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2015 Motorcycle Tires Buyers Guide

They are one of the most important parts of your motorcycle, yet still one of the most overlooked. In our 2015 Bet Tires Buyers Guide we outline the options out there that stand above the rest. Finding the best motorcycle tires for your needs will be a very individualistic experience, and the most functional option will not be the same for everyone. That is where our tire guru Lemmy comes in. By outlining the best of the bunch, for a variety of desired functionalities, the best tire buyers guide of 2015 aims to help you make the right decision for you.


CheW BaCCa says:

Pilot Road 3-4 tyres are amazing even on a sports bike.

Lil_moco7 says:

Rivzilla, what tires would you recommend. I have a ninja 300 and I ride everyday to work and school ? Thank you!

Scottay says:

What are your thoughts on the Dunlop Road Smart 3 vs. the Michelin Pilot Road 4? I plan on purchasing one of them for my 2014 Honda VFR 800…

Stephanie Hughes says:

I just bought 2016 roketa mc 06 Roma hornet super sport 150cc . I want to get the biggest n safest tire I can get and what kind of tire is best for freeway, handles better all together. I want to stick to ground better.

Tim Hartley says:

I have the PR4’s on my 96 Magna 750 and they kick ass! I had Shinko’s before and liked them but I’ll never sway from Michelin!

sumay says:

Wider rear tyre for ktm rc 390 ???

Joe Reed says:

hi i have a suzuki tll000r ,my rear tire is 190 50 17, can i put on a 200 series, new to the bike world.

Gilvan e Leila says:

The problem with Revzilla is that they are on full on sales spiel 100% of the time. It damages their credibility in my view when reviewing any bike equipment.

FamilyVLOGS says:

love these videos. but a link to each tire or part or what your trying to sell would be nice alot of guys don’t like having to search for something or maybe it’s just me

Allen Thankachan says:

does 150/60 -17 will be perfectly fitting on standard 130/70 -17

Homefront says:

S2-Evos INSANE TRACTION AND FEEDBACK… M7RR Best new tire hands down, I will put them up against any modern tore on the street, I do not give a crap about the grooves, if fact, I wish they made a model with barely any grooves as hell no I do not fide in the rain…

Henry Basham says:

Good Job

Antonio Brewer says:

I’m on a 04 R1 what is the best tires for it

Seán O'Nilbud says:

Cannot go wrong with Metzler.

Michael Deemer says:

What about super motors?

HIMI2003 says:

what the best tire you recommend for a 2015 honda goldwing, great traction, long lasting tire mostly.

Mashhad Edibam says:

hey, I have a Benelli 300. I got the Perelli Angel tyres with the bike. I noticed you guys said that it’s meant for bigger bikes…should I be changing to something else? if yes can you recommend something please…thanks

Homefront says:

And, ummm, who the “F” are these guys on sportbike who like the rain lol….

Matthew Barnard says:

what’s that bike in the back?

Thor Sine says:

awesome vid!

Steve Lawrie says:

Yep, how can’t you not like Lemmy? My thoughts on the tyre side is, based on my ride, a K1300S BMW. Pirelli Angels, great road holding and great wear. If you’re doing some serious K’s, I’m an Aussie, for a heavy bike, fantastic. I just did a ride to Tasmania from Brisbane, Queensland and I was running Michelin Pilot 4’s. Total disaster. After riding the east coast of Australia, catching the ferry to Tasmania, to some of the best motorcycle roads in the world, I had to cancel a couple of rides because the tyres were not wearing correctly. Doesn’t matter, I’ll do it again next year. On returning across the Tasman, I put my favorite tire on, Metzeler, Sportec M7’s. You are not going to get the milage of a Pirelli here but the road response is fantastic. Love these tyres.

russell laureto says:

llemmy have the m7rr’s have nicely set up zx9r ride really hard rain or shine absolutely love these tires ,super grip, excellent handling had dunlop sportmax in torrential downpours rear end would wallow and fishtail.Not so with the metzelers they track straight and wont give you any suprises in the turns.You still have to excercise a judicious throttle hand but hey thats riding n the rain.Super confidence inspiring when it rains you dont care.Best wishes brother.

SMDCali says:

Hey guys I have a yzf r6 when I got the bike it came with brand new full bore tires I heard that there not good tires and want to change them when there done but I don’t know what should I run on I want grip but also get some mileage on a set of tires thanks guys

Chowdhury Remon says:

can you suggest me for Motrac M6 Motorcycle Tyre 130/70 must be mud friendly

EpiDemic117 says:

what’s your guys opinion on the roadsmart 2 from dunlop? Are there better ones. Just asking because my CBR650F i bought came with them stock.

Deepak c gupta says:

I have a hysoung gt650n I wanted to change the tyre suggestions pls

Jenny Tokumei says:

What would you guys recommend for an old Kawasaki KZ1000 LTD (a bike that I can only best describe as a sport/cruiser hybrid) that’s being used as a daily beater with occasional passengers, and riding in all weather, even torrential rain?

Kalpesh Panchal says:

Suggest me a best tyre for gixxer 155……

TheFireblade1000RR says:

No Bridgestones?

Jahrern says:

Hey Rev! Recent subscriber and tuned Scooter rider, ya, you read right 😛 70cc baby! xD Anywho, can this knowledge be used for the tinier tires aswell? like what my Peugeot Speedfight 2 uses. 12″ 130/70/12. Im looking for a tire that is gonna last long, and that can handle som rain, and be used in corners. I like to lean as much to the side as possible, but dont really feel all that comfortable with my current tires doing that.

Xian Jun Ng says:

Hi what would you recommend for the street twin. I travel to work daily, sometimes on rainy days, and would also want tires which have great mileage.

krayg33 says:

Yo lemmy, is it possible to install a 200 rear size tire on a rear stock wheel on my iron 883 without modifying the rear frame? I’m trying to go for a fatter tire look on the rear. Any suggestions?

Mike Jordan says:

Can u tell me the best supermoto tyres for best overall result

weeeeeeeeeee says:

Commander II’s are awesome.

Chandra Sekhar says:

hi bro…Do ship to india??

spiros strag says:

my friend i have a gixxer 750 k8 with dunlop sportmax d211!!!its a fantastic tyre but not for a long miles??what is the best tyre for you for more miles but still a perfect as dunlop at the road???thanks from greece!!

SteelCity Hammer says:

what tire u suggest . i have a 2000 honda cbr f4 , im a new rider so i need a tire i can trust to build confidence , i live in Ontario Canada so the weather is everything from heat snow rain , mud ect ..

Worship Wheel spin says:

suggest me best tyre for r15 v2.o

sylas shulista says:

can it run battlefield 1

Gautam K says:

Hey guys! Great Video! I’d like to know which tires can be used for the Triumph Street Twin. I’ve done 13000kms and the front seems to be wearing off. I’d like a tire that gives much more kilometres. On the other hand, I have had no issues with the Pirelli Phantoms that come as stock on the street twin.

franco chato says:

My bro I’m looking for your recommendations for my 94 Honda Shadow vt600cd front tire
If you can help me
I’ll really appreciate it

TheMakarov9 says:

This dude is awesome. His reviews are down to earth, honest, unbiased and entertaining

Kaisiru says:

I have a yamaha r3, and I’m having problems with the front tire, I heard it was pretty bearbones anyway. You guys didn’t really mention anything about entry sport bikes, which tires would you recommend for my bike?


great video good information

Mr. Kitty says:

Q3’s on my Z1000 and love how they handle/wear.

Jeffrey Hinman says:

I have had the M7rr for 2200 miles now and there’s more than half tread left. The grip is superb and I wouldn’t use another tire. By the way, it’s on a 07 gsxr 750. Ive recommended them to all my riding buddies.

Doug McCullough says:

2011 Ducati 1098s Streetfighter – I only run the Dunlop Q3’s on my bike. Great for track day and also everyday riding here in Florida. We get our chances of rain every day in the summer months and these are undoubtedly going to get me home.

Avromi Endfield says:

Hi, I have a Yamaha XJ6. I commute to college daily in central London, but very often take it out for a speedy ride. I live in London (rains a lot ) which tyre would you suggest for commuting, but grips great for when i make it move? Thank you, Av

SickMetalAddict says:

What sport touring (adventure) motorcycle tires can you recommend for desert heats that are right around 120F?

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