7 Basics To Know About ATV/UTV Tires!

Tires For UTVs and Side by Sides!
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The versatility of the UTV is never-ending – gliding over the sand, plowing through mud and snow, climbing over rocks, navigating around the farm – whatever use you have for your UTV, we have a tire to maximize its performance.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we have an impressive selection of different sizes, tread designs, and functions of UTV tires designed to conquer any terrain you subject them to. We carry dozens of models of tires from the best brands in the industry! We carry durable, quality tires built to withstand the rigors of the ride. Make sure to check your existing tire size to determine the size you will need for your new tires, and then browse our selection to find the perfect set for you. Shop our full collection at rockymountainatvmc.com. Get Ready.

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Pro Armor: https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/744/61564/Pro-Armor-Crawler-XR-Radial-Tire?utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=Tirebasics&utm_content=Description&utm_campaign=Youtubevideos

GBC Mongrel:

ITP Sand Star:

STI Out & Back Max:


Jay Ryan says:

The most informative tire video in under 10 minutes I’ve ever come across. THANKS!

Farooq Hussain says:

awesome video mate, very informative. just subscribed. also check this stuff i use, very good in quality: https://tinyurl.com/ydhrp2ob

Rylan Fisher says:

If my 4 wheeler has 23x10x12 tires, would i lose a lot of tork and power if I put 25x10x12’s on? By the way my machine is a 350 wolverine

TwiZ1975cj5 says:

Maybe ATV/UTV tires are different than truck tires as far a being a bias ply or a radial. He stated the radial is tougher. Offroading with Jeeps I want a bias ply. I’ve seen way too many radials give up the ghost on the sidewalls because they aren’t as strong as a bias, and you can air a bias ply into the single digets. Do that with a radial and you are just asking for a ripped or pinched sidewall

Moto Mangi says:

Very informative. I bought my tires and rims from you guys and love them.

Moises Azamar says:

Beautiful video for me a beginner

Chemaross says:

What do you think about tire sealant that some ATV/UTV shops use? My tires current have the sealant in them and I’ve never had a leak despite going through some pretty trashy properties. I wonder if it throws off the balance of the tires at higher speeds.

Yang Barbosa says:

Give me a hint, to the streets, what kind of tire? and the maximum speed?

Michael Killen says:

Hi.will kenda executioners fit beadlock rims on Rene 1000?


Very good video, thanks!

Andres esqueda says:

Answered the questions I had thank you for the video. ill be sure to check out your website.

Janmo 99 says:

Very good Guide, keep up the good work 😉

Todd Ullmann says:

Are there any issues with running a BFG K2 tire on my SXS ?

Aj Tennaro says:

Dude im doing a project and came across you guys, now i know what tire i need

Dj Mystery says:

So it will be okay to put a 11inch wide tire on a 10 inch wide rim

Shockin Awesome says:

I’m looking into some wheels and have stock tires (10in rears and 8in front) and the wheels i want are 7in wide will they work fine and not look really weird

RJ Buckley says:

What are best tires for polaris ranger 800 for plowing on blacktop

6669bj says:

what is the mud tire in video??

stone wintjen50 says:

I don’t drive on rocks or sand but I drive of mud and dirt so I want mud tires or all terains

Dylan Winterholt says:

Bought some Tusk 30mm dirtbike risers for my crf150f and they work amazing! Very happy with the quality of them and the service

Collin Greenwade says:

What would yall recommend for a 2015 Polaris Sportsman 570 for mudding that wont get me stuck not will break anything?

Nicky Soliwoda says:

Can you build me my ttr 125 fully moded for under 160 $$

Grifter jounson says:

Would 20×10-9 tires fit on an 8 inch rim?

Jesse Shapiro says:

Just buy light truck tires 27 8.5 14 or 215 and 235 15s

Abhinav Tiwari says:

which tyre according to u will be good for baja competition am looking about 22′ and 24′

Southern Fishing TV says:

is it standard for a stock offroad atv tire to be 2 ply

Connor Latch says:

What tires should I get for my Yamaha grizzly 80 2005 we usually go on trails in muddy and rocky Places

Kyle Holmes says:

one of my buddies has 26x8R14 ITP mud lites on his 1988 chevy S10 2 wheel drive truck thats used for offroad farm use they work great on it but would ride like piss on the road.

conner mills says:

does it matter if you get the same size tire for both sides of an atv

Justin Fogle says:

Does the first number on the tire size matter

DaVinci701 says:

What ply is best for big jumps

mike jk says:

you can buy them used with the rim for $50 most of the time

Michael T says:

Had 20hrs on my brand new 2018 Polaris ranger and a tire cracked from what looked like dry rot from sitting in the sales lot. One tire cost me $160!! Frickin bullshit crooked ass bastards

Parker Johnson says:

Hi what tire would you recommend for my 2006 Polaris sportsman 800 it is 100% stock I will mainly be using it for deep snow and snow plowing and nice video keep it up. Thankyou in advance

Sarr Gorane says:

hey ! are all of these tubeless ?

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