Best Adventure and Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires of 2017

Get your bike ready for your next adventure this spring. RyanF9 shares with us his favorite ADV & Dual Sport Tires of 2017!

Best Adventure and Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires of 2017 :

0:26 – Michelin Anakee 3 :

2: 09 – Shinko 705 :

2:09 – Continental TKC70 :

3:25 – Motoz Tractionator GPS :

5:17 – Shinko E805 :

6:46 – Kenda K270 :

6:46 – Shinko 244 :

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Yokolopo says:

What (trail/street) tire would you recommend for a supermoto ?


how does the E805 handle on wet pavement?

Jean-Nic BRT says:

Awesome video! Great job!

rick says:

hey ryan. i bought pr4s and for commuting they’re great. but on the weekend i run allot lets say half my kms on dirt roads. its been ok on pr4s but i was wondering what other tire you might suggest. i ride an nc 750x. you make great videos keep it up.

theroamr says:

How are the karoo 3s on pavement?

Ed Explore says:

Thank you for giving us true and meaningful review. I ride a Africa Twin and you made my choice up. Going for the Shinko 805..ASAP

P.S Revzilla is good and I rate them High on reviews and suggest them to any one and every one, but your reviews is so much more entertaining, fun to watch and I actually remember things you say, said, said and say… Haha

Don’t let the great spirit die!

Navillus2273 says:

I have a heidenau k60 rear on my ktm 1190, what would be the best option on the front, for 60/40 (road/off road). cheers

Peter Rick says:

New 2017 BMW 1200GS. Done 6000km and the Anakee 3 rear will be lucky to do 7000km. Disappointed to say the least. They do hang on on sealed surfaces wet & dry seemingly as good as any sport/touring tyre i have ever used and nearly used the front to the edges with confidence. OK on unsealed but taking it easy. Front is noisy as but with ear plugs acceptable & i thing i am used to it now and tend to tune it out. May get 10,000km from the front. Unlikely to fit again.

Paul Scesa says:

Great videos, You know your stuff! I have a 2009 KLR 650. I ride 80% on and 20% off. I need the best wet weather tires. My off road use is fire road and light sand. I don’t care about cost or mileage, I just want them to stick to the wet pavement. I have watched a ton of you tube videos and I am confused at this point. In your opinion, which is the absolute best choice for my needs? My local Kawasaki dealer says the Shinko’s are a terrible choice while a local mechanic raves about them. HELP!!

Andrew Hooson says:

I’m looking to move off the stock rubber on my Africa Twin, am I crazy for thinking about a flat tracker style tire and should just go with one of these? this year I’ll do mostly pavement with light gravel/fire road stuff

Reinis Traidās says:

Well, the K60 didn’t make it into this year’s line-up, the Tractinator GPS seems to have knocked the Heidi off the throne. The K60 tends to be a mixed bag for many people. I myself had it on the 800GSA like the one in the back of the room and was very happy. It handled well in the dry, in the wet, in the soft, anywhere really and there was no howling or vibration that many others had reported. After getting the 1200GS this year and putting them on – completely different story. Stiff, felt like riding wooden tires. Front was obnoxiously loud, howling and vibrating at pretty much any speed. After switching to TKC80, just couldn’t believe how more comfortable TKC’s felt in comparison – softer, quieter, super confidence inspiring off-road and handled almost unbelievably well on pavement too. I might try the E805’s you mention next – could be a cheaper alternative.

Rhunyen says:

Eager to see you test both the new Avon TrailRider and TrekRider tires. 😉

Amir Peled says:

have you tryed them all?

MountainGuerrilla says:

I’ve got the D606 rear MT21 front combo on my XR650L and it corners like it’s on rails both on and offroad

Spencer Wood says:

what tires are best for sand?

Pistol Pete says:

Great review, one tire to add would be the Pirelli Scorpion MT90. I run these on my 950 Adventure and 119OR.

SECoda says:

Any experience with the Avon Trail rider AV54 as an 80/20?  They are getting some dandy reviews.

SkyRideAU says:

Hey Mate! I bought my wr250r with mt21 front and d606 rear no experience with other tyres…and it is time to change… not sure if I need to switch to other tyres or buy exactly the same set up. I commute on this bike to work everyday and doing some off-road on weekends, thinking that my set up is a bit overkill? What would you suggest for light Dual Sport? Kenda 270 or Michelin t63? Just want a bit better pavement manners.

Rob Jones says:

Hey Ryan, I’m looking to get either the Heidenau Scout or the Motoz Tractionator GPS for my 2016 BME R1200GS.  What’s your pick??  Cheers, Rob

Goo Gle says:

Why no review of the Mitas E0-7?????

Bruno Silvestre says:

I’m looking for a 50/50 tire, between the Shinko E805 and the E07, what would you chose?
I have a tiger xca 800, i do a lot of road but love to make some sand trails in the weekend and i’m planing to go make a trip to Morocco for 10 days.
Cheers and keep the good work!

Federico Cerboni M says:

Motas tire ?? 50/50 ?? can you clarify the brand ?? should write on screen brand and model of tire for easy follow. Found the name MOTOZ Tractionator GPS , only rear tire, no front …so ??

Ongden Gyatso says:

Shinko Big block 804 says tube type (front) is it safe to ride without tubes.. thanks

Aaron Winter says:

Thanks! I’m heading to Fortnine to buy some Shinko 705s!

Nicoco Fran says:

Anakee Wild ?????

Brandyn M says:

Hey Ryan, I am very new to riding and am looking into getting a CRF250L as my first bike. I would like to get a set of 70/30 Street/Off-road tires what would you recommend?? could you do a video on tires for smaller dual sport bikes??

Pacemaker Transalp says:

Anakee III or II are amazing, expensive but you do get the best on dry and wet. I also went offroad with them and got mud and sand and had zero problems on my 650 Transalp, but it’s on the road where it excels, because I ride all year and specially during the rain, it’s where you know where you’re money went. For me, safety in the rain is the most important.

DutchFreezeR says:

Great video!, but what about the Pirelli scorpion trail versus the Michelin Anakee?

ImDino says:

Watching this I keep thinking holy shit this very young looking man is professional af…

Mike Thompson says:

Two years of adv. tire reviews and no motoz tractionator?  Outshines the TKC 80’s night and day.

Terry Clarke says:

Great detail, very professional easy to watch and understand.

Ruan Van der Westhuizen says:

What do you think of the MOTOZ TRACTIONATOR ADVENTURE tire as a TKC80 replacement? Looks solid!

Robert LaBonte says:

All your videos are top notch and straight forward as well as informative. I have a Vrod and Ktm 450 exc. You have helped me tremendously although I have not picked my choices yet. Leaning Michelin Scorcher as I have a 240 on rear. Ktm 450 exc looks like D606 rear and M21 front. You made awesome suggestions in all your videos. Tell me if you agree with my choices as I am in no hurry. Tomorrow will be fine, lol!!

Hamzah Malik says:

Pls do a review on Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A40.Thanks!

David Phillips says:

What do you think about the Tractionator GPS front tire handling? 1290 SA R

Stray15 says:

Hey Ryan, love your reviews. We are importing Motoz Tyres into South Africa after seeing all the good reviews. Would love to see your comments on the Tractionator Adventure, Desert and Enduro. Have you covered them in any of your videos?

streetmoney cowboy says:

so for my 525 exc city but trails also and yes some mud I’m in all ga which trails i
consist of mud wet grass alot of the wet grass and wet pavement and mud so tractionator adventure? gps? desert any of these any good?

matt brady says:

I just purchased the Motoz for my 14 V Strom and now have a weave at 80. Any thoughts?

Dulf Nordensvärd says:

What about the Trail Attack 2 ? The OEM rubber on the 1190

Peter says:

Great reviews Ryan, thanks! Greetings from Norway! I’m building a brat this winter based on a 77 cb400f. It will never see offroad but considering the Shinko 705 in stock size based on good reviews and agressive look. How can I expect my bike to handle in dry/wet road use? I hear these tyres can fall a bit into turns…or will these things not be an issue given that the bike isn’t exactly a knee-scraper? Pete

Hammer Head says:

Nice video. Thanks for the upload, dude.

Personally I’m a big fan of the Pirelli Scorpion MT 90A/T… I’ve been using these tyres for a while on small capacity dual purpose motorcycles.

I’d say that’s about 80/20 or 70/30 Road/Offroad orientated. Great grip on the asphalt (even in the wet) and on rocky terrain. Not good in the mud, grass and sand though… It can lean to crazy angles in the corners on the asphalt and still has a great longevity.

Plus the ride is smooth without any vibrations.

matthew schmidt says:

Would the motorz tractionator gps work well on a Honda XR650L? I’m hoping to have a nice tire for road plus off road that will handle well… Or do you think it’s a bit to big for a 650?

mountaineer says:

What’s your opinion on the best enduro tires for street use on lighter bikes such as a WR450? Do you think the ones in your review are on the heavier side for a 450?

Captndarty says:

Regarding the Motoz GPS rear, When switching to the “mostly off-road” orientation for the tire what is the contrast between what looks like a minimal straight line traction gain versus on road performance degradation?

Paul Scesa says:

Great video! I have a KLR650. I don’t care about cost or mileage. I ride 80% road, 20% off road, mostly fire road, gravel or some sand. I want the best tire for traction in rain, wet pavement. The best!

Lars Krogsgaard says:

Hi Ryan! Great video’s – really helpful information! I’m pretty much binge-watching them all at the moment 🙂

I just want to hear if you’ve ever tested the Mitas E-09? I can’t seem to find anything about them on your channel. I’m a new motorcyklist and just bought an old 750 Super Tenere. And let’s be honest – i live in the city, so off roading is not gonna be as much as i intend. But it’s gonna be some trails in the weekend, and a couple of week-long trips to the gravel roads in Sweden.

I’ve already bin a bit off road on the road tires, and when the trail got a little muddy i just laid the bike on the side immediately. I ran out of talent as much as tyres 😉 But i living in the city, and i’m also going to do a lot of normal road use. So you might say i need a 40/60 tyre, but for me the off road capabilities are a bit more important, as i’m so new to it, and want to be as secure as i can in the terrain. I guess most of the tyres are okay at the road. And i do not have either talent or balls to really lean down to the foot pegs on the road anyway. And also, i really like the knobby look of the off road tires. So i think i’m gonna stick to the more offroad oriented tyres.

So the obvious choise was the TKC80, as many has recomended me. But you don’t recommend it, although mostly out of economical reasons and not the drive it self, is that right? The Shinko 805 seems like the right choise, but i can’t buy them in Denmark, where i live. Many also recommend the Mitas E-09, instead. They are way cheaper than the TKC80’s and they look really good!! But i’ve heard some say, that the wet tarmac perfomance is not really good, but the off road skills should be excellent, and the tyre ware should be less than the TKC80’s. I’m a bit worried about the wet tarmac issues on both the TKC80’s and the Mitas E-09. As said before – i’m pretty new to this, so i drive more carefully in the wet, and avoid leaning much. But i still don’t like any surprise when going round the corners, that i can’t handle.

Have you tried the Mitas E-09? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

/ Lars

Nathan Moseley says:

Ryan, these are the best, most informative videos I have seen. Keep it up! Now take my money!

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