Ask Dave: Tire Pressure
Incorrect tire pressure is easily 50% of all tire woes. The faster you ride (street or track) the more important it becomes. Dave will explain.


REVHE4D says:

Man these Vids are like crack I am addicted, Dave is very engaging and knows his stuff.

cachidril says:

Hi Dave, I am 160lbs and I ride a KTM RC390 with stock metzeller tyres, I set 28/28 psi for the track, do you think it is wrong?

jack black says:

dave I just have a R3. I put diablo rosso II’s on it 110 and 140 on the rear. the dealership put 28 psi in both. and I found they were really squishy. and the rear crown got flat really quickly which suggest too lower pressure.

I put 36 in the rear (stock for my bike’s michelin pilot street tyres) and 30psi front. is that alright?

MotoBoy says:

Just wanted to add that how much pressure rise you’ll get depends on the amount of moisture in your tire. Always a good idea to purge your compressor of water to avoid this! The pro’s also use nitrogen, which doesn’t change as drastically with respect to temperature!

That guy Chris says:

Why does the pressure rise another 2 psi off the warmers, if the warmers get the tire up to 80C and the running temp is supposed to be around 80C?

Brad Frey says:

FAst is me 🙂

D man says:

@dave moss tuning , so i just bought recently dunlop q3+ for my bike . i want to run a lower psi on the street for grip, as of now no track just street. i want to run cold34f 33r or cold33f 32r. once warm the first one will be 36/37f 35/36r or 35/36f 34/35r. good idea for hard street? the idea of a higher pressure gives me the woes

BTrain5489 says:

What temperature range should we be looking for using a pyrometer and measuring hot off the track? What about a surface temperature range if we’re using an infrared thermometer?

Dj Rich Saracino says:

Old post I know, but running bran new or about 200 miles on them now PP3’s on a 2013 ninja 636, 158 pounds and have been running 28/30 seems to be the sweet spot or am I doing it wrong. This is cold temp at start and weather is around 78 degrees no track twisties and street riding only. Thanks if you or anyone sees this.

Erwin Beuter says:

Good video! May i ask something in addition: is this PSI gain rule valid for, on one hand, different tire size (e.g. font as well as rear or rear 200/60 as well as rear 190/55 size), and, on the other hand, valid for different brands, e.g. Bridgestone Slick as well as Pirelli Slick?

Enrique Garcia says:

Hi dave i have a ducati evo 848 2013, when a go to ride i feel it very hard it has bridgestone rs10 rear 28 psi front 28 psi. My question is are they ok with that pressure?

HSJ says:

When I went to a track day my Dunlop q3s were at 30/30 and by the end of session 2 it was at 36/38

Emanuele Parodi says:

Hi Dave, thanks for the video. I still would like to make a point clear. For the same tyre, same rider, same bike, same suspension setting and track, how would you change the pressure with cold and warm weather? (Same compound) and how if it is cold and you have only a too soft compound available? Thanks

J Gomes says:

does anyone know how to calculate the pressure needed in the tire according with the rider weight? my tires were clean before and now i had a track day and they look terrible i think i was running too low in the pressure i weight 150 pounds and i think i had 25psi hot in the rear and 28 in the front. if that helps. thank u in advance if u can answer.

Malik Reynolds says:

Love your videos, learning so much. Even learned how to describe what I’m feeling/the bikes feedback. I have noticed you spend most of your time with track settings, I would love to hear your input on street applications, as most of us spend most our time there. Reading tires, suspension set up for canyons vs commuting, Tyre overview, etc.

Alamgir Sultan says:

Anyone can tell me I have 1000cc RR …have broke it’s main frame
How it can be recovered????

s14slide says:

fix your Android app so I can but the real user content

MaMamsYo says:

Hi Dave. Just out of interest do you work with supermoto bikes? Would you be able to review tyre wear patters and types of riding.

Brian Roagers says:

Again very helpful thanks Dave!

Richy Dresher says:

Another great one Dave! Ironically I was checking tire pressure at the time of this posting! Seriously!!! Perfect timing!

Ken2t An says:

Thanks for the info. I have a follow up question.
I have a 125cc scooter and i weigh 82kg and always with a 50-70kg passenger, what should be my recommended tire pressures?

1socalshocker says:

This Guy is Great! He is passing the torch to us in terms of hard earned knowledge. Not many people do this. Thank You Dave!

mugget says:

Is it worth using a tyre pressure monitoring system? Or aren’t these accurate enough? I noticed that one model I looked at listed a variance of +/- 1.5psi…

The Sickening says:

Dave, is the +4 off the warmers plus an additional +2 off the track the rule of thumb for basically every tire and every track? If so, is that regardless of all outside forces like track temp, wind, sun vs clouds, etc?

And if so, is it the same for rain tires?


Ammar Khan says:

I have a query I used to shift to one gear up while slowing down I close the throttle then shift up then pick the gear I am on before does it really make the transition smoth

Mark Newton says:

Dave is absolutely king when it comes to suspension setup

Banshee2Raptor says:

Dave Moss is the Boss.. love your videos and tips, I use them all the time when setting up and working with my 07 R6..

Alamgir Sultan says:

Sir thank you so much ….I will send you the pics, but, most of the friends have told me that it cannot be repaired …

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