Best Adventure and Dual Sport Tires

Adventure and dual sport tires video timestamps and links:

0:10 – Bridgestones Battle Wing 502:

1:52 – Shinko 700 Series Dual Sport Tires:

3:32 – Heidenau K60 Scout Dual Sport Tires:

5:12 – Continental TKC80 Twin Duro Rear Tire:

6:11 – Kenda K760 Trackmaster II:

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Vish Rudh says:

I use a Duke 200 and I want to change my tires to a hav a good grip on wet street conditions with a decent mileage . can u suggest me any?
I ride Indian road (note)

Icon says:

Awesome Ryan. Love your videos.

Stan King says:

What about the new Metzeler Karoo Street? Anybody have experience with it yet? Tempted to put on my Vstrom 650 but see no reviews.

PRTEVY says:

“Shinko 700” for me, Brother!  Cheers;)

nguyen trinhf says:

guloguloguy says:

……I was just wondering if anyone ever does “siping” on their motorcycle tires, (as they often do on car tires)?!….

Vic Wiseman says:

Just picked up a pair of Heidenau K60s for my 2011 Tiger 800XC. I commute daily but plan to do a lot more off roading this coming year. A will ride from Northern CA to Death Valley and then plan to do a bunch of off roading in Death Valley. Should be a pretty good test. I currently run the Michelin Anakee 3s and love them for their on road performance (daily commuting). The idea is to use the Anakee 3s October through February and the K60’s in the spring, summer, and early fall.

Joe Schlabotnick says:

Seems like a nice guy but he’s too wet behind the ears to tell me anything except call me sir.

Eugene Worrell says:

I still use illegal tires usually

Jonathan Vogel says:

he hasnt done 13hour days on a bike ..I havent seen a video of him doing that 🙂 and excuse me ..if he tested the tyre why are they not looking worn ?

theroamr says:

I ride very aggressive on the street on my Yam Sup 10. I currently run the battle wings and street performance is awesome. But I want better dirt performance. How are the Metzler Karoo3s? How’s their street performance and longevity?

Jonathan Yaohan Lee says:

In the last 2.5 years, I have gone through the following tires on my 1190R

K60 – Great Highway mileage, light off-road, not fantastic in Mud.

MiTas E-07 and E-09 – Great Off Road grips into everything confidently. Not too Bad on the highway but wears pretty quick.

Golden Tyres GT723 – Great Off-road, lots better than Mitas imho. Great mileage on the Highway but squiggy on the highways especially on the painted lane markers .

Personal Favorite currently GT723.

Try it and would look forward to a proper feedback from a decent off-road rider as yourself Ryan.

And tires we tested in the South East Asian terrain (Malaysia and Thailand) where clayey and slippery mud are a big thing here.

Arnold Jeffrey says:

Hi, have you had a look at these types from Metzeler yet?

8meals says:

Would the K60 Scout be good for a trip from Canada to Argentina on a klr 650, ktm 690 or something similar? Thanks

jackmc4 says:

What about the motoz mountain hybrid? That’s an awesome tire!!!

Farid Gonzalez says:

Hello Ryan, can you do a video on difference of sprocket pitches? 520, 525 & 530. Which sprocket pitches are recommended for motorcycles different cc?

Jassima Nasima says:

Please do an episode on riding tubes vs tubeless off road vs road vs light adventure. Very confusing.. cheers

Dulf Nordensvärd says:

Please rave about the k60 scout pls

rivercreep says:

Funny thing about the Shinko 700…it becomes round when you mount it and add air. LMAO!

Hank DeHaan says:

MICHELIN Anakee Wild ?

J says:

could u do a foot peg review on small bike market like kaw versys x300 you do a great job review, yes buy K60 he know

FortNine says:

Product link and video timestamps:
0:10 – Bridgestones Battle Wing 502:
1:52 – Shinko 700 Series Dual Sport Tires:
3:32 – Heidenau K60 Scout Dual Sport Tires:
5:12 – Continental TKC80 Twin Duro Rear Tire:
6:11 – Kenda K760 Trackmaster II:

Jason Borne says:

Hey Ryan – getting a super Ten … what off / road tire do you recommend ? Looking mainly on road but want to do off roaring also !

Chris Hansford says:

I would really like to see a video on riding shoes, including the Alpinestars Jam Drystar shoes!!!

Mark Heyes says:

I tried a Shinko 700 rear, didn’t really think it was good value. It was pretty cheap but it just didn’t last very long. I changed it to a Mitas E-07 which works better off-road, works about as well on-road, costs a bit more but lasts a LOT longer.

Currently I’m changing bikes and looking into tyres, the Battle Wing 502 looks like a pretty good choice for road orientated and I’m thinking that the Mitas E-07 might still be a really good choice for 50/50 mixed riding.

Ed DeBolt says:

Shinko 804/805 are better than the K60’s IMO. Only downside is in mud they will squirm side to side but everywhere else are great and last long plus low price

josh gardner says:

Has anyone tried the Dunlop D606 tires? Just ordered a set I’m about to try out on my DRZ400S

SAT_Ryder says:

I had the K60’s on my 07 V-Strom DL-1K and loved them. Having them put on my brand new KTM 1290 SA-T before I pick it up ! Awesome ADV tire !

Me says:

I agree. He seams arrogant and he might be but is very technical. His sense of humor is complicated but funny many times. His tone of voice and face doesn’t help him but once you watch his videos if you are open mind you will get hooked.

Mr. Meeseeks says:

I really like my Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara. They have great onroad performance as well as good offroad performance. They also have great self cleaning.

Tom Coussens says:

Any thoughts about the Pirelli Scorpion Trail II, i am mostly street orientated on a crf1000 and the standard tires aren’t all that good to say the least.

Chris Van Tassel says:

I pulled the trigger on Shinkos for my KTM 1290R.  Caused wobbles, tires itself was not true….made my 1500 mile ride sketchy the whole time.  Swapping them out for some Heidenau K60’s

Mike Parry says:

Ryan, take a look at Vee Rubber VRM-163. They’re from Thailand. Don’t be put off by their cheap price I’m told by a Versys owner who changed to VRM-163′ from Scout K60’s. Says the Vee Rubber’s are superior in all conditions. Getting a set for my CRF Rally (the little 250 Rally not the Africa Twin Rally . . . whimper.)

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