3 easy steps to Paint any Motorcycle Tyre | “How to” | DIY | KTM RC390

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Pavle Zivanovic says:

nooo wd 40 on tires they are now slippery

Soyel Aksar says:

White colour ke upar marna chahiye..✔✔

Eduardo Valle says:

Este es un video del dia de los santos inocentes o april fools no crean todo lo que esta en youtube.

Rick Fx says:

Been doin this for years cept its 2 steps.. 1 paint the tread with spray paint. 2. Ride it the extra will wear off fast.. doesnt effect grip at all…

bro ardhy says:

step 3, Wtf? are you seurios? this road to dead man.

Nope - He's Spartacus says:


Bober4u says:

Gypsy tuning

Swaraj Roy says:


Pasxalis Tsalaportas says:

yes it’s a very good way to reduce your’s tyre grip and lifetime and kill yourself. Do us a favour STOP using public roads,,,

LeoN61 says:

In rain = dead. But pretty.
RIP dude

sonu says:

What size of tyre is this.looks Little fatter thn normal Tyre.

Robert Bell says:

Natural selection at it’s finest .

IAAGermany says:

Sorry auf WD40 auf Reifen zu schmieren ist kein gute Idee. Bremsweg wird sich verlängern usw.

Max Kulikowski says:

Did he legit just rub his wheels with wd40

lifetime lyrics says:

bro …nice tyre…link me the tyre…

sonu says:

160 I guess.

Muhammed Gundogan says:

lots of wtf comments but no informative ones.
Question one : have you tested your breaking distance before and after ?
Question second : how many kilometers this paint lasted?
Question tree : have you tested your breaking distance at rainy conditions?

Your video would be watched 10x times if you was girl.
best wishes.

mwanimation520 says:

Let’s put oil on our tires! Oh yeah and paint the trim,wtf? Have fun with your road rash bro! I’ve seen it all

A Woodman says:

Nothing like trying to kill yourself by putting WD-40 on your tire

Rayyan Aslam says:

Ap ki bike kon si hai

stephen strassen says:

i wouldnt put wd40 on a tire it just takes a rain on the road to make the back end slip but must admit looks nice

Biky Romeo Hits says:

Bekar….dry nahi hota clour

aurel454 says:

it’s ugly

pratik shekokar says:

but why would someone do that

Boby Udrea says:

This is by far the stupidest idea for a bike mod I’ve ever seen!
Go ahead, if you’re stupid enough.. please do this!

Matt Cheatwood says:

The last time I saw a guy WD-40 his tire … well … he pulled out of the driveway and laid his bike down as he took a left turn. His tires were slicker than snot on a door knob. Don’t do it folks.

Aqua Hobby says:

I have done the same with my gixxer and no problem at all with grip and in rainy season it won’t create any problem good idea


It will removed away after some rides.. It is temporary i ve tried on my bike too one year before and what about tyres if gone on wet roads?

Ian van Houtton says:

y tho?

Rosel Lesor says:

haaha nice..

Skyeth 42 says:

Indian pple always do stupid thing?

Jack Carey says:

At least an extra 20hp each tyre

Rafael Daneluz says:

Horrível !!!!

Trestan Langlands says:

Roses are red violets are blue, the title is in English so why the fuck aren’t you

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