Why 22″ Rims Are Dumb (Ford Edge Sport Review)

Still not convinced? More proof: http://www.caranddriver.com/features/effects-of-upsized-wheels-and-tires-tested

People think big wheels are cool. Others say big wheels = performance. They don’t. In fact, thats a total lie. We’ve learned from experience now that 22″ wheels are dumb.

Our CEO Richard Cooper takes a closer look at the company Ford Edge Sport which comes from the factory with 22″ wheels.

From our experience bigger wheels are all about show, with no go. Check out the video reveiw on the Ford Edge Sport with 22’s and tell us what you think.

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JOSHUA Mulholland says:

i dont know how braking would be reduced when their is more tire surface area contacting the road. At high way speed or constant speed the heavier wheel would act as a flywheel. the edge sport was also designed for 22″ wheels hence the different suspension. smaller side walls also reduce body roll. also your improved gas mileage may be due to the smaller tires because your axle is turning more the with the larger wheel, sinces the edge sport was designed for 22″ wheels. when you have 305 hp i doubt the rotational weight hurts or help gas milage. acceleration should be better because of more traction and less traction control.

slikdarelic says:

ur supposed to stay within 2″ of the original rim size anyway..  too many people out there dont realize that.

theway says:

stock rims are usually the cheapest and the heavy rims but if u get a lighter wheel maybe a forged or a 3pc wheel and if looks don’t matter he would be driving a warped up station wagon people want what they want and do it research

Armando Juz says:

Save your money and get the ugliest rims and put balloon tires on them. Your not impressing no one anyway. Also why throw your money away with expensive sneakers and jeans. Your not impressing anyone. Just get orthopedic shoes with a lot of tread and tight golf pants. Then you will walk faster and feel like your floating on air. So buy yourself a sport model suv and make it unsporty. That’s money well spent. Make your grandpa proud!

zanick2 says:

True, handling on a rough and undulating track. yes….. acceleration? Its only effected by how much the wheel is heavier than the other.    Each lb on the wheel is the same effect as if 2 were in the car.   if all 4 wheels are 10 lbs heavier each, its like 80lbs not 40 as far as acceleration… shaving hairs on a street car.   and most 22s can be lighter than 17s and the  tire weight can be a lot lighter… rubber is heavier than most alloy, so shorter sidewall tires can be lighter. (and they are on a wider diameter)
handling?   actually heavy wheels on a SUV is a good thing. it fights lock up in the snow or rain
running the “Ring”… maybe a little less unsprung weight can help, but not much.
certainly not fuel mileage.   that’s utter   BS.  the only difference in fuel mileage is the increased weight on the tires overall.   that 40lbs, wouldn’t do much…… does a passenger change your fuel mileage???   no!!!!!    aero and rolling friction.   fact is, the 22s with hard tires would have less rolling friction, and might improve gas mileage.
also, handling…… he says “it rides better”.. maybe if you like a soft feel, but if you want better handling, those 22s would outperform the narrow, large sidewall snow tires, any day of the week. (unless you were in the snow 😉 )

Tom Nguyen says:

not going to lie, I am thinking about getting 20 to 22″ wheels on my CX-5 I just recently bought a month ago. Gas on it is okay, but isn’t entirely better then my old 07 honda Fit sport. I’ve noticed a big difference in gas, but each time I look at my 17″ wheels on the mazda, it looks really small and I kinda want to upgrade them. After watching this video, I am not so sure anymore. Would look a lot better with bigger wheels but gas will suffer.

Steven Andrews says:

its for looks not performance . Would you rather your side chick wear 4″ heels with a mini skirt or sneakers with track pants to the hotel .lol

Marcus Jackson says:

Why didn’t you just buy a limited? Or order different wheels and tires when you bought the vehicle?

TheToekutter says:

LOL, people whining about how others choose to spend their money. I get so sick of that attitude. If I want to pile all my money up and light it on fire, why the fuck does anyone care? It’s…not…their…money…to…worry…ABOUT.

Bryan Steele says:

Hey. Decent video. I have an Edge Limited with 20” rims. Tires are 245/50r/20…I’m looking to buy winters with 17” as well… Will a 235/65r/17 work on my Edge?

Javier Urrutia says:

fuck this guy I’m stunnaman

Chris says:

Whoa there Holmes.  If buying 22’s is stupid, explain why you bought em?   Some of us folks can step up to a different Edge, it doesn’t make us bad, it just is.  People love my Ford Edge Sport…….the rig is a hit in the sea of X5’s and Range Rovers where I live.   It’s American, it’s a bit brash, but still has clean style too.  And I get stopped all the time by folks saying it’s sweet to see Ford do this, it’s across all age groups too……..now onto your background on racing……..there is no racer on this planet that will tell you a 17 inch rim/tire package of the same rolling circumference is a better handling option than a small sidewall height as the 22’s are.  Hands down, 22’s will handle way better, corner better, stop better.  It’s the tire contact patch that matters……..comfort, yes, 17’s will do better……but that is it.   Your MPG babble, that has a lot to do with the compression of gas too at a given temparature, and here in the states, we dilute the summer time gas too…….so if Canada is the same, it’s not the rims brother.

One last note, my Sport with the 22’s a helluva lot cheaper than Ken and Barbie’s Range Rover Deluxe which is double he cost of my Edge……and I can still get to the grocery store just like the…….and Ibtw ‘m debt free too.    And it’s because of the rims.

Rupert Gillette says:

Imagine if you had an ugly fat no ass no boobs no hips wife that would be economical but very motivating;; ford called it a sport because you have eyes and some of us dont live in our minds ALL THE TIME some people have eyes making you feeeeel and not be COLD and calculating all the time ;; nothing like a woman with a nice face boobs hips and ass its makes you feel
your opinion sound like you are a COLD guy{ DUMB } yes if you are COLD;;; Do you have an UGLY wife ?? I like my PUSSY wrapped with visual niceties the fucking feels so good. fuck the milage,, make that EDGE move like you see hot chicks move
nice slow and deliberately’;;; you feel me

Warren OneDollarApologist says:

Appreciate your clear explanation. Even though I’m not anywhere near snow, I just bought an Edge and love it and look for as much info on it as I can. So thanks again.

Carlitos Ramos says:

It is pretty widely known by anyone who knows anything about cars that in anything less than a supercar, anything above 17 inch wheels is just for show.

Jarek07 says:

Comparing a softer winter tire to a summer tire on different rims is like comparing peanut butter to jelly..

Abagail says:

It’s called the ford edge sport meaning it’s the sporty version ain’t nothing sporty about stock 17s I bought a edge with 17s and hated even being seen in it until I got 22S for it obviously a guy who does debt consolidation thinks 22S are dumb your boring so your use to boring things like mountain biking or hiking also being a pit guy once doesn’t make you a car guy lol just stick to your day job trying to save people money here’s a tip sell the 22S on craigslist and just ride your 17s all year there just saved you money

Dirk Diggler says:

I think you worded your title wrong. Should be ‘Why 22″ rims aren’t efficient in certain climates’. Its not dumb to prefer the look of a rim over another. Thats an ignorant stand point.

John Windsor says:

Good and accurate information.  When my wife and I were deciding upon options for her Escape we noticed a big difference in ride between the two sizes of wheels.  We went with the smaller ones.

But what are these “kilometers” of which you speak?  🙂

Lfapookie says:

That’s just personal preference.

Mark McDonald says:

I never knew. Thanks for this.

FranksDD15 says:

You may be correct but why do you care what people do to their cars?

rockie071 says:

First off, while its true that your fuel economy would suffer slightly by having a heavier wheel/ tire package, its not fair to attribute the entire difference you got to the wheels. Your winter tires I presume were used because the roads were slick. Your driving will be more cautious do to road conditions ie. more economical. Second, you will have a softer ride with more sidewall, but cornering (handling) will improve with less sidewall. Choose your poison. Do you want a softer, more sluggish ride, or do you want a firmer, more responsive, sporty ride? I test drove the sport model with 21″ rims 2 days ago and was surprised at how soft the ride was. I expected to feel the bumps in the road much more. I think Ford did a great job with the suspension on the Sport. The smaller rims make this car feel way to spongy for my taste. Bottom line is that both options have both good and bad characteristics, but to claim a larger rim is “dumb” because of the flawed logic you used is well, dumb.

Daniel Nichols says:

I have the 22s haha.. I know it’s a lot of rotating mass but they are pretty and tbh it drives really awesome as it is. It’s not a racecar afterall, and it still gets (slightly) better milage than my old subaru.

Rhonda Long says:

Good vid . . . Thanks!

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