2018 Indian Scout Sixty Ride Review (Indian Motorcycle Tucson)

Took the 2018 Indian Scout Sixty out for a demo ride and loved it. Lots of cool features, especially the extended reach stuff for us short people. So, here is my 2018 Indian Scout Sixty ride review!

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Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf says:

Liquid cooled engine. Legit.

Curtis Brinkley says:

Dan dan the fireman You live in copper basin witch is cool I live in Johnson ranch

Scorp says:

amazing review of the scout sixty ! sounds very good, and awake ! windshield looks good as well.

awsome vlog !!

Joshua Churchill says:

Anyone know how big the apes are on the bike he’s riding

Jared says:

Too bad the nearest dealer is 2k miles arway

SVOddball says:

So it was you that I saw at last Saturday at the Indian Dealership. Saw you as you were about to leave the event.

Mark Bright says:

Have you done the full size Scout ride review yet please?

Max Kurland says:

5’9”, 125 lbs. would this bike work for me?

Indijanc says:

its beautiful, i wish i could get one.


Very interested in this bike, but don’t have a shop nearby to try one out for size… At 6’4 200lbs ish am I too big for this model? If there are any owners my size or bigger I’d appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Cheers

ThGreatFandango says:

Just came across your vids (which are awesome). Scout is a bike I’m interested in and glad to hear you say it fits well with reduced grip/seat/pegs, as I’m 5’6″ as well.

Zues90 says:

I loved my Indian scout unfortunately I was in an accident in February which totaled it.

unaclocker says:

Hey! It was great seeing you on a Scout this time and hearing your thoughts on it. I upgraded from a Harley Street 500 to a Scout last summer. Now my channel has become all about that Scout.
Couple thoughts for you. One, glad you liked the power level, but this thing really shines up higher in the RPMs. Unlike the Sportster, this thing winds up to 8grand stock, and really makes a lot more power up there than down low where you were. Just hold on tight before you try it! Hehehe.
Also, Kuryakyn makes a mid control kit for the Scout that’s only about $250. Killer deal.

Chris Montgomery says:

Got the go ahead from the Wife and buying a Scout 60 w/ ABS this week.!!

Pam Perea says:

I started on a Suzuki S40. It’s light weight and 650cc so it can easily do highway speed. I loved it until i got my Harley of course. Look into it for your girlfriend.

Walt Tanner says:

Forward controls? Not familiar with that term, please explain. Newbie, second season starting this Friday.

kendil22 says:

The nice thing about the sixty is it’s a decent newbie bike, but with some aftermarket love it can be upped over the 69cu scout in power. A simple flash can get you an extra 10-12 hp, throw on an intake and slip on’s and you can surpass the scout. (that’s assuming an unmolested 69 of course). I pickup my scout sixty first week of July, red with abs. I love the red and abs just makes too much sense not to have for street riding. Once the warranty winds down I’ll probably start with the modding.

Trevor Jameson says:

I have never had a bike with forward controls, or a windshield. But! I have ridden both, and from my experience, windshields causes buffeting and also distort your forward vision. So I don’t like them and never have. It was always my opinion that your helmet face shield acted as a wind screen, and your riding jacket acted to protect the chest (proper riding gear of course). Now, my feelings about forward controls; don’t like them at all, because you can not stand up! Standing up on the bike can be important in certain situations, and can become a safety concern if you’re unable to stand up.

Jyme Bale says:

Indian motor cycles were made for high way riding way back, there were specifically made for that, my Dad had an Indian Chief 1947 model, rode four years while he and Mom were in college then bought a four door Chevy cause they wanted a family, sold the bike, sure wished he’d stored it so I could have gotten it.

Amrish Kumar says:

Is this a good beginners bike for someone who has never ridden?

BassasaurusRex says:

I love that black and silver color scheme. I wish it was available on the regular Scout. Though the blue tan and white with the full war bonnet graphic on the side is sick as hell too.

Crystal Boy says:

Thank you for the review, I love this bike

Denis Captain says:

Dan, what gloves(brand, model) you have on the video? Looks very great…

matthew poole says:

Honest opinion needed. I am just starting out in biking, went to class and have my endorsement. Should I get the Scout sixty (my favorite) as my first or should I go with something smaller till I gain some miles under my belt? Thanks DDFM Kids and I Love your vids.

Casey Roskwitalski says:

Thanks Dan. I’ve been waiting for a good 2018 Indian review. Auto correct


This bike is hidious . Not for nothing it’s cheaper than a sportster.

mike essary says:

I enjoy a few other guys on YouTube and everyone brings something different to the table. I always look forward to seeing your bike reviews.

Roo M says:

Love my scout sixty….

onelasttitan says:

+1 for the rebel 500, want one myself 😀

In Cognito says:

pros- motor, power and ride . Cons -seat especially after the first hour of riding!

Gort Gortgort says:

I’ve put 8000 km on my 2018 Scout 60 since January and love it more every day, riding it from BC to Utah and back next month. Did you get a chance to really lay into any of the Scout models? It’s hard to get the RPM up in a group test ride and that’s where the Scouts really stand apart from other cruisers, revving an American narrow angle v-twin up to 7000 or higher is a hell of a rush.

The interesting thing about the Scout 60 is that the biggest difference between it and the Scout 69 is its ECU map (limits torque above 6000 RPM), the actual cylinder bore difference is only ~130cc. With an ECU remap (PVCX), a performance intake, and any slip-ons (~$1000) the Scout 60 can slightly outperform the stock Scout 69.

BORN.45 says:

A beauty!

Wardner213 says:

My gf is thinking about getting a Rebel 500. I’m gonna tell her you’re recommending it for your gf and see if that convinces her :p

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