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2016 Motorcycle Tires Buyers Guide

You get two tires on a motorcycle. That’s what makes it so much fun! At the same time, however, it also means that each contact patch is twice as valuable as it would be in a car. The connection that you and your bike have to the road beneath you is imperative to both your enjoyment, and your safety. In the Best Motorcycle Tires Buyers Guide of 2016, Uncle Loomis gives you the rundown on the top options that should be on your radar as you look to outfit your bike for spring. Whether you go hard on the tarmac, or are looking for the best motorcycle tires to take on the trail, the top selections of 2016 provide you with a shortlist of juggernaut motorcycle tires from which you can decide.


theramseykid says:

I have a 2005 gsxr 600 I’m a newer rider looking for good confidence inspiring tires?

Bert Hendriks says:

For a Ducati Sport Touring 4 (ST4) i’m looking for a new tyre. I ride it like agressively and im looking for a tyre with a good balance of mileage/grip. From your video i’m considering a BT-023, are there any others to consider?

Nimbus Paintball says:

look for 2015 r1 tires…. i ride on streets in fl never gonna touch the track but it fl get caught in the rain all the time. looking for mileage but do like to play on the roads! any suggestions?

saptarshi rakshit says:

Can you help to find the best tires for Harley street 750. For maximum grips in rain, tiers life and most important cost.

Greg Blanchard says:

Want to know how the PISTA METZELER 71D tires are in comparison to the Supercorsa SP V2? I want to get slicks but also know or have heard the Supercorsa’s are the “Best” for on road but also track… I’ll be riding 100% track so I would rather run the slicks… Just don’t want to get a bad tire and make the costly mistake by getting the Metzeler if they are not going to be as good or better than the Supercorsa’s…
Just want a professional opinion about the two different tires…
Thanks in advance,

Ron B. says:

Hi there. I ride a nice 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C90 that’s in need of a set of tires that can be ridden year round in the wet northwest (WA.) I road the smaller version C50 prior to this and put on a set of Commander 2s based on this video. Unfortunately they don’t seem to make the front tire for the C90. My forum friends also love the C2s but say they run a rear tire on front just reversed. I know there is more siping on the front and was wondering what suggestions you may have. Wet weather riding is important to me. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

aviation1972 says:

I like your video presentation, but PLEASE show a little bit more of the tread patterns, ( a little longer ), please? We see plenty of “you”, and overall your presentation is fine, but I’m about to make a purchase. So, I’d like the camera to show the “tires” a little closer, and a little longer. Thanks. I’m already a Revzilla customer.

Ricardo Lourizela says:

What is the best tire for a supermoto with a 100/80-17″ front and a 130/70-17″ rear? Especially in the wet?

mrvann says:

NYC L3 Gixxer 1000 1 million edition(only 1600 miles) still rocking the stock tires. LOVED the Pilot 2CTs in the past and fell in love with the Metzler M5 on my 750. Thinking bout doing track days but its mainly a commuter as weekend pusher. What are your thoughts, 2CTs or the M5s? And can I go 195 in the rear instead of 190?

DeadHead 1989 says:

I desperately need some help. I have a 125 and want some off road type tyres. Front size is 90/90 18 and back is 120/80 16…can I go up or down at all on the size?

AWPmediagroup says:

is q3 in usa tha same what is d211 in europe ?

RSfiregod says:

Alright, so help me out revzilla! i have a ninja 300 2015. around half the year i have rain, or at least wet roads, i commute from and to school and plan on going to the track next season for aprox 4 times. what would you reccomend? i heard my bike doesn’t really have the power to really heat up those fancy track tires, so should i just take the pilot 4’s? it will be my first season on the track so knee dragging won’t happen i believe :D)

memoktc says:

Which is better for a FZ06? Pirelli Angel GT or Diablo Rosso 3?

STR Rider says:

I got a speed triple and I love going to the twisties but I do good hi way time too. Do you think the angle GT give the same grip that the Diablo 3

komang yudith says:

what’s your opinion on battlax s 21 hypersport?

phúc nguyễn says:

Sao không thấy lốp của hãng intercontinental nhỉ??

Django Reinhardt says:

That was the best intro Lemmy!!! Keep it up kiddo!!!!

ciaran pepper says:

what are the best types of tires for wet weather?

xCr0nus says:

Is Lemmy currently, or was he at any point, a school teacher?

Dnazul aprilia says:

what is your tyre recommend for my shiver 750? currently used standard pirelli angle ct. looking for the best trip on conering, good in wet n mileage?. im from malaysia., warm country. thanks bro

Ray McLellan says:

hey boys looking at the BT-023’s to replace my Battleaxe 23’s. i ride the 06 Kawi Z750s. took a look and found em for decent on the site…. but I live in Canada and since these are ‘oversized’ by shipping standards y’all can’t ship em. Where can I get a little more depth on them as the video on site just throws me here.

Brayden Fletcher says:

what tires do you recommend for a 2015 ktm rc390 I mostly do highway riding but I do go and do some twisties once a week

John McPherson says:

I’m looking for recommendations for sports bike tyre that get daily commuter use coming into winter, expecting wet weather, as well as weekend fun rides in the dry (have Corsa’s for the track stuff, so don’t need to worry about that). Sizing 120/70 ZR 17 and 180/55 ZR 17. Thank you for any recommendations!

filmdetective says:

hi there,
what’s a good tire for a Triumph Street Twin, urban use, with rainy cobble stone streets?
Thanks a lot

pa h says:

i have a Bridgestone Xdra Max 200-60-16 tire that has a one staple in it. between center and edge of of tread. can this be patched. the tire has 2300 miles on it

corey fz says:

what tires do you recommend for a 2015 fz09. stock tires are good but take too long to heat up. its my daily driver but i really like to hit the twisties and drag strip??? thanks for the review great as always.

Dong Quy says:

I have CB919 2007. Dunlop Q3 is a perfect option for my bike? I ride mostly on highway on weekends.

J CMM says:

why do you prefer the bt023 to the T30? just because of price? in your opinion whats the difference beteween them?


I have a 2016 MT-07 / FZ-07 and I live in the U.K what would you recommend as it’s basically winter now and won’t have a warm day for month’s time.

Kaleb Bock says:

Hello, I’ve only been riding for a year and I ride a 2014 Kawi Ninja 300 SE. What tires would you recommend for my bike? I mostly just ride around town, sometimes freeway. I was interested in the Michelin Pilot Power 3s. Thanks!

Greg Blanchard says:

BTW, I’m running a 07 R6..

maans le roux says:

I would have thought the expected mileage out of a tire would be a important discussion point. On the road, what ADV tyre you presented here would give the most mileage, Mitas or Heidenau?

Jeremy Antunes says:

I have a 2007 ZX-10R and it calls for a 190/55/17 but when I bought it a few months ago it had a 180/55/17. What is the advantage, if any, going to a thinner tire?

xMotoHooniganx says:

i run the pilot powers on my 08 r6 i ride hard n take corners i was wondering should i go wit Q3s or stick to pilot power lines but which set should i go wit pp, ppct2 or pp3. i really not trying slip in corner n im in az so not alot rain for rain dispersers

Travis Groth says:

Best tires for a Yamaha R3 – mixed riding with mostly casual/commuter

The Muscle Biker says:

I have a zx6r and have 180 55 rear. I don’t have chicken strips but I’d like to lean lower does a 190 allow that on a 5.5 In rim? I run Q3s currently stock size.

Kingsilverfox says:

What would you recommend for a Kawasaki zx6r , I use it for small commute to work but like to have fun on it at the weekends . It currently has the Dunlop qualifier on , 160 60 r17 on the rear and 120 60 r17 on the front .

Lex Fitness says:

PR4’s or the Q3’s for UK riding where is often a little damp/wet (but I mainly avoid wet riding but hey its the UK we get caught out lol) and often not exceedingly warm. I mainly ride for the joy of it hitting the twists but will have to do some longer hauls at points on motorways but these will be less frequent than town riding and country road fun.

My trust lies in you for a decision!!
*CBR600 F4i (FS-2) with standard gearing*

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