#1 Reason To NOT BUY a KTM Motorcycle (DEAL BREAKER!)

#1 Reason to NOT BUY a KTM is at 3:12
Watch Video: https://youtu.be/94fawYxt0Fk
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Joshua Nute says:

ask snowcat!

BigHoss P&R says:

KTM = Keeps taking money. Also, the “Race Features Unlock Codes” WTF is that? fucking DLC for motorcycles? Nope, I’ve seen too much of their bullshit to invest in KTM products.

Luis Castillo says:

Stick to Yamaha if you want reliability. But you already know this.

jodys714 says:

Thought you were getting a Beta?

Jason Howlett says:

I bought a 2015 new rode it 10k miles with 0 problems traded it in on a 2017 and have 5,500 miles with 0 problems. I’ll never buy anything but ktm again.

Ingolf Stern says:

good point. fuck ktm w ith that nonsense. lots of choices. we speak with our money.

Tomek Kruk says:

Omg i love the ducati, is nice and awesome, but i want to sell it cause i dont like it for some reason, but it’s soooo awesome and fun to ride and nit that expensive to maintain but it’s shit and i love it but i will sell it, i think, but i dunno cause i love it. I like your channel mate, but ever since you got the Ducati the majority of the content here looks kinda like that.

Eric Pye says:

Doesn’t the US have legislation detailing warranty cover? In the UK it’s law that a new item should be fit for purpose and every aspect is guaranteed for 12 months.

Vector VII says:

If it’s is the first model year don’t do until you research what issues the bike may have.

Colin MacKenzie says:

CC watch out! You’re turning into a motorcycle hoarder. I know where this goes…

Vinnie Le Deuce says:

You answered your own question

Harley Breakout Guy says:

Ducati is very good with warranty – my wife’s Panigale 1299s had dead white line pixels across the display screen, the dealers replaced it without me asking for it.

About 12 months ago my TFT screen also had dead pixel white lines and Ducati replaced it for me under warranty too.

Eric Voet says:

Different subject: But I was just checking out the Ducati Diablo S -and the Ducati titanium (chain drive) and that chain guard on the (S), seems to be Really Flimsy Plastic can’t you just remove that, to avoid stones getting caught up there? I’m sure it wouldn’t affect the warranty you could replace it when you bring it in for service or problems?

Carlos says:

I do not understand … I have a duke 390 that I bought new and was replaced the speedometer (digital) in guarantee without paying anything … was the only question I had with the motorcycle in 3 years .. so far .. 10000 km

Ruger Luger says:

I have a reason not to buy it…….I’m fucking poor.

László Labancz says:

We have a saying about KTMs in Hungary…..
It aint nice

Ian P says:

Ummmmm, boxer twin or Fireblade, that’s what I’d go for.

Mingkong Lego says:

Do you not like street triple or mt10?

Bill Freedman says:

For that much money they don’t stand behind their shit? I wouldn’t just on principle

Dhruv Balaya says:

I wouldn’t suggest buying a KTM bike. I own a 390 Duke and in just four months of ownership, I’ve ran into many problems. Also, the bike heats up a lot. The overall build quality is fairly good, but there are some parts which look horrible. KTM isn’t reliable either. If you’re going for a street fighter in that class, I’d suggest the Yamaha FZ-10 (Yes, it looks like a transformer bike, but it’s a Yamaha after all!)

CycleCruza says:

Update Video: I contacted KTM headquarters about their crappy warranty: https://youtu.be/FZmMLaero5k

BuhLakeh says:

Worked for KTM for a while, never had people come in for anything other than oil changes and scheduled maintenance. I know you’re practically obsessed with warranties and services, but i’ve ridden ktm for a decade now and their bikes have always been excellent to me, and me and my dad have owned 8 of them between us. I wouldn’t trade my KTMs for anything. Also, their dirtbikes dont have any more electronics than your WR. Comes with a standard speedo, headlight, tail light, and that’s about it. Also, don’t get so involved in the forum politics. Yourre going to find problems with ANY bike if you start looking for them. it’s the internet

Sv Squid says:

Cyclecrusa… I’ve been watching your vids for quite some time, I like the content and it’s interesting to see your passion for motorcycles grow.

I think personally for spending so much money, to not have such expensive components be covered AT ALL is a deal breaker.

I know it’s not the same but I purchased a brand new Suzuki Sv650 for my first bike (it’s been 1 year) the bike came with a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty! It covers everything except the brakes / wheels and rims / cables & consumable peripherals.

I had an issue with the ECU and my shop express ordered one and had me back out and riding in 48 hours!

Granted my bike was considerably cheaper than yours… $6999 but even at that price point I’d expect some coverage especially in today’s day and age.

I love the idea of having a KTM 1190 super duke or a 1290 or any of their bikes but this warranty info really makes me think I’d only ever buy one USED strait cash so if something did break it would be ON ME anyways.

Cheers and I’m still interested to see weather you loose 250 or gain a super duke !

Jamie Crosby says:

Im looking into buying a used duke 390, it’s so odd that this was posted during my intense hunt XD

saabsly1 says:

Hey man! I don’t know this brand at all; never had one and I know no one who has one either so i can’t pronounce myself on their durability. But there is one way I might be of help. I don’t know the laws of your state, but in here, we have what is called a “manufacturer legal warranty”. Almost no one knows about that, and that warranty is often way better than any standard warranty (and lasts longer too). So If I were you, I would google it or maybe ask a friend lawer or something. Of course, no seller will ever tell you about it cuz they are making so much money and uninformed customers…. If you don’t have that warranty, then I wouldn’t buy that brand at all. Even if it was the best, most solid bikes ever, you never know if you’ll hit a lemon.

Freddie Riboni says:


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