2017 Honda Rebel 500 Review | 4K

Honda Rebel has never been aimed at highly experienced riders, and the same holds true for the latest generation of Rebels arriving at dealerships this month. The new Rebel 300 is motivated by the 286cc single-cylinder from the CB300F and CBR300R, and a review of that manageable $4,399 cruiser will soon be seen on these digital pages. The new Rebel 500 is pretty much identical to the 300 except for the 471cc parallel-Twin engine (from Honda’s CB500 series) residing in the bike’s trellis frame. It retails for $5,999. Adding ABS to each is an extra $300.

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Steven Corry says:

What’s a tray leece frame?

NapoleonBonaparte says:

This costs 8.500$ in my country ugh……

Tony Moore says:

Saw one of these the other day while riding my little Harley 1200 Forty Eight which is awesome but the chic riding the Honda I think got more attention of course one because She is a girl on a bike but also I dont think anyone knew what the bike was including me. Honda really did well with this bike! Looks like a really fun bike to ride. Great video by the way.

Nebin jos says:

Pls launch in india pls pls

Shoun David says:

Does anyone know whats the best way to peel off those stickers above the gas tank? Most especially if the sticker left some gooey material after peeling it off

The Baddest Of Them All says:

Whats with the goofy ass warning sticker?

.m. says:

love how it looks

Carlitox b says:

she is hot is there a two seater version?

BassasaurusRex says:

I’m genuinely intrigued by this bike. I need one for riding in the city (Chicago) that I won’t mind getting dinged up and dirty a little more. Looks like it is small enough to fit into tighter parking spaces on the streets (which is a dream come true if I’m anywhere downtown).

Dump Trump says:

Love the bike….except for the instruments. It should have normal dials, with digital as an option.

Sung Youla says:

This motorbike is failure. Seat was so hard, I can not ride for long times. engine also is too hot, when it runs It is like exploding. Top speed is only 170km ! this is only short-time for riding.

car_venom says:

Better than Harley !!

globe ph says:

I’ll buy it soon 300k pesos in Philippines. Excited nako

somfender says:

Its would be better if Honda put the 270 crank inside that parallel twin. ✌

otrrhvr g.j m fhijc says:

I’m 14, 5’9 and I fit it almost perfectly already, very light bike may be my future bike.

Prakash R. G says:

What price

Kyˋ Lưu says:

C’mon guys, for that price tag it’s a great fucking bike.

Steven Corry says:

Urban JUNGLE…..really?JUNGLE?Bit racist don’t you think?

Motorcycle.com says:

We apologize for the low camera angle on the action camera footage. We will try to prevent it from happening again. We hope you enjoyed the video! We have been trying harder to improve our videos.

Lucas Willem says:

1:13 that thang’ looks desirable AF *_*

On2Wheelz says:

Shot in true amateur fashion. Great view of the tank.

Parker Weatly says:

Suzuki 650 s40 is alot cheaper.

IamMortui says:

I’d instantly peel off those warning stickers.

Marshall Mayes says:

i miss the old cruiser look of the rebel, the new one is one ugly motorcycle. it is just a CBR without the covers.

Maketsu says:

I would prefer if you guys could be more critical of the bikes that you review. I want to know also the downsides of the bikes, because no bike is perfect. If I don’t hear a single bad thing, it smells a bit like a bought review, if you can call it a review even. Just my two cents.

Steven Corry says:

Edgy outskirts of Los Angeles??????You mean where the coloreds live?

Pedro Hack says:

Looking at it makes me gag

Rémi Marmol says:

How easy/hard is it to add a tachometer ??? I’m use to look at mine far more often than the speedometer 🙂

Hailstorm K9 says:

I’m 4”8 and I’m honestly not sure I can fit on one,what y’all think?

Daniel Reigada says:

I really Iike the new Rebel. To say that the old Rebel was getting a long in the tooth, after 32 years would be an understatement. I think they did a great job updating it. That lane splitting looks pretty terrifying to me. But, I suppose you get used to it.

Flierman says:

I want one!!

Eduardo Alejandro del Corral Lira says:

As the proud owner of two 85 shadows, an 1100 and a 500 I honestly say the 500 has certainly been my favorite. Easy to push when out of gas, park, mod, etc.

Anyway, can’t help but feel enthusiastic about these bikes. My 500 has always been super reliable and just plain fun and I imagine many great adventures are underway.

John Cashell says:

Lane splitting, yeah, because so few people die on their bikes. Stupid is as stupid does. Been riding since ’85, lost my uncle back in 65 and cousin a few years ago. Tractor trailer jackknifed and flipped in front of me and my brother, did t think we’d survive the sugar sand in the median at highway speeds. Had countless people turn in front of me as if I wasn’t there and swapped paint. Why would anyone add something as stupid and inherently dangerous, guess you don’t enjoy life

Ezra says:

What is this, ign of the motorbike world?!

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