2016 Polaris Slingshot – Review and Road Test

If it’s not quite a motorcycle and not quite a car, what exactly is the 3-wheeled Polaris Slingshot? KBB’s Micah Muzio has the answer.

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K says:

They sell aftermarket performance engines for these. They start at just $4,500. Sounds like the Slingshot could use it.

shitbrickification says:

If it’s not as fast as it looks, then what’s the point?? My stock Subaru is faster than this thing.

NotforNuttinSchaumburg says:

The car wash! LOL!!

Wilson Echevarria II says:

I wonder what would happen if you put a v8 in that thing

kysike666 says:

Ariel Atom is better!

Shulem Gross says:

Does it have rain cover?

Reginald Dove says:

Is this classified as a motorcycle in kansas and is it required to have a helmet?

JL Jones says:

You may HAVE to wear a helmet in the state on which this video was made, however, (at least here in FL, and many other states) you are NOT required to wear it, it is NOT mandatory, we ride ours without helmets and no problem with the law at all, but I do believe it is advisable and wise to wear one for your your own safety though!

Frank Jager says:

A Lamborghini has more practicallity than this because you can seat 2 and have a place for luggage. The brakes weren’t great, and has the turning radius of a planet… Guess what, I DONT CARE!!!! It’s still fun to drive around in the mountains and open roads, you have the entire universe for head room, and it’s a little quick for using a Pontiac solstice motor. If bikers give you a dirty or snobby look for buying one, fuck’em. Go rent one and try it (just don’t live in the city when you do)

Osvaldo Del Valle says:

Definitely over-priced. It’s not even in high-demand. I would pay 3 grand at the most. Engine is the size of my arm!

kidlat1968 says:

in illinois you dont have to wear a helmet

Supreme Israel says:

why polaris slingshot is a motorcycle? it has a steering wheel

Ducati Ltwin says:


Paul Darling says:

So it’s basically an all around disappointment. No heat, no a/c, no rain protection, no wipers, no power. cheap plastic seats, and you have to wear a helmet.

curt carlisle says:

I would be embarrassed to be seen in this….period

J C says:

I live in North Dakota and no one has told us about helment laws

wally walton says:

Dork mobile…looks like a crab with wheels

Steven H says:

If you have to wear a helmet, it becomes a joke

StuntmanJake says:

Check out the Slingshot in action featured in this new Snake Plissken Fan Film ESCAPE FROM LAS VEGAS in 4K resolution free on YouTube

LZ Martin says:

didn’t need the helmet I ca…. lol

latestarter027 says:

I’m still on the fence. everyone has good reviews but its a toy. even this guy https://youtu.be/WuwaEuAVJ7c was saying its dangerous AF

rufusprime99 says:

??? Did ya get the hot wax on the car wash?

The X Man says:

That a SL that why it don’t go fast … Get a slr if you want to go fast..

pcosta816 says:

I don’t understand this thing… it’s just a fun little open air roadster, but it offers no real performance and you have to wear a helmet in most states. You’d get a more open air feel from a Miata. Plus you have actual element protection when you want it and better performance.

Mark Southern22 says:

I’ve been In one

Michael Stillwell says:

Blacks love these things woth neon lights flashing all over the place and loud speakers mounted on the side of the fucking things. Anyway they make me laugh when i roll up on one.

Nha Nguyen says:

I am very like this motorcycle

FireTypeR [ELITE] says:

One Question is the Polaris Slingshot have a V8 or V6? With what Liter?

Puff the Magic Dragon says:

I find this thing to be incredibly ugly, very distinct but incredibly ugly.

Chevifier says:

20k?? no airbags, cant drive in rain(practically speaking) no AC/Heating

Pedro Cisneros says:

If there were no helmet law for this vehicle I will be at a dealer now.why convertible cars do not need a helmet is the same principle no roof.

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