2019 Yamaha NIKEN First Ride Review! – On Two Wheels

What has three cylinders, three wheels, and does wheelies? Yamaha’s Niken, of course! This new three wheeler is powered by an MT-09 engine but has a funky front end that puts two 15-inch wheels on the ground. Who is it for, how does it work, and what’s it like to ride? We answer these questions and more in this episode of OTW.


Esteban Fortu says:

a lot of cuestions. first one is … why?

Pranav Palliyil says:


AbdUctYoBishH XxxLongProbeStylexxX says:

Hey wuttaboutta T-rex?!

Louis Cypher says:

looks ugly as hell.

Roland Haller says:

Thanks. That was fun. Just one thing: it’s Niken. Like NeeKen. Not Naiken.

I m Brahman says:

Come to india we have auto riksa

John Lemon says:

None of those things make it not a beginner bike though…

Yamaha Production says:

I live in Austria

BMR Studio says:

Interesting piece of iron, but… Last time when I ride a 3 wheeler…. I was 4 year old. And this will stay like this! When I was 20, most of the time I rolled on 1 (rear) wheel. When I was 25, again 1 (front) wheel…. Now, I get back to 2 wheels 🙂

Beqa shekiladze says:

But how does countersteering works, you didn’t mention that

Jared Bellard says:

Cool concept, but I think is should have received the crossplane one liter engine.

Desert Lizard says:

It looks like Wall-E from the front

David Isbell says:

Worst new bike video ever. You are a super add clown.
The fuck is wrong with you? We’re both of your parents retarded?

Srinivasu Gandu says:

Stop showing his helmet face …. Show the dam real thing

Fidelity Quester says:

For a piano company, Yamaha’s all right.

Marty McFly says:

Why can’t they put the same kind of design in the rear as well. So it is basically a quad bike that leans. Now that would be cool

Andrew Mayo says:

i bet it doesn’t stoppie

Sean Bartholomew says:

it looks like a gorilla lmao

Gillenz Fluff says:

It looks like shit though.

melvin042381 says:

i hope they created a cloud strife motor people will but it for sure..

brams kahoon says:

Looks like a beast,I’m definitely buying one or two

Chitragupt Khan says:

it looks like a wheel chair “sometimes”
ohh pls…
don’t take me RONG

Jammy Jackson says:

Less BS next time boys
You killing me hear

Domino52o says:

To skip the lame ass intro, proceed to time marker 3:14

Nate Norby says:

Forgot about tilting motor works, they solved this problem about 4 years ago

Teet F says:

I did not see it backed in.

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