3 common motorcycle beliefs that are WRONG!

Let’s look at three common motorcycle beliefs that are wrong.

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Raymond Richards says:

I would love to retrofit ABS to my 1994 HSTC

Boss Hogg says:

1) Delta November Oscar.
2) Delta November Oscar.
3) Delta November Oscar.

Adam Hughes says:

Im in the UK were we are legally required to wear a helmet – rated to a certain level – secured at all times. However, I am kind of inclined to agree with the ‘Individual freedoms’ argument that we should be able to go without them. The only reason I say this is because if you chose not to wear one, you are only putting yourself at a disadvantage. That said, you are an idiot if you don’t wear one. Look at any job with an element of risk in it and people wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to combat that. Why would a welder just wing it with a pair of sunglasses? Why would a builder think a cap would be a good idea on a busy building site? Hell, I’ve seen what those guys behind the hitter in baseball wear – because you can attest that a baseball flying at your head freaking hurts at any speed!

The ‘lay it down’ thing is just stupid; learn physics. Comparatively big, squishy rubber patch vs. tiny, slidy metal bits – which gives more friction? Only time I think this makes sense is when you know you’ve goofed and abandon bike, like if you see it heading into oncoming traffic and try to slide away or something (note: I didn’t say it was a good idea…).

ABS, and other aids like TCS, are interesting. Bikes are fast following cars in that department and we have more toys and gadgets on them than ever before. That is great as they are marvelous things. However,, I would say that people should trai and learn without them so that they learn how to ride ‘normally’. You pointed out the main flaw that, basically, if your ABS kicks in when your street riding then you’re doing it wrong. I would have added “ABS lets you go faster/brake harder” to this list, as loads of people seem to think that. If you’re doing 90mph along a country road and something pulls out 200 yards ahead – you don’t need ABS, you need a coroner…

will M says:

What’s that exhaust there on the XSR if you don’t mind me asking? I quite like the stocker on mine but I’m not saying I couldn’t be tempted…

justmyself1000 says:

ABS should be MANDATORY for motorcycles over 250cc! I hear that crazy “ABS in the way” thing quite often! I believe people who say this either don’t ride too much or they do not ride in traffic or where animals run in front of you! My Super Tenere is my first bike with ABS, and I’ll never buy another bike without it! And on the crazy not wearing a helmet thing….These are usually people who hardly ride! They’ve never been in close call situations to scare them in to wearing a helmet. A guy told me “he’s been riding for over 40 years!” I looked at his odometer and on his 8 year old shiny bike….he averaged 500 miles a year! And I think I’ll sacrifice a neck injury to protect my head (if that dumb neck injury thing were true….)


What I see of bikies is they ride like they own the road, it is about time the police went full on motorcycles and stopped this practice, they think they own the road. EX BIKIE.

esa062 says:

I have never heard someone say any of those things. But some people like believing silly stuff, and in case of the first one, having silly excuses for their mistakes. Some people also believe that bikes stop faster than cars.

BigBadLoneWolf says:

a few weeks ago i has to brake very hard on my VFR800, the back wheel lifted aboout 4 inches , but the front wheel did not lock and therefore the ABS did not activate

neptune3doz says:

Thank you very much for all you do! You help A LOT of people!

David Bronicki says:

Well if you have to layer down, then you’re going to have to pick her up

Gary D says:

I believe it’s just a good common since practice to wear a helmet, even a half helmet is better than no helmet but to each their own. A closed head injury is a very serious thing that many people never recover from the rest of their life, anyone not believing it should work at a rehab facility that targets head injuries and it will give you a better understanding of how devastating it is the the patient and their families.

Joe Eckert says:

He left of one of the dumbest ones I’ve heard. “IF I had loud pipes, she would have known I was there”. Someone actually said that to me. I told him that when my life depends on someone in their sound insulated car with their phone and music on. I’m just going to drive off a cliff. (I wasn’t that succinct, or polite, but what the hell)

David Reid says:

Glad to hear you’ve now read Road Craft, Kevin.

truckerj40 says:

Motorcykills should be made Illegal, problem solved. People who ride them are MORONS anyway.

Michael Gatton says:

Teenage brain (which persists to some degree into the late 20s) is not so good at making informed decisions, especially when the perception is looking “cool” vs being safe. I support helmet laws.

Christopher Riley says:

Eh, abs can get in the way if the brakes are linked. The rear is more likely to lock than the front, and if the brakes are linked it could cause some funny pulsation at the front lever reducing brake effectiveness. It could, im not saying it does on every bike with linked brakes. EDIT, I have never personally had issues with abs on a bike, I am referencing my MSF instructor on his take on them.

drumsnbass says:

Only time I’ve ever ridden w/o a helmet was 2 blocks to be able to listen to my bike near my house. Feels totally weird.

Oddjob6120 says:

to be honest.. the people who think ABS and wearing helmets etc are getting in the way or cause injury then i’m all for those people to carry on without those safety features as it helps thin out the crowd getting rid of the mentally stupid while leaving more space on the road for proper motorcyclists ….i guess the people who wear flip flops because wearing motorcycle boots gives them foot fungus due to getting sweaty feet should be on here too? without these idiots on the road who is going to fill the stupid biker video clips that i love to watch?

Gareth Martin says:

First of all, I really find you video helpful Kevin.
Iv just started riding about a month ago and had a crash two days ago, exactly what you talked about this video. I should of realised the traffic lights i was approaching were going to change (first mistake), they change and I locked up the back brake (second).
The conditions or the road were bad,, and quite slimy after it had been raining. Any I skied, lost control and crashed at 25/30mph. Onlookers came to help me up, and told me that my head cracked off the pavement. Im fine and have no injuries (fill gear all the time), but if i didnt have my helmet on i probably would not be talking to you now. Iv learnt a lesson,and just want to say I owe everything to my helmet and gear! Cheers
Belfast ,Northern Ireland

Tone Geerkins says:

Helmets are mandatory here, and that’s fine by me. I do get a little worried by “all the gear all the time” advocates though. I think that lots of ppl would not ride at all if they had to get leathers up to take a putt down to the shops. I like your concept of “Free to make bad choices”. I wear the gear when touring and riding activities…but I also use my bike to nip down to the hardware for a pack of nails…I would not if I risked getting a fine similar to the “No helmet” offence.

Shadow Spaz says:

I love riding with a helmet to be honest, it raises my confidence level..one less thing to worry about.

mdcorman 55 says:

I am not saying wearing a helmet wont preven t a death but the was one time I wasnt wearing a helmet and this car pulled out in front of me and I hit the rear trunk area and instinctly flipped over the car and landed rolling like a ball (dont ask how I did it because like I said it was instinct) and rolling like I did one guy who helped me said it looked like aI did a text book roll off it…but I believe if I did wear my helmet I would have broken my kneck…but that is my opinion…I do believe in wearing a helmet especially with the way people are today with texting on their phones..it so dangerous out there now that if a person is considering about riding then I would advise them to be very VERY aware of their surroundings….riding is great when you can get in an open area and enjoy the riding experience.

John Ashcraft says:

I too believe in individual rights, including your own choice to wear a helmet. I’m also a cop and have seen lots of accidents. I look at both helmets and seat belts as “Darwinism in action”. There are way too many dumb people reproducing. If you are dumb enough not to wear a helmet or seat belt I say, “You! Out of the gene pool!”
See you on the road!

upside downdog says:

Brake and escape has saved my bacon several times. Buying a bike with the best brakes you can helps a lot. Full face helmet reduces wind noise and massive eye tearing, I don’t like riding without one.

Joe Deb Acquaviva says:

I wouldn’t be alive today if I did not wear a full-face helmet. Travelling at about 40 mph, I was run over from behind by a dump truck who was travelling faster and changing into my lane. I was knocked unconscious off the bike and slid down the road for quite a distance. People who witnessed the accident said I looked like a rag doll flipping and sliding down the road. When I regained consciousness, the chin bar on my helmet was severely ground down. If I was wearing a different style helmet, I may have survived, but I would have required surgery.

David Barthel says:

Funny thing. All those emergency breakingtechnique you mentioned are tought in drivingshool in germany. And they put big emphasis on it. They are infact called grundfahraufgaben = basic driving exersice. Also when you have your driving examn, you must proof by doing those that you know how to execute them perfectly. I realy dont want to brag about it but america would be realy good adviced to adopt some of our driving license regulation i e the mandatory driving shool. What are your thoughts on it kevin?

Kryten L says:

I agree, there is some real bollocks talked about this stuff

Theo Brinkman says:

I did recently run across *one* example, in another youtuber’s video, of when ‘I had to lay it down’ made sense. Two guys were out riding trails on their dirt bikes, when they came across a spot where some ********* had strung a thin steel cable across the trail at roughly neck height. The guy in the front only *just* saw the cable with enough time to bail and slide under it.

But, yeah, if your option is to ride the brakes all the way into that car/wall/rock/etc, or give up all hope of stopping and slide into it at whatever speed you were going? Brakes are there for a freaking reason.

blipco5 says:

Well, I was already to make a wiseacre comment before I started watching but you shut me up with your first saying. Cheers.

multisomebodyelse notme says:

if your in 5th and slamming on as gearing down proprly everytime u drop the gear u can slightly adjust lean angle and direction in that small window of lowered pyhsical resistances before the next hears engine breaking kicks in 😉

Michael Belden says:

Your right on. What I see in most single accidents is the lack of skills in a turn. They are forcing the bike to turn in the direction of the trunk and not the opposite. Witch in turn I will never regret of taking the motorcycle class to get my license. Where they teach on what you said. All accidents can not be avoided but in many I see that people are putting out on YouTube is lack of training. They get a license and just go riding. Most with a to powerful bike that they have the skills to handle. Then those who have been riding a long time getting way to comfortable. That’s why I really like your channel. It makes me think and work on skills that mint have forgotten about. Thank you.

AZ Geek says:

Nice job Kevin. Spot on for all three (mis)beliefs.

UncleChan says:

The 3rd argument “helmets cause neck injuries” is basically what mathematicians or scientists call “survival bias”.
Let me give you an example. Say during wartime, when aircrafts returned to the base, technicians noticed there were many bullet holes in both wings. They came to a conclusion that the aircrafts need more armor in both wings because among all the aircraft parts the wings suffered the most damage. However, this claim is flawed. Why? Statistics is skewed when bias is included. Here bias is that only the returned aircrafts were checked. In other words, the crashed ones were not checked. On the contrary, technicians should consider enhancing the armor of other parts instead of wings because among the returned aircrafts damage to other parts were substantially less, meaning those damage have a higher probability of being fatal.
In the helmet case, calculating statistics only among survived riders is bias. What every rider needs to consider is the probability of survival with and without helmets. The probability of neck injuries is conditioned on surviving riders, who most likely have helmets. While without helmets, crashes have much higher probability of being fatal and dead riders are not included in the statistics of having neck injuries after crashes.

Jan Cutler says:

There is a relationship between helmet quality and cost. Today’s sophisticated helmets have numerous advantages in comfort and features. Full face helmets add more protection and reduce fatigue by reducing noise and buffeting.

Sportsmobile 83 says:

Thank you Kevin for another great video. I agree that the right choice is to wear a helmet because they probably saved mine and my wifes lives when we got hit head on by a teenage driver on our previous Goldwing gl1800. I hit the windshield pretty hard before the bike hit the ground as I pulled the bike to the right on impact trying to get out of the way. My wife flew over my left side and landed in between the car and the wheels of the bike. When everything stopped her helmet was up against the rear tire of the car that hit us. She would have sustained severe head injury or been killed if she was not wearing a helmet. We both walked away from this crash with bruises and sore but had no serious injuries thank God. I do believe in the right to choose to wear a helmet but I believe that getting on a bike without one is foolish and suicidal. A bug or a piece of gravel in the head could knock you off of the bike, knock you out ,or kill you on contact. Keep up the great work that you do and maintain the responsible approach on touchy subjects like this one. Mark & CC

Sam Taylor says:

Great info !

Flatus Antiquitous says:

The only “bikers” that say “I had to lay her down” are the nimrods who ride cruiser style bikes and wear the pirate gear. Motorcycle riders from every other genre of the sport know that the front brake gives the most braking power, and metal sliding down the road gives almost no braking power.

Giovanni Adrian says:

I don’t dare get on a bike without gear. I had a neighbor who questioned why I was putting all my gear on to go to a store that was 4 blocks away. I told him I don’t know what will happen within those 4 blocks. I have a buddy who seems to purchase another bike once a month who comes by so I can ride it. He gets after me for putting on my gear just to go down the road. I told him, text before you leave the house so I can get ready if you don’t want to wait… He came on a Honda Monkey from Japan the other day, and guess what? He had to wait for me to get my gear on. Now I have a neighbor who tells me how awesome it is that when my buddy comes over, I never ride his bikes without gearing up. That maybe it’ll teach him to at least put a helmet on. Well, it worked… I’ve changed the minds of a lot people who didn’t used to wear gear, to start wearing gear. I live in Austin, Texas, and we sometimes have all four seasons in one day. But you’ll never see me riding without my leather jacket. I’ll take sweating over road rash any day!

Brian J. Fritz says:

First off, you didn’t lay it down, you crashed. Just admit it. Second, a helmet weights around 3 to 6 pounds, it wont break nothing. Its all about vanity wrapped up in a dimwit excuse.

phantomfire 83 says:

Having been in a crash the should of killed me I can honestly say not wearing a helmet is insane, I have had to change helmets that have given me neck pain but that was because it didn’t suit me. Regards abs I’ve been riding a new bike for 6 months now and the abs on kicked in once and saved me from rear ending a car that had no break lights, so I like that

Vadim Zubovich says:

I believe the initial study that concluded the increased number of neck injuries had a classical survivor error. They didn’t count in the fatalities and that’s all.
Exactly the same thing happened when the military helmets were first introduced in the army. They counted the number of head wounds since the helmets were introduced and it turned out that the number of soldiers with head wounds significantly increased. The problem with that was that most of the soldiers who got a headshot before the helmets were introduced simply died in the battlefield and their wounds were not counted in because they only counted the survivors, after the helmets introduction a lot of headshots ended up with just a wound so they were counted in. As a result the stats looked like the introduction of helmets lead to increased number of head wounds when in reality it lead to decrease of lethal head wounds.
I believe same applied here, most likely they didn’t count in the fatalities, that’s why this study was disproved numerous times after with proper stats collected.

jack black says:

you had to lay er down. cause u were on a harley . POS
sometimes you need to slide the rear to get out of trouble. abs prevents that. if you have good technique and feel, abs isnt needed. you should be able to feel it .
3rd statement. what rubbish.

Gene Clarke says:

I can see motorcycle safety regulations being revisited as the industry delves into e-motorcycles and all types of electric bike/scooter/motorcycle hybrids designed for commuting and around town hops for a new generation of riders who are not hard core motorcycle enthusiasts. As injuries, or worse, begin to increase, insurance companies will lobby for stricter safety measures to reduce their liabilities and the days of “no helmet laws” will go by the wayside. The notion of “letting the wind blow through your hair” will become a relic as electric two wheel machines become a recognized form of transportation vs. a motor sports pastime.

Old Guy on a Bike says:

Huge fan of brake and avoid. Got drilled into me at the start of my riding career (45+ years ago) that your throttle will save you more times than your brakes. I have had a number of times when hard braking, a serve and a blip of the throttle have saved me. I am a big fan of full face helmets and it is not “if” we will be involved in an accident, it is “when”.

dan Farrell says:

I’ve been riding since 1965 and I am a retired law enforcement officer. My anecdotal evidence for motorcycle helmets is that every motorcycle accident to which I responded during my career where the motorcyclist was wearing a “real” helmet survived long enough to get to the hospital. I can’t say the same for those that did not wear a helmet.

Don Moore says:

wearing a helmet also reduces road fatigue, hearing loss, insect impact, and is what you want to be in during a unexpected hail storm. Keeps you warm too. I do have a loss o f peripheral vision from my full face that I don’t have with my 3/4 but the full face is my choice most of the time.

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