Beginners Guide to Motorcycle Gear!!

Hey everyone. I want to talk to you about the 5 pieces of motorcycle gear you need and why it’s important to wear it. I’ll be offering suggestions and my own opinion. If you would like to learn more about motorcycles and safety, click that subscribe button!!!

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My 10 Beginner Motorcycle Rider Tips!

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Garrett Winkler says:

Jeans are denim!!!!

G Coy says:

Lost me at full face

David Goldfeld says:

I once flew off my bicycle after being hit by a car in a park and landed on my feet so umm ninja and i got 12000 in a lawsuit even though i wasnt hurt 😛 but wear gear granted i was going like 20 mph not 150

O O F says:

i live in dubai and it is really hot in here , any recommendations for a beginner?

DanDanTheFireman says:

Check out my favorite gear here!

ken Bullock says:

Good talk… Thanks… Ken…

Carlos Gonzalez says:

What is that bike on thumbnail

TheJumpinJr says:

Could standard western (cowboy) boots work for foot protection?

Kev Dog says:

I’ll eat yo ass dandan

Morbjørn says:

Please come to MDamd teach me to ride! My grandad left me a 67 Honda Dream. Idk how to ride. I need help lol

Joel Nguyen says:

Great video! I just started riding and I couldn’t imagine commuting without any gear

Donovan Duwyenie Sr. says:

Hi DDTF. I like your videos, full of helpful information. Can you tell me where the mountain trail you are riding in this clip? Thanks

TheLovemusicguy says:

Does the drone just follow u like that?

Cliff Lee says:

What bike is that in the thumbnail?

DraccoKnightblade says:

I have a question for you in regards to motorcycle jeans/pants in general. What can you do as a rider if you cannot find a manufacturer that makes pants in your size? Literally I’ve gone to about a dozen or more motorcycle gear manufacturers via phone calls and given my measurements (6’4″ 310lbs) and none of them can ever provide anything. Now, that being said. Would full motorcycle chaps be a good viable option? Or would you suggest getting custom leather pants instead? Even textile pants do not come in my size! Sucks being a big rider…lol.

cheezyridr says:

i rode 8-10 months of the year, for ages. rarely wore a helmet, or any other gear, for that matter. never had an accident, but a few close calls. f.f 11 yrs . now that i am single again, a bike is high on my priority list . i plan to buy in spring. but this week i began collecting the gear. i will be an all the gear, all the time rider. i look back on my no gear days, and cringe at my foolishness.

RidingRoman says:

The brain is important! ☝️

shane hagarty says:

You aren’t ‘Do it with Dan’, are you?
Fuck that wank.

The Top - Banana! says:

dude Dan thanks a lot, you really helped me with this.

Auttie B says:

Do not buy a Harley Davidson jacket, it offers very little protection on the elbows, shoulders and back, most their kit is shit for most accidents. Good show and advice

OverKnight 52 says:

Not the law here in illinois… but ive seen enough facebook post of faces being torn apart and shreaded and spread all over the back of cars… still not scared of riding… i still want to ride. Thanks dan

deadlyassassin240 says:

I like the fact that you have experience with what happens when people don’t wear gear and incorporate those examples into the video. To many people have to learn the heard way what happens when you don’t wear gear and for some they only get one chance. All gear all the time!!!! I could afford to buy a bike right now but I don’t quite have enough for good gear so I just haven’t bought it till I have the funds for both. Cuzz I know I’m gonna want to ride.

Wilfredo Acevedo Franco says:

Amazing shots, what Harley do you have?

Oklahoma Hank says:

On gloves I think a hard part at the base of the hand is really important. If you know anyone who broke their scaphoid bone, it takes forever to heal, and that is where you are likely to hit if you are trying to break your fall with your hand. Almost all racing gauntlets have this. The old SGS had great ones.

Jake Osborne says:

Thank you for the advice I’m getting a motorcycle and this information has helped a lot..

I help anytime says:

0:22 – 0:28 so… not saying some dank jokes? C’mon, it’s 2017 and it’s the internet.

Munzir Rafik says:

By watching this you probably gonna lose some tissues bone flesh kidney blood face some legs chicken wing girfriend and your dick .

Jamie Miranda says:

What’s the jacket in the thumbnail called?

Prince Blake says:

Those boots… damn they look sick

Thomas Wayne says:

I live here in Quebec,Canada, and we have a lot of strict rule regarding motorcycle, of course we are only allowed to ride motorcycle for around 6-7 month sometimes less if conditions let us ride, but a lot of people wont spent 1500 to 2000$ on gear, for a few month of riding, yes its quite expensive to have a full gear, helmets range anywhere between 100 to 800$, jackets 250$ and up, shoes or boots 200$ and up,gloves usually 75$ and up and then the pair of pants well 150 and up$ and lets face it, if you ride your motorcycle on a daily basis you probably gonna need to buy 2-3 pair of pants, because then if you only have one, those pants are gonna smell the butcrack! lol, soo yea that adds up quite a lot, so most people just buy the helmet and gloves. I wished they could make the gear a little bit more cheaper and accesssible soooo all drivers can buy them and wear them. Also im planning on buying my another motorcycle for next summer, a harley iron883, so new helmet,(half face with jaw cover) a cavvliar long sleeve shirt from Harley davidson with the biker jacket,(both items usually around 300 to 400$CD, the pair of jeans max 2 and new boots and new pair of gloves, i know its going to cost me around 1500$ CDN to just buy new gear, but my safety is going to be worth it, and im gonna ride in style too,!! for now i use my old military boots, my hiking jacket, a helmet and a pair of gloves from my motocross gear, yes its not the optimum build, but im riding a 125cc honda cbr, and i ride pretty safe, never try to go above 60-70 km/h per hour where its permitted or above 50km/h in the city, i dont care if cars behind me are in a hurry they gonna have to slow down or i yield right to let them pass and see them two minutes later get pull over for speeding, yes where i live, theres a cop almost at every corner soo you have to be very carefull hahah.

Kirxas says:

My dad always tells me that protections are for pussys, that if i don’t want to get hurt just don’t crash, i told him about that i can pulverize my bones and road rash but still doesnt listen and his excuse is anyone wears protections. So i told him to take the safety belts and airbags off his car because they were for pussys, still didnt want to get my point…

What can I do to make him let me use protection?
(Sorry for my bad english)

marco antonio gutierez rosales says:

Arizona seems very boring to live but amazing to ride a motorcycle! Nice video.

Touch of Gray says:

With all that gear you might as well drive a car! You none of the freedom of a bike and none of the protection of a car.
Also you must only ride in winter in Arizona, a full face helmet, gloves, and jacket, I’m surprised you haven’t died of heat stroke yet!

HellishGrin460 says:

I bumped a curb while pulling of the road at 5mph, and I hit the ground with enough force to make a deep quarter sized hole in my ankle with a pretty nasty scrape on my elbow (didn’t have a jacket or boots yet as I had just bought the bike and was on a college student budget). If I hadn’t been wearing gloves, I’d probably would have lost the skin on the bottom half of my palm. The glove was pretty beat up.

Paul Gianni says:

5:05 “Don’t be a squid.” I haven’t heard anybody called that since hearing fellow Marines calling sailors that. Regardless, thank you from a new subscriber for the highly informative video and gear links.

Monica Reves says:

Would you be able to wear jeans if you are also wearing biking chaps or should you still want to add the biker jeans to the list of protection even with the chaps?

Tyler Seeya says:

Check out these pants that I just purchased!

Mikey Salvo says:

Them boots bro! Love ‘em.

Shamus Smith says:

What is the bike in the thumb nail

labeeb _ says:

What bike is in the click bait I don’t know what it’s called

Mazipan says:

Very informative. Thanks 🙂

smooze419 says:

Come to get ideas for gear, decide to buy a truck instead. So much for having a motorcycle.

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