2 Minute Moto – Do I Need To Plug or Patch My Tire?

Do I Need To Plug or Patch My Tire?

Unfortunately, the world ain’t perfect. And punctured tires are just a part of riding in an imperfect world. Lemmy can help you make things right again by explaining the differences between plugs, patches, and when to use them. With the right tools and knowledge, a flat can be a minor setback instead of a trip-ending event.


S Tho says:

Tube. You can break the bead near the hole after it is empty, pull out just the damaged area, patch, push the tube back in and reinflate. If you’re lucky you can do it while still mounted. If not and the wheel has to come off, then get a new tube. About $25.

Best fix on the road is tubeless, plug, inflate and go.

If you get a nail in a tube tire on the road and you can’t patch yourself then wait for transportation or:
Slime the hell out of it, leave the nail in place, reinflate and ride slowly to the shop. I just went 5 miles and it sealed and held for the five mile limp. I got 30 lbs in it and it still had 25 after the trip and waiting 30 minutes. He said when he finally pulled the nail the emergency slime had sealed the hole. Slime ruins the tube, but it was trashed anyway.

13 Wench says:

You rock Lemmi

Jeremy Burkholder says:

You guys should do how to do videos

Mytwistedvoices says:

So when is it good to plug a tire, track day? Sidewall? When should I replace? Some people patch and use the rite for the rest of its life. Sorry, the video is lacking.

Tijmen van den Heuvel says:

How do you know if you have a tube or not?

Jeremy Antunes says:

I have heard 2 schools of thought but would you suggest a plug as a permanent solution in a supersport tire? I will be going on to my 3rd new tire in less than a year due to screws and it’s getting expensive

Cole Allison says:

I started watching your videos again because of these two minute tips. Keep them coming!

Jason Nichelson says:

Here’s a challenge what happens if you have to use both?.


Thank you for the great info

Please Elaborate says:

I personally would get a new tire or tube, can’t put a price on your life

Isaak Tolekidis says:

dumb question, how do I know I have a tube or tubeless?

Nigel Ren says:

Or just buy some puncture safe and never get a puncture

mathomas12171981 says:

What about a patch-plug?

Dave M says:

Without an inflator it doesn’t matter. How do you reinflate tire with out one.

Mac 215 says:

Fantastic information! Keep it up

Robert Smith says:

Neither, always put a new tube in .is your life worth more than a brand new tube…….

forgotten toothpick says:

Thanks, my dudes 🙂 appreciate the tips, will check the vid libraries if you actually teach us how to do the repairs correctly.

pickelkilla says:


edward ford says:

The Brand has really been improved and the website is Soooooo much better and easier to naveigate! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Dman Simpson says:

If you have a Tube less tire use a plug and a patch, use rubber cement to make sure the patch will stay on and don’t forget to buff the inside of your tire before apply the patch

mukans says:

If i get flat tube, i guess i should call some friend with wan, the last rear tire i bougth new, was impossible to mount by my own, had to give it to motoshop, the same with my sidecared friend, for a longer trip i take complete wheel with me

Eduardo Briceno says:

FYI. In the State of California it’s “Illegal “ to either patch or plug. Furthermore; No motorcycle shop will repair your tire, instead they will sell you a tire! Not user friendly…

Ontario Andrews says:


Dick Johnson says:

Tubeless – plug it to get home, then replace it.

David Hovey says:

Man i don’t suggest it but I’ve done all these thngs… And I have a shit load of gravel in my ass… Point blank… you anit driving no cage.. you got only two damn wheels.. I ride full leather in Arizona year f’ing round.. I like my skin a whole damn lot! Don’t accept any repair as permanent… Even Obama care costs more then replacing a f’ed up tire!

Shaun Phillips says:

Can u guys do a video on cleaning white wall tires??

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