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The shoes you choose to mount on your adventure motorcycle’s wheels makes a big difference in the way your bike handles on all kinds of roads and trails. Bret Tkacs explains how you can decide which motorcycle tire is right for you.

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All roads lead to

Produced, shot and edited by Tim Tyler at Inventive Pictures
Music composed and recorded by Matt Jorgensen


Scott Lane says:

I will be riding from the continental US mid-west up to Alaska this summer (12K miles) – going through the Yukon and up to Prudhoe bay and back. I’m not going to be in dirt very much at all, but on a LOT of their gravel roads. What tire would you recommend for a first time adventure rider on my ’12 V-Strom DL650?

Mr Black says:

Would have been awesome if you’d list the tires you show in the video in it’s description.

Leejan D'souza says:

Very informative ..!!

Sheen Hunter says:

You’re killin’ it! This is fantastic.

Kevin Goess says:

I’ve deem ADV riding for a year and this is by far the best tire summary I’ve ever seen. Am a little impatient with Youtube for not having shown me your channel earlier!

Jinaa Yah Bandiya says:

Veeery good. Veeery useful. Thank you.

Marco Marques says:

that intro made me want to punch you in the face like really bad. Sorry not sorry.

Montana White says:

I thought Dunlop d606 was most aggressive dot tire

Paolo Concina says:

Hello Bret here is a question for you, I own a super tenere 1200 which weighs 260Kg, i have just bought a set of Metzeler Karoo streets the load rating is 325Kg if I fit all 3 Kappa panniers and myself with out the wife ,its all ready way over that limit or can you please explain regards Paolo

Sulos says:

Using the Karoo 3 now for 4-5 years for snow ride, love it.

LookattheBiggerPic says:

I did around 7,000 miles over most of the western US this summer, only about 500 miles of that off-road on a pair of Shinko 804/805, riding my R1200GS Very fully loaded. I chose these because I had planned some VERY demanding off-road portions of the ride and felt based on many comments out there that the 804/805 combination would be good enough for road work and a real asset in the off-road – this turned out to be the case and the perfect choice. Considering my nearly 600lb GS + 230lb me + 70lb of luggage, say 900lbs on the 804/805 combo, both pressured to 32/30psi respectively – I, simply put, had the best most comfortable ADV ride I’ve ever had! Road noise initially was surprisingly good (subtle but pleasant), handling was Very surprisingly good at speed with tires giving lots of indication when they were at adhesion limits in high-speed corners… The rubber compound once warm was quite sticky, performed reasonably well in Very intense rain (3hrs of torrential rain at 80+ mph thru Wyoming). Off road was marvelous with only the slightest extra drift sideways, accelerating thru corners but very acceptable and easy to handle. My only real complaints were speed rating of only 99mph which I occasionally exceeded while passing a grumpy senior citizen out in the middle of nowhere who was determined not to let me pass – I clicked 110mph and did pass, keeping speed high till he was a 1000 meters behind… People can be so funny sometimes… Felt a little nervous once I exceeded 100, briefly imagining my entrails dangling from the speed limit sign down the way… Yikes! The other annoyance with these came when the front had worn enough to cup pretty bad, by then progressively causing more and more uncomfortable noise and vibration until I simply could NOT take it anymore – stopped over in Spokane, WA and got the front replaced (still with about 30% or it’s life left) with a Shinko 705 (all they happened to have that day in my GS size)… Overall I’d have to say without reservation that the 804/805 is the Best value in a more off-road oriented ADV tire! I might also add that I installed “Ride-On” sealent in both tires to Ride-On spec for off-road use. This produced superb smoothness and produced a little extra insurance against a puncture ruining my fast ride sections – highly recommend this addition to my fellow ADV riders! (I did also have a professional grade tire plug kit and electric pump with me at all times, tucked in nicely right next to my first aid kit with additional field triage kit since I rode the entire nearly 8,000 miles solo, much of it outside of cell range and some of it without GPS signal)…

PaulXT1200Z says:

I run K60s. IMO weight of the big adv bike makes up in some ways for lack of knobs off road riding straight.Important thing to me on dirt are side knobs for cornering. That’s talking about dry stuff not greasy mud.

Aly Sutton says:

Hey! I recognized that place right off the bat! Love that shop. RIP Renee

Walter Wilkins says:

Michelin Pilot 4 Trail – excellent for 90/10 riding . . . an amazing tire. For some “adventure” bikes a Pilot 4 Trail front and a Pilot 4 GT rear will work – but off pavement isn’t what they’re designed to do.

Jeff Potts says:

Great video. I’ve recently subscribed to your channel and it’s found your videos quite useful and entertaining.

I was originally looking very hard at getting the Karoo 3 but after some research ran across the Avon Trekriders. The karoos looked a little more aggressive than what I was wanting and the Trekrders follow the same vein of design but leans a little more towards the tarmac. I’ve been thoroughly pleased with the Trekriders on hard surfaces and surprised at how well they perform on dirt roads and some of the softer singletrack type terrain. They are newer to Market and you don’t hear too much about them. Though being marketed as 50/50 tires are probably closer to 70/30 but for my riding purposes they work really well.

Douglas Cassetty says:

Great job of putting out the good info.

Sachin Wadhwani says:

This is a great video thanks! Wish I’d seen it before I changed my tyres. I don’t understand why Revzilla and Fort9 says Karoo 3 are 70/30. I ordered them and when I received them I knew right away damn! Too aggressive for my riding. But I’m using them anyways and they are nice only a bit hard initially and bike feels heavy at low speeds – could it be a tyre pressure issue? Any tips on tyre pressure for Karoo 3 on a Honda Africa Twin?

MotoBoy says:

I feel like this was a little all over the place

narkeeso says:

Bret, love your videos! Would love to see a video for changing tires on the field!

acid cold says:

You’re the Man!
Nice head, by the way.

Tracey Ward says:

I just bought a 2013 Suzuki V-Strom 650 and it came with Michelin Anakee 3 tires. There is only 6000 km’s on that but I’m looking for a tires that can do a bit more off road then those. My boyfriend has a KLR 650 with the K60 Scout tires, would that be a good choice for the V-Strom? Thanks.

Rider Mark says:

Perfect explaining!

Tim’s world of riding says:

So the third tire is a shinko? He never says the name. Looks like the one on mine

SatansSpatula says:

At 1:02, it’s especially annoying when people pronounce especially, “eckspecially”.

mungo75 says:

I would love to know you guys think of the new Pirelli Rally STR?

Prt Eng says:

Best ADV oriented tire explainer video i have yet seen on YouTube. Good thoughts on riding style, wear etc etc.

Human Shell says:

This is a great channel. Underrated

Evandre Molina says:

Great video..  do you have any videos about motorcycle boots or reviews on your channel??
Pura Vida


Nice video I just came across your channel . I’m new to the Dual Sport world. I road off road all my life .With a back injury no longer competition. My wife said you need to ride so I chose a Xr650l set up really nice . I wondered what those charging wires were on my XR you answered my question.Racing off road and ISDE is a little different than packing tents and tools. Dual Sporting is A new world that I am quickly falling in love with. Thanks for the info. God Bless “””RIDE ON”””


After extensive research, chemical analysis and a few shamanic rituals, I ended up choosing the Shinko 805:804

Sam D'Cruz says:

U left out the best adventure offroad oriented tire : dunlop d606 (rear only). And the all round best adventure tire which sticks to.the pavement like glue (better even than less aggressive tread tires) and works very decent offroad also : continental tkc80

Edwin Gonzalez says:

You’re really straight to the point in the videos ive seen no fluff great advice thanks keep it up

JP Geoffroy says:

Hi Bret, any chance you can explain or give recommendations about when is safe to exchange your tires? I have different opinions with friends about when is the right time to get new tires!

Paolo Concina says:

Hi Bret
Can you recommend an all round Tyre for a Yamaha super tenere that carry’s heavy loads e.g large panniers and wife , an 80/20 or 70/30 Tyre I have the Mitas EO7 awesome Tyre and have 10000km on them ,they are just a bit to noisy on the road

Ronan Rogers says:

Nice jacket, and the contrasting cap looks good too.

I’m a little disappointed in my K60 Scouts because of the centre line being unbroken. Otherwise they’re a great tire, but they don’t give enough grip in wet off-road environments. I might try Mitas next, or maybe Shinko

Robert Polkamp says:

Dunlop what? You didn’t mention the model…

François LeBlanc says:

Just to let you know that the Karoo 3, in spite of their agressive look, are 70% road tire and only 30% off road. Been riding those tires for 7000km on my DR650 and they do great on tarmac and just ok off road. Lateral traction just plain sucks (no side blocks). They do ok in sand and dirt. Not that good in mud either…

Ed Schembri says:

great vid as always! when my streets wear out i’ll be getting some tkc80s for my tranny and start tearing up the Pyrenees 🙂 Love your presentation and editing, would love to see some hands on mechanic type videos – repairing a tyre/inner tube in the middle of a dirt road, fork seals, and other servicing stuff related to adventure bikes 🙂 looking forward to the next vid!

Norsefalconer says:

Please be aware that the K60 is designed to be used with it’s matching front. That solid center strip tends to hydroplane. This is (supposedly) mitigated by following in the “clear” path created by the front tire

Dave Here says:

I’d rather have good traction on the road where you are going higher speed.

Marco Pi says:

K60 have different tired tread depending on the size, 130/80/17 is much more “off” than 150/70/17 , even though not specialised.

mose717 says:

Hi Bret. I really like your ADV focus videos. I’d love to see a video about how to load, strap, and balance a bike and also how you and a passenger get on and off a fully loaded bike.

Elends Huraglump says:

A very clear an comprehensible explanation .. Thanks. Best regards from Germany


Good info, thanks for a great video

Giovanni Mariani says:

Grande!!! Sottotitoli in italiano sarebbero graditi… 🙂

miguel miranda says:

Wow well done as usual. Very well explained. That’s it one of  my favorite  you tube  channels!

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