bit with the E07.

Farangmoto says:

Another user switched to Mitas. Much better than K60s on road and in particular, wet Tarmac.

Bruce Kennedy says:

I have them on my 1200 and have yet to find slick in wet maybe pressure has a lot to do with that I am pleased.

Hringhorne Stularsson says:

What do you mean by rain? Riding in thunder rain, there’s half a inch of water on the road, no problem.

WasOnceThere says:

Had the tkc80s on my first f800gs and like the grip but hated the tire life, tried the k60s on my next f800gs and actually loved them for everything except mud. Great tire IMO and I’ll be getting a pair soon for Megatron.

ChrissBanzaiADV says:

I ride Mitas e07 on xt1200z super tenere… they are great for 50/50 tires… even on wet roads they are nice! ONLY problem for me is sand. They are pretty loud after 2k but its no problem for me.

amity dual sport Utah says:

After much review I went with the k60 scout on my f800gs the first reason why the high mileage I can get the second reason it is a 50/50 on off road Tire the third reason they’re built like a tank One reviewer forgot to check his tire pressure after being off road road took it on the street home and realized he had only had five pounds of pressure and didn’t even notice the side walls are beefy they can take a beating… thanks for the awesome review

Uwe Steinbrecher says:

Hi I can`t understand your opinion about wet performance. I´ve had this tyres on different Bikes and i have never had a better Wet and cold performance then on this tyres. 3 degreegs celsius heavy rain in the swiss alps and the pegs scraches the ground in every turn. What could be better?

Steve says:

Big Sur!

Ken Moto says:

This tire is on all the R1200GS’s at the store hahahaha! it will be my tire as well if when I eventually get my enduro bike.

Mark Gunnison says:

Great review.

cracotator says:

Got an accident on wet tarmac because of these tires…never again !

Miguel Sanchez says:

Msn I switched from the tourance to the Mitas E-07 Dakar and have been nothing but pleased with both on/off dry and wet. I can touch peg with my Super Tenere 1200 and these things wear like iron.

tykebe says:

I bet this guy voted for Hillary

Steve Berg says:

Do you think….. that one day we will have road tyres with key ways for spikes to come out when going off road?

K-Man S says:

What are your thoughts on mixing brands from rear to front? I just got the K60 for my rear and a Conti TKC80 for the front on my 1290 SA. I decided this route after reading many reviews and it seemed almost unanimously that the K60 up front was not a great choice but “The Choice” in the rear. I know you’re not supposed to mix up tires on a car…But on a bike? Great review.

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