5 Telltale Signs of a Bad Used Motorcycle

Buying a used bike, or a lemon? Here are 5 methods to Sherlock your way into a good buy. Mechanical, electrical, psychological – it’s all elementary, my dear Watson.

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5:30 – Coolant Test Strips

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Martin Kováč says:

Yeah I’m always sherlocking the owner not the thing I’m buying. If they are dodgy or something smells I back-off. Best is when they are sad that you bought it 😀

paxwallacejazz says:

This is a brilliant video because, who wouldn’t investigate the too good to be true offers? I would watch this multiple times before buying again.

Mouka Faslouka says:

Bull crap! Makes for a funny video. However there are more important things to look for.

MacMillanDAN says:

Amazing video, the quality is off the roof! Well done

Thalanos Hutto says:

Subscribed. Really great video my guy

Tiberiu Vulpe says:

I love that his outros and intros look like movie scenes. -~-

Rick Brannigan says:

10 years riding in over 14 countries. Never dropped a bike.

Jakub Gurdak says:

Never seen a more dramatic bike purchase guide

Eric Cassidy says:

Excellent advice.

Faron Wong says:

Nice videos buddy! Very informative for sure. Subscribed as soon as I noticed Stanley park and what looks like Central Park in the distance from the scene in that alley haha! I live in Burnaby myself and it tripped me out for sure seeing Ur channel is based out of Canada! Looking to buy a bike soon so your videos will be a must watch series for me. Thanks for sharing bud 😉

720Anon says:

why did you name your channel fortnite

Demon Pig. says:

Considering that bikes go through numerous hands, it is statistically quite possible that they were dropped by previous owners. For example, I have owned around 10 motorcycles, dropped 2 of them myself. Out of the other 8, most were also dropped but not by me. I don’t deny that it happened but do I know when, where or how? No.

As for start-ups, some bikes are notoriously bad even when brand new from factory. Some are also very cold blooded. Some may have been sitting for a bit. So just because a bike struggles to start from cold, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s been abused or is malfunctioning. Don’t dismiss it right of the bat.

Cash in hand test rides – where I live, if the test rider crashes, my insurance suffers, so no thanks – can’t take that risk.

Good video though!

Zahne Townsend says:

Pleasantly surprised with the quality of this video very well done

Crimson Cruiser says:

Went with my buddy to look at a 82 GL1100 last year and everything on it was bad tire, no engine idle, poor condition and my favorite no brakes! He still bought it anyways after i told him to walk away….

Etan Plan says:

Hmm, oil leak, faulty wires, poor handling. It does go Brap brap thoughhhh… I’ll giv u 7 grand. “But I only asked for 5” shhhh, take it.

Lao Coste says:

When I shop for I used bike. I’m gonna Sherlock the Shit out of it! These vids are funny and very informative.

Robin Pohl says:

Going to make my license soon that’s awesome information

D-man says:

Great tips. I’ll apply to my current hunt for my first ride. Thanks

Simon Petkov says:

What if you already bought that peace of sh….

Cilnik Parowy says:

You should be the lead detective on a crime series show.

Zachary Lowrie says:

Went to took at a cbr f4i today gorgeous looking bike in the pictures get there and see the bike, looks like some took a belt sander to the whole right side pieces missing and broken tail was being held together by packing tape then the owner comes out he’s a young kid maybe 19 tells me his friend dropped it, ok strike 1 then I tell him to start it he’s starts it then proceeded to bounce off the rev limiter and say “see she runs real good” strikes 2 and 3 right there, I don’t mind replacing plastics but not motors

Pratyush Pratim says:

i watch your videos purely for entertainment. your comic timing is really nice.

Jeff O says:

kinda retarded video overall, burnouts and track-days dosen’t mean the bike is bad lulz

Cee Cee says:

What about putting key inside the exhaust to check for carbon due to suit?

Damien VD says:

I feel like you forgot the basics. leaking forks, how to check the wheel bearings. where on the engine to look for leaks? countershaft seal is a ok place to look. good tips just I like alot of people learned the basics the hard way

Max Verstappen . says:

I like how serious you are.


Anyone else notice the phone number on the for sale sign belongs to Jenny? 5:48

Knoz says:

Try wiggling the rear Sprocket. If it’s wiggly the support bearing is shot and that can get real dangerous because the wheel bearing will fail next as it gets ground up by debris eventually. And at least for 1990s honda designs it does not cause weird sounds or handling deficits until way too late. Forgot to check that one once…got away without a crash…..that was a miracle…..wheel bearing shields had failed and it was a few kilometers short of blowing too.

Eidmantas Ivanauskas says:

Heard lots of bad things about the Spot gen3. Ryan still seems to wear it always. I wonder if it’s promo, or does he actually trust it.

Gideon Dippenaar says:

Very impressive!!!!!! I didn’t even think to look at the coolant when I was looking at a bike recently… And besides, I’ve NEVER seen those AWESOME test strips in South Africa… We have a similar device at work to check coolant mixture ratio, but without running a cylinder leakage tester, I wouldn’t know if it had trouble… And another thing is both those testers are large and the leakage tester uses fluid… Uncomfortable to lug around, even walking with the tester in hand and the fluid in the other through a nice organised workshop :/

Scorp says:

ahahahahaha very funny , and very accurate on purchasing a used bike.

awsome vlog !!

Cullen says:

Incredible video.

Steve Stubbert says:

I always check the brake fluid in the master cylinders. If it looks like tea, that will tell you how much other maintenence has been done like spark plugs and valve adjustments and such.

The Lock Picking Lebowski says:

Always great videos, man. Informative and straight to the point.

Akash Walia says:

Joffrey Baratheon.

maxime caron says:

Man this guy is so good, everything he does, the cut scenes, the camera angle, his opinion, his well known knoledge about bikes. but man I just cant stand his face, its like an hybride between female and male.

tforcya says:

you have to be one of the best filmmakers ive seen create mate. Love your work

Sean Frank says:

867 5309…..damn….now I have that song stuck in my head…..

julian K says:

Paranoid Americans. If someone did all this to my bike id kick him out.

Sabrina Smith says:

I literally just watched a movie 🙂 this was very nice

CANTSiR says:

i liked this video but there was too much profani…

papa al says:

“…up a couple of mils on the aspect ratio”
WTF that mean?

Benji Secer says:

This guy has some character in him!

Wayne Salway says:

Love your style. This is my favourite video of yours. Quality information throughout.

krazyjim 666 says:

Great video !! Greatly edited

Matias Marin says:

As a big fan of motorcycles and film, I really appreciate how well informed your videos are, and the effort placed in writing, editing, and surprisingly cinematography. Great channel keep up the good work.

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