2017 BMW R nineT Scrambler – Favorites & Fails

Retro bikes are all the rage these days, and BMW has jumped on the bandwagon with a fleet of R nineT-based machines that capture the look of the ’60s and ’70s. The R nineT Scrambler is modeled after the on/off-roaders of yesteryear with a high muffler, knobby tires, old-school fork gators, and that classy tan bench seat. There’s no denying it’s a good-looking piece of equipment, but every rose has its thorns, as they say. In this video we hit the highs and the lows of this model, offering you a snapshot of the things BMW nailed and the areas where it missed the mark.

This bike is stock except for the following parts:

R&G Crash Bars

SW Motech Skid Plate
and skid plate


Thijs van Gils says:

Nice video! But one gripe i have is that you can adjust the idle stroke of the front brake :p

Alex Works says:

Agree with most points! I’ve got 10,000 miles on mine and on crappy roads and commute daily. I like that the suspension is softish to soak up potholes etc.

john fragos says:

Ari ,there is some dude pretending to be you, talking about an MT-10. I do not want to hurt his feelings or anything, but I am content to have you and Zack sacrificing yourselves riding all those gorgeous motorcycles for us…

Jerry Adams says:

BMW is got a pretty sweet deal going with the media. Make a expensive bike with a lot of technology and smoothness and they are the best but just cost more. Make a bike with wonky tires, suspension and a motor that rattles, smells and is rough they are still the best for their beauty and simplicity. Most other brands would love the consideration and love given to BMW, hard to lose when you make a bike that is tops when then are sophisticated or they are crude…. Something in the middle would surely be praised for it’s balance.

Ex Siege says:

Nice concise video.

I’ve got an R9T Scrambler and my only gripe is the tail section feels like a massive afterthought. Aftermarket tail tidy is a must have for me.

In your video you state that the suspension isn’t up to off road standards, Then you state that the tyres aren’t good enough on the road… Is this a road review or an off road review? Where’s the focus?

smalltalk.productions says:

good concept. like the longterm rider reviews. thumbs up.

chrisnack says:

You have R&G crash bars linked but those don’t look like what is on the bike???

Jeff O says:

13000 nah not going to happen

Oscar Jammingstar says:

Can someone make a quick comprasion this and harley street 750 ?

Motor Trend says:

good job. very informative

pinkiewerewolf says:

Gorgeous bike too bad the fails are fatals for a scrambler.
Why can’t these companies actually build a usable scrambler?

Thinakaranair Subramaniam says:

Guys.. Kudos! With much love from Malaysia.. I’m looking into 2012 CBR1000RR.. I know it’s dated but would really appreciate a F&F episode on that.. Again great videos keep it coming

AJHD says:

Tried it, great fun, great engine, great sound, great looks… Doesn’t do it for me from a commuters perspective … My biggest complaint after the price was the way it handles in the wet with those tyres… It was all over the place

Albert Tran says:

Please do more videos like this

David Florance says:

G310r 2018?

Oring Jabegu says:

Great series Ari! Keep up with the good work!

Millie B says:

I love the favorite and fails channel! Can you make one for Svartpilen 401?! Thank you!!

Irfan Zahid says:

Would love to see a review on the kawasaki z1000

marc G says:

Best cause it’s the worst…. SMH. Double the price of a z900 not double the fun.

Winterstick549 says:

Why do so many motorcycles have mushy suspension?

SV650NYC says:

Great series! Straight to the point. We need more reviewers that are not afraid to point out a bike’s shortcomings. That way everyone can make up their mind what they can expect to modify or upgrade. That doesn’t happen on all those manufacturer sponsored test rides. Great that there’s more than just the FortNine channel with critical opinions.

Rohan Bhatnagar says:

Hello Ari Henning. Please review a current generation BMW R1200R.

Barry Roberts says:

I love that it can imerge from a corner fully leant over and you can open the throttle with complete confidence. Even two up!

Sophistafunk says:

This looks like a bike you could invade Poland on

LocoEnElCoco says:

Im in love with this bike

INNOVV says:

A great series.Hoping to other videos.

Gabriel Boardman Frederico says:

Do more of these, for sure

True Believer says:

Please do one for Street Triple R and Hypermotard (not SP)

Sam says:

That thing is ridiculously good looking. And with the tires, I get the fashion statement, but you’d think BMW might, I don’t know, also want to be the ultimate riding (see what I did there) machine and pop some decent rubber on there.

Death666wish says:

Can you guys do any type of review on Hyosung bikes? Help them spread the word, after all, the more manufacturers the better right? I honestly would love to see them have success in America for one selfish reason, Dynojet and Bazzaz don’t seem to see a market beyond the shores, so for me to get a fuel management unit these bikes should sell there first.

Also, I’d love to see “my” bike on your channel. =D

Marksman2oo7 says:

you’re one vascular dude.

Thomas Elliott says:

I hate to sound as though I’m putting the other guy down but this guy Ari is far better than that wishy washy rambling stuff the other guy does which is just boring and not worth listening to. Irrespective of the content, and, let’s face it, the other guy seems to get what should be the more interesting stuff by getting test rides, this guy is far more worthwhile.

hans wurz says:

got mine since october. 1st month i did 1500 miles haha. just cannot get off of it – love it.finally found a steel rear and plate holder in italy which perfectly fits with the end of the frame. now it´s perfect!!

KintamaHD says:

If i was lookin to buy this bike id love a video like this. Still like it either way, great stuff as always. One of my fav channels

T Dawg says:

I want this bike!!

Hussain Labu says:

please make a video on Honda CB 125 R

Mayuresh Chari says:

Hey can u try the bajaj dominar 400

Lucas Veenendaal says:

Is there a fail/favorite video coming on the Yamaha xsr900 anytime soon?

Me says:

Greta idea! Keep going

Nicholas Jeremy says:

Do one either the 09 R1 or cbr600rr

quoc anh nguyen van says:

please make “favorites and fails” on Honda CB1100 EX and CB1100RS. It’s a very important bike from Honda and rival to T 120, R9T

aluisious says:

“It reminds you that you’re wrangling a machine…” Nice. Sometimes that can get forgotten. I love my Multistrada, but as dumb as it sounds, sometimes it’s a little too perfect. On a short ride on a nice summer day, I sometimes wish for something that was a little raw. Thinking of the Scrambler Full Throttle myself.

SuperJohn12354 says:

They made a scrambler that can’t be taken off road, that fails the main object of that bike, so it really doesn’t matter how good the bike is because if you make a tractor that can’t go on dirt what have you really made, a plane that can’t fly, a boat that can’t go in water.

Bárbara Monteza says:

Please do Favorites & Fails on Triumph Street Scrambler

Paul Stade says:

Great vid! Thanks for the top tip about the tyres. Keep up the good work

Cold Monkey says:

lol dam expensive bike to have all those flaws even though you like the old school quality I mean flaws

YouneZ says:

*if ypu crach on this bike u will pay a lot for the engine*

__FALKOR_ _ says:

Will The US market be getting the Z900SE?? Really hope so but can’t find any info on it

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