5 Reasons Why Dual Sport Motorcycles are the Best #everide

What are your reasons for loving your dual sport motorcycle? Let us know in the comments below! Here are my top 5 reasons why dual sport motorcycles are the best:
1. Dual Sport Motorcycles are extremely versatile
2. They Make for EPIC Road Trips, without sacrificing off-road capability
3. Dual Sports mean TRUE Freedom to go where you want
4. Dual Sports are built for function, without additional BS.
5. The dual sport motorcycle community is the best in the world.

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ravenblaylock13 says:

Wow where was some of them locations?

talon55130 says:

I’ve owned 2 motorcycles in my life BOTH dual sports. 1st was a 1983 Honda XL 80S I bought when I was in the Air Force. Yeah I know but it was all I could afford. I beat it to death and rode it to the gates of Hell and back many times on the fire trails of Fort Bragg NC. I had a FREAKING BLAST with her. My second is a 2000 Kawasaki KL 250 G Super Sherpa. Unfortunately I now live in Saint Paul MN and don’t know of any trails to ride on. Other then that it’s also a FREAKING BLAST. She’s been sitting in my shed now for about 10 years with 4,400 miles gathering dust and needs tires, tubes and a carb overhaul. other then that and a couple of small scratches on the rear swing arm she looks like new. I wish I had the money to get her back up and running but that doesn’t look possible. The #1 reason I chose dual sport over anything else is, they’re built like tanks. If you want to break it you REALLY have to work at it. They’re basically indestructible.

Ken nguyen says:

can I ask about the 14 year old girls? cause I’m pretty sure its illegal to ride under 16 where I live.

Brett MacnChee says:

What’s the best state for off-roading in the US

Small Adventures says:

Awesomeness! Had to Share 😀

ImNotStalkingYou says:

Great video!

Midnite Rider says:

I just got my dual sport bike. I thought it was a good decision to get one, this video re affirms it.

Mark Sanders says:

I agree, ride-on!

Brandon M says:

Are dual sports ugly tho? I think the true dual sport bikes look the best.

John Smith says:

What is technically a dual sport? Are crf450x’s and wr450f’s dual sport or are they 650L’s and klr’s? To be a dual sport rider does one have to count hours or miles?

GORN says:

Come as you are, as you were
As I want you to be
As a friend, as a friend
As a known enemy

Rizqi Rizaldo says:

Too bad in Indonesia, lots of squids ride dualsport for status and fame but hardly accept the dualsport riders who ride less adequate bike than theirs

Dat Boi says:

I agree with that but just to me they look way better than an average dirt bike

Stanley Potter says:

Its crazy that from 2016 to 2018 dual sports have become a status symbol (bmw) it seems these days all the yuppies have to have the most tricked out bmw, And scoff at us lowley non-bmw riders.

Goonlito 92 says:

Great video. Haven’t seen one this well spoken and on point in a while.

Hanganu Eusebiu Andrei says:

Gonna start my bike class in february. I am still only 22 so I have to wait 2 more years in my country to drive some more powerfull bikes. GOnna get a Honda Dominator as my frist bike. Cant wait

Jonathan Power says:

Just wondering, would a 2000 husqvarna 610 be a good duel sport?

Judge Dredd says:

Okay, so I have watched a few of your videos. Long story short, I am currently 6”1′ and I am dieting to get healthier, so enough said there lol. But I want to get a motorcycle of sorts. I’ve been searching and I’m leaning towards getting a dual sport and my reasoning is because they seem more reliable due to the “dirt bike” aspect, and same for the price tag and part availability. By the time I plan to start riding I hope to be around the 250-300 lbs range max, so getting a 250cc bike I don’t think would be the greatest idea. So I’ve been thinking of something around the 650 area. And the KLR 650 seems interesting, as does a Honda XR650L and KTM 640 Adventure. As far as the usage, I don’t plan on motorcrossing. I just plan to do commuting, leisure and trail riding. And as of right now at least, I don’t plan on riding it hard on the trails. Just putzing around either by myself or with a friend even. But to get to the point already, lol, do you have any suggestions on what/where to go from here, or ideas on how to go about finding the right bike for myself?

Anton Glukhovsky says:

My man, you just killed hipsters in one video. Amazing!!!

hairlesheep says:

So what’s the best lightweight dual sport money can buy? That can also do highway speeds and is reliable?

HeliMoto says:

I fall into the “the guy that can barely afford a tank of gas” group. What a great video man, love this one.

Lanre Oladejo says:

Most heartwarming video for the DirtBike DualSport crowd.

Axell Hernandez says:

Where is a bulk of this footage filmed at? I want to ride on these red, rocky mountains !

Джеррет Нет says:

Which size and brand bike should I get to go back and forth to work ? My job is about 55 miles away one way. Should i get sport bike or dual sport?

halo raider1 says:

one of the BEST video I’ve ever watched on YouTube 🙂
you deserve more than a million subs
i love the voice it’s so easy to understand 🙂
keep up the good work

Lord Vader says:

Am I the only one who thinks dual sports look cool and badass?

tony wright says:

Great video and nicely done ✅

Steve Williams says:

Great video – loved the landscape and drone footage.
What is the black bike featured in the earlier scenes?

Steve Snider says:

Maybe one of the most refreshing videos I’ve seen in a long time. Where are all these supposed legions of dual sport riders? I bought my XR650L brand new in 2015. It’s the only bike I ever bought brand new. I’ve done a ton of mods and I just got back from the shop tonight after installing a new high compression .25 over Wisco piston and cleaning the head and lapping the valves. Hoping to finish putting it back together to completion tomorrow night. I’m not on Facebook. I suppose I’ll have to try that out. I was disappointed to see that my bike wasn’t in the video. I think it gets a bad rap because it’s just physically too large for most people. Which is I guess why I love it! I suppose I should explain, I’m 6 foot two and 240 pounds. And just a shout out to anyone rebuilding a razor 900 or 1000 engine always replace the cam chain and the oil pump drive chain. Without exception. Trust me and take my word for it I’m a certified motorcycle mechanic.

channelofstuff says:

use to want a sport bike then at my MSF class i rode a dual sport now i want one.

Art Vanden Berg says:

I bought my 12 year old son a 20 year old TW 200 for his first bike. I liked the fact it was street legal so his mom can boot around town on it too. He can touch the ground with both feet. It’s too heavy for him so if he dumps it I have to stand it back up but that won’t last long, another year or 2. My idea was I didn’t want to be buying a new bike every time he put on a few pounds and inches. The TW is so smooth in the power department it hasn’t been a problem. The new ones are almost the same, I think the biggest changes have been the disk front brake, fuel injection, and the automatic timing chain tension-er. So if you can get one of these dual-sports used they can be fun for the whole family. Not the big ones though, we also have a KLX 250 and nobody wants to ride it besides me. Too tall.

B_H_A_A_N says:

Does anyone know what the dual sport from the thumbnail is?

Pablo Ruiz henao says:

if you ever come to New Zealand I´ll take you for some sweet as rides!

Joz Sports says:

I miss mine and are the best of both worlds period, both street and trail and dirt

Fabulous Sparkly Vampire Wizard says:

I don’t know where you live, but where I live, duel-sports are just as much used as sports bikes and many cruisers. Not cheap. I paid less for my current car (that I’ve had for years) than I would have paid for a used working-condition duel-sport.

V8’s OrBoost says:

I got a hawk250 & considering trading my 89Heritage for a Royal Enfield Himalayan too bad they both can’t do highways effortlessly like the hog. If I gotta ride from state to state no dualsport will go there and back as easy on a hog. So get both and plan where you go.

Chase Rocke says:

This vid is extremely well done ima geta dual sport now

SuperQdaddy says:

I’m selling my 650vstrum for a dual sport ..!!

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