Airhawk Comfort Seating System Review MotorBike Adventures Of Britain

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Airhawk Comfort Seating System Review MotorBike Adventures Of Britain


fdyjt says:

so if i go search for a water resque ballon for kids it should work also?? because its air also 😀

Dixie Thedog says:

Thank you for a great review and for a link to a local supplier. Ive never seen an Airhawk in person,so a trip to Team Valley is called for!
I currently ride a Busa with hard luggage which after few mile’s can be a pain in the bottom area. lol. I had thought about gel but fancy trying an Airhawk to see if it solves my problem’s.
I recall a trip from Newcastle to Oban (Scotland)where I almost had to be lifted of my bike due to the pain and discomfort I was in. Never again I hope!!

Pao Reno says:

it might be good but £100plus for small inflatable is a bit nutzzz and way out of my budget

Dave Brown says:

Once again we cross paths, I was just looking for Airhawk seats and came across your review. I have contacted  Hermod and mentioned your name as the referral.
Great review, thanks.

Masonman says:

Love this guy!

FIGJAM says:

does it not come with a strap to secure it?

Pragmatic Tornado says:

Ordered one of these today. The seat on my bike is absolutely horrendous. After 40-45 mins my ass is destroyed, basically. I really hope this helps, as I’m taking a 1500+ mile trip this summer.. There are no custom seats being produced for my bike anymore (Kawasaki Vulcan 750), so this is my only option unless I am super lucky and find a used Mustang or Corbin seat.

Father Dougal McGuire says:

been using a ‘mates blow up doll for a few weeks now, get some strange looks but shes very comfortable

Hedge hog says:

From milton keynes up home to carlisle and back again on the same day turned my arse into seasoned teak.And that was on a vfr.I need one of these.

Ronan Rogers says:

I prefer a really good gel that’s part of the actual seat because I don’t like (a) the added height, and (b) the slight movement you get from the air hawk sliding a little

suzie johnson says:

Needed one of these this past weekend. My husband and I did an 8 hr ride one way to a getaway and my arse was canning!!!! On the way home We must’ve stopped every 40 mins or so because I was screaming into my helmet to pull the (expletives) bike over or I was just going to jump off at 100 clicks an hour. Death by gravel, bitumen, railings etc was looking good compared to the burning in my legs and arse!!!! Anyway, tanka for the review….I’m going to order mine now….cheers big ears!

Oklahoma Hank says:

No need to take the rubber part out to inflate it, or to take the whole thing off the bike.

Steve Black says:

Which air hawk pad is it?

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