2 Minute Moto – Street, Track, ADV, & Off-Road Tire Pressures

2 Minute Moto – Street, Track, ADV, & Off-Road Tire Pressures

You know you need to keep your tires inflated for the best performance. But what pressure should you inflate (or deflate!) them to? Lemmy’s here to give you some guidance and suggestions for getting the most out of your tires. Once you’ve got a baseline, experiment a little! Hey, air’s free, right?


Shemar Polk says:

Can your two minute videos be little longer? Like this on for example.

John Herman says:

Hey Lem, what tire pressure gauge is that ?

BWX says:

Yamaha recommends 42 freaking psi on MT09/ FZ09/ XSR900. That is mostly
lawyer’s recommendation I think, for two up riding at weight limit of
bike on 120 degree day in Death Valley! Being 180 lbs, If I run 42 psi
on the XSR rear it’s like having a freaking rock as a tire. 35 to 37
feels about right and still maybe too high.

Mike Skidmore says:

If you want your tire pressure to stay the same and hardly ever leak use Nitrogen .. NASCAR uses and some Truck stops have it or you can get a high pressure vessel of it ..

Double x says:

I heard you where gonna shave that beard

James w Mallory says:

Nice sunburn owieee.

BuzzerAuto says:

I recommend SPF 60 is you don’t want to reapply

Rider Ninja says:

Please explain about front & rear tyre if both have same dimensions…. How to choose for better handling????

Mike Skidmore says:

Recommending non OEM recommendations opens @RevZilla for the sleaze ball Lawyers.. I use Genuine Imported German Air in my BMW tires.. I wonder if Lemmy has to put extra air in his tires ??

mahsikb says:

Aloe Vera for sunburns or cover up exposed skin

Darth Vader says:

Alot of comedians watch this chann i see.

Observing Rogue says:

What about dualsport and Off-road tires, alternating between snow & ice cold paved roads? What would you recommend for an all season rider, who can’t get snow tires, at least in their size?

DamnDirtyApe says:

Great video and awesome balanced tan lines.

Stoney says:

Hmmm… That’s a cyclist tan, not a biker tan!

Isaac Smith says:

That classic summer rider’s tan

US User says:

Nice glove burn lol

drumsnbass says:


xuijing says:

2:31 Jaaaaaaaaake’s motovlogging channellllll

GhostOfGor says:

Lemmy, medium well.

illumens says:

2 Minute Moto! Video is 4 minutes and 9 seconds. Get that shit outta here.

Jeremy Langford says:

That sun burn looks like it stings

MotoMaryland says:

Hey Lemmy glad we got the same forearm tattoos very cool 😉

Brian Brooking says:

Al Jolson presents…….

Saheel Maulingkar says:

What happened to your hands? They are really tanned

Happy Trails says:

I’m glad somebody got some sun this summer. Thanks Lemmy for the video!

Gary A says:

Good vid, Lemster… hope everyone caught the part about readjusting your dirt bike’s back up to normal pressure when riding home.

Niels Frederik von Tabouillot says:

My bike is recommended to 1.5 bar. I run 2.2 to get more speed.

Larry Guerriero says:

FOUR MINUTES FAKE NEWS also nice Harley tan

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