2×2 motorcycle – ROKON Trail Breaker

ROKON trail-breaker! Heavy duty motorcycle!

I thank all motorcycle fans who contributed to my channel with their videos and motorcycles.


Paul Mauer says:

Toll…braucht kein Mensch

Mike says:

What a piece of crap!!!

Chad says:

Rokons are the best. I have the Scout. https://youtu.be/n_qcb-Y2rUI

GREG Torchia says:

had a 79 Rokon 340 automatic dirt bike one of the greatest bikes I’ve ever owned pull start like a snowmobile mag wheels front and rear disc brakes front and rear automatic transmission shift on the Fly only motorcycle that really hurt me but I loved every second of it

Moch Tomy Damastha says:

0:45 he’s probably high or something..

carl bernsen says:

I like the idea of the go anywhere bike with extra fuel capacity in the hollow wheels but the engine seems underpowered for its size, most 125cc bikes have a lot more hp than this.He was struggling in the snow, wasting fuel, he’d have been much better off with a caterpillar track on the back.

rawsonforever says:

I had an 2008 model. Their the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Not as fast as a 4 wheeler but will get through a lot of places they won’t.

Edilson Martins says:

Lembro dessa Rokon, desde os anos 70?

Spark Jumper says:

Looks like it’d just be easier to walk

Nomans land says:

Check out the Rokon article at ontargetmagazine.com. Does a great job of evaluating the Rokon and explaining it’s capabilities.

Kody Zempel says:

If you have to drag your feet in order to go anywhere whats the point. Might as well just walk.

Michael Teeple says:

They are pretty cool but always looks like a guy walking in the woods with a bike between his legs. If they have pegs they aint used much.

Patrick Fennelly says:


Barry Swan says:

Why not use a snowmobile in the snow?

David McManus says:

I read on another video that these were shit compared to a 4-wheeler in the snow. I have to agree. I’d rather have a 4-wheeler in comparison to this. What’s the point of getting your feet wet before you get to where you’re going? And the wheels seem to spin in place far more than transporting the vehicle anywhere.

I ride year round and have ridden my 2006 TGB Keywest, 2 stroke, 50cc, rear wheel drive scooter through 1 1/2 foot of snow. It has 10 inch tall, 6 inch wide tires on it, and I have little to no trouble going in snow, a little more issue with ice, particularly black ice, but on the whole, I’d much rather have it, than this apparent piece of shit.

Hannu Mäkynen says:

Why on earth do you want ride a bike in deep snow?

revolutionpm says:

4:32-Dead Rokon center screen. I want a Rokon.!

Randy Green says:

I like it but , think I’ll keep my Suzuki King Quad 450 4×4.

Russ Davis says:

I don’t think those are 2 stroke engines in the beginning of the vid. @2:38 to 4:42, yes.

Paul S says:

I thought there might be some commentary on how the power is split to the front wheel. they look bulky really, but could be fun.concept is good for a 4 stroke. a 2T just wouldn’t have the balls to torque thru the messy stuff

Tim kosinski says:

Where’s the beer holder ?

Wisnu Dewanto says:

Russian also made 2×2 motorcycle ,it is called Taurus 2×2

By the way, the problem of 2×2 is they are too dangerous for on road purpose because have no center differential. That why ,they just created for off road only & low speed vehicle.

Chet Loves America! says:

Hunting for animals??,,,,only if they are deaf.,,,lol,,,in the early 70s,they were called boat anchors.

ScoutMaddox G says:

Ill keep my argo

CANTSiR says:

2:09 seems like itd be easy asf on a normal cycle

Tim Freeman says:

Need more power,too low geared,and more work to keep the bike up. I’ll stick with a Jap bike with more power and 4 stroke that can be used on or off road.

autofanist says:

Noise is horrible. Overall the bikes do not look very efficient but would love to try one out.

kevinblackshow says:

Good no talk vid

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