Bad Metzeler Roadtec 01 Tire

Thank you all for the suggestions and help! It was a bad Metzeler Roadtec 01 rear tire! Like I said I’m glad to get rid of these crappy tires anyway. They have poor performance feel and the wear is horrendous. Look how flat they are after just 1000 miles! Time for some Roadsmart III tires to go on.

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Christian Seithe says:

Metzler Roadtec 01is very very good for what it made for ! I completly don‘t understood ! Check your bike !

MikesFJRCorner says:

Oops, I just realized you fixed it. Got the roadsmarts myself. Congrats on the fix…

Ryan Knoll says:

Would love to see a review video of the Road 5’s when you get them fitted to the FZ.

Marshall 3498 says:

Great friend to have and what aftermarket seat does he have?and is his exhaust loud without being overbearing?

Stephen Romano says:

That’s so great you’ve narrowed it down to a rear tire issue, both from a $ and time standpoint. Great work troubleshooting this! Also, what a great lesson for all of us to learn how to perform basic troubleshooting by a methodical process of elimination vs having a dealer do it. Looking forward to hearing updates around the new rear tire. Thanks for sharing!

Frank Malone says:

Cool glad worked out. Good feed back

stephen spiteri says:

Glad you found the problem mate

MikesFJRCorner says:

Something else to think about is the engine balancers lash adjustments. Front balancer is 1 line and back balancer is 2 lines. my gen1 was out of spec which created a harmonic vibration at 4k and above that the tbs did not fix. Also make sure you don’t have a bad plug. Sometimes a bad plug may only show up under certain load conditions.

xuijing says:

I’m not sure what you are doing to your tires, but I love my roadtec 01’s! I’ve had them for 5000km now, no flat spots, no vibrations, great grip and feel, even when its raining and when its freezing outside. I have them on my 2016 MT-09 for the autum/winter season.

shawn benfield says:

michelin commander 2 tires are the best tire and get good mileage around 15k miles or so with heavy highway use

dennqus1 says:

Wheel out of balance will show up at 33, 66, and 99mph.

Matthew M says:

Glad you got it sorted out. Please give an update on tire balance if you take it in, just curious.

mrvwbug44 says:

Never been fond of Metzlers, they usually don’t last long. I am currently running PR4s and absolutely love them.

Bama Backroads says:

When I was in high school my auto mechanics teacher taught me a valuable lesson. We had to diagnose a car that wouldn’t start. Long story short we were ready to replace the motor because we thought we had checked everything. He walked over, pulled off the coil wire, and removed a piece of electrical tape he’d put on the contact, put the wire back in the cap and fired it up. Always eliminate the easy/obvious stuff first. That’s awesome that you had a buddy with the same bike that let you do just that.

Da A says:

The fact it’s not freewheeling leads me to believe it’s a rear wheel thing. Just from the armchair I’d think either tire or wheel balance or a combo of both, or rear wheel bearings since they can be damaged in a few ways taking the wheel off or putting it back. Perhaps the rear wheel just wasn’t torqued down as tight as it should be something simple like that, also I have heard stories of tires being rough until worn in a bit. Hopefully it’s nothing serious and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Tony Trevino says:

I work in a tire factory what you had was a ply splice out of spec prob too thick. A wide splice will make a tire hard in one spot if you over inflate the tire you may see it. It should have been found in the test at the factory. it dose happened that a tire gets thu and sent out. if you still have it a fast way to check the tire is too look on the inside of the tire. You will see around three thicker bends in the tire that go from bead to bead just measure them they should be 5 mm to 13mm if anything over that then you know it was a ply splice. You may get a replacement tire for free.

Marshall 3498 says:

Ok thank you

Yeah buddy says:

Just how good are the road smart 3 ??? Grip

Dan Engels says:

I see your wheels are open and hollow. during winter period a mouse can hide there. And died. That may be the cause of the unbalance. A dead mouse.

Agent J says:

It is the tire, I had this with Michelin tires on a Acura MDX you could not detect the issue with regular balancing. It was detected with special machine and all five tires were replaced by Michelin. They told me that the whole batch would be compromised but may not show up as an issue on some North American SUVs. Good luck. … …………it can occur with any tire manufacturers. Road Force Balancing will show it up

Michael Zar says:

Good deal . Glad you figured it out and it was something simple. I have vibration issue in my cat. Three trips to the dealer and almost $2000 later it is still there….;-(

philthunder says:

Could this be the real problem? Germans have had similar problems.
Since 2015 Pirelli Metzeler came under Chinese ownership.
THE iconic Italian Pirelli tire brand and its German Metzeler specialist motorcycle tire subsidiary are being purchased in a complex 8 billion dollar deal by the giant China National Chemical Corp (ChemChina).

Cameron Lisk says:

Hey, I’m in the market for new tires. I’m at around 3200 miles on the stock FZ tires and they are started to square off rather hardcore lol. Are you liking the roadtec 01s? Debating those and a few others. I want a tire that will last long as I dont do track days. One thing to note tho, I also dont ride in the ride often if ever.

Joe Glenn says:

Put the rear wheel tire on a balance. Give the wheel a spin and slowly move a marker (chalk would work well) toward the centerline to see if it’s out of round. Since it doesn’t show up until 90 MPH, it might not show up on the balance.

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