Avon RoadRider Motorcycle Tire Review – Royal Enfield Bullet

I put an Avon RoadRider motorcycle tire on the back wheel of my Royal Enfield Bullet 500, and it transformed the way the motorcycle handles. The stock Avon tire has square edges and gets squirrely in the corners, but the new round Avon RoadRider 100/90 – 19 tire makes it corner a lot better. I highly recommend buying a RoadRider tyre if you need a new back tire on your Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycle. I hope this motorcycle tire review helps.


Joop Gord says:

That stock tyre looks dangerous

DobermansRock says:

Ride hard ride safe Brother.

Boabiegringo says:

I Have the same on my MG Breva 750. 110 & 130. They are good tyres alright but ya have to take it fairly easy in the wet.. (pretty much all the time in the west of Ireland!) Diesel spills, rain blah blah the usual annoyances. Although can sometimes add to a ride can get a bit tedious when constant. Specially with Gale force ‘breezes’ & ‘showers’ of rain.
Oh for a sunny day Begad.

bangalorebobbel says:

tnx for the recommendation – did You try this tyre already during rains?

FlowHowler says:

Totally agree, i’ve got my old stock tires changed after i’ve made a crash on a wet road…with the road riders it was like having glue under the motorcycle when cornering.
Only problem is that they do not looks like so “classic”…the rear tire is ok…the fron tire looks too “small” compared to the mk speedmaster’s stock.

Do you think if i use an mk ribs on front and roadrider on rear it will change a lot while cornering and “high speed”?

spidiq8 says:

I ran my old Z650 (KZ to you guys), on the roadriders, front and rear, they were excellent on that, wet or dry, (Scotland), like Ireland, mainly wet & cold. Had one on the front of my ZXR, (still do as it happens), works very well. Only problem was the one fitted to the BMW K11 I had with the hairline cracks, (mentioned in your other video), glad yours is holding up well, the ones on the Z were great, lasted an age and handled well.

immortaljatt05 says:

does anyone know if you can install a 6th gear on the bullet 500cc?

Vaughn JD says:

What is the overall height of this tire? That is to say from the pavement to the top of the rubber? Im trying to figure out what I can get away with and yours tuck nicely

wade parsons says:

I ride a zzr250 and decided to change the tires at 20k km’s(5k over normal).Factory tires were Dunlops and were very square and squirrly in the corners.These tires change the handling completely and very happy with the performance.

bangalorebobbel says:

ok, that sounds good … here it is sometimes difficult to avoid driving in the rain – especially in monsoon … 😉
And of course, if You have a Harley for rains, use that one … LOL

Glasgowing says:

Yup fair comment, the specific tyre is recommended by Avon for my bike. I’ve only done 2runs on it, each about 250 miles. The rest of the time the bike has been on centre stand with back wheel off the ground. I like the feel and handling of the tyre and would recommend but at the moment, not for a goldwing

notwocdivad says:

Hi Hoobs, Don’t know if you have done this but if you look underneath where the main stand rests in the UP position it will probably have a thick rubber bump stop. You can remove that and glue a thin rubber in it’s place. That allows the stand to lift higher up to the frame and keeps it out the way a bit better and gives better ground clearance so you can corner on the sidewalls. He He He. Dave Northumberland UK

MCTeck says:

I have been running front /rear Avon Road Riders for 2 yrs on my Suzuli Dr 650. I got 8k on the first rear,and I run at 85+ all the time . I am still on the Avon RR 21″ front [13k and 60% tread Left! ] They grip like radials, and takes a long time to “Square” the rear. I am turning the Dr back into a dirt bike [Dunlop 606’s , and gearing change soon. ] Just picked up a 2001 Triumph 955I Sprint ST for $2,200 Real clean with only 27k miles.

mukans says:

driving slow bike fast… couldn’t say better 🙂 i do the same, but it seems like i need to change my rear tire too, its pretty square, almoust like your original tire 🙂

MechRider89 says:

I’m looking for a set of these for my kawasaki s1, hearing a lot of good things about these tires.

DobermansRock says:

I ditched the stock tires on my Harley and went with Avon Venom-X. It was night and day. I have run Avon’s now for 12 years and I won’t even consider another tire.

phishst1cks says:

looks similar to the metzeler marathon,gotta be a big improvement over the old tire..nice looking bike

Glasgowing says:

Hi I fitted Avon Roadriders to my 1981 Honda Goldwing. Rides and handles really well and impressive in all weathers. Back tyre is 130/90-17, front tyre 110/90-19, but i’m now on my 2nd back tyre and soon to be 3rd. 1st two only covered 500 miles each before showing cracks round the sidewalls. search youtube for “Avon Roadrider 130/90/17 Motorcycle tyre sidewall cracks” . Front tyre is still in perfect condition. Sorry but I’m off to Bridgestones now, no more Roadriders i’m afraid.

Bimal Haas says:

Hi +hoohoohoblin 
I have classic 500 with 110 / 90 x 18 stock tyre, If i need to change to 120 / 80 x18 size what are the things I need to take care of? Please help me with ur knowledge of Bullet.


Rick Buitendijk says:

My Desert Storm 500cc (euro spec) comes standard with these tires. 90/90-19 front and 110/80-18 in the rear. They are not bad at all.

Jim G says:

Why buy an old school, kick start only, slow time machine and try and turn it into something it was never meant to be. That tire looks out of place on your Bullet. In your initial video review of the Iron barrel Bullet you mention it’s not a performance machine and that’s kinda what you liked about it. Have you changed your perception of this type of machine?

hekaga says:

how about replacing this tyre on front rim?

Mustafa Sutarwala says:

nice video, but just noticed, the last video, where you were changing the rear tyre, under the description, you had the tyre configuration as 110/90-19… 🙂 hope you can get that changed.

jamie Brown says:

Hi do you know that you have fitted the tyre the wrong way round this tyre is rotational, I have this tyre it’s great

Mr Rose says:

Hello! The rear is 110/90-19, is the front the same on this bike?

Arindam Chakraborty says:

Royal Enfield default rim is WM2 but Avon RoadRider recommended rim size for 100/90-19 is WM3 did you change your rear rim ?

DobermansRock says:

On a bike its not how long they last. Its how good they perform and do their job.

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