Which is Best? Acidic Vs Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaners

In the episode of Driveway Dudes, Will (kind of scientifically, but not really) tests Acidic & Solvent based Versus Non-Acidic & Solvent free Alloy wheel/Rim cleaner to clean Paul’s BMW alloy with up to 15 years of accumulated brake dust, dirt, road tar and wheel weight glue.

This is a home experiment and an unbiased review of W5 and Astonish Car Care on the inside of a very dirty alloy wheel.

Will and Paul did their best to mask off half of the wheel. Will did his best to follow the instructions on each bottle and spent, as close as possible, the same amount of time cleaning with both products.

Will and Paul chose a day with the best possible conditions to carry out DIY cleaning and avoided direct sunlight.

“Autoglym Clean Wheels” Review: https://youtu.be/XJj–HHKDbA
How To Remove Light Scratches, Scuffs, Curb Marks and Polish Wheels: https://youtu.be/IY3hd-KLaGg
Using Cheap Wheel Cleaner to Degrease Engine Plastics: https://youtu.be/SwU4MFCN5No

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Ferdinand Holm says:

Good video! Love it! ❤️

beto8536 says:

man u talk to much

rockhills says:

Supposedly acid based wheel cleaners excel when used on aluminum wheels.

I wonder what the results would be if the cleaners were sprayed, left to dwell and then hosed off?

colin brown says:

I would hazard a guess the brush did more of the cleaning than either chemical.

steliostsi says:

use it on your dirty teeth now

Happy Fox says:

“non scientific test with festive tape” I just lost it, any scientific tests should be done with festive tape, it makes them much more fun

SeanyTheHeartsFan says:

Gave you a thumbs down because I just watch a 16 minute video and it could have been over in the 6. Waste of ten minutes.

Lewis says:

why would you brush them? let it soak and rinse off

James Travill says:

If in doubt… repeat everything again and again

Daniel Fl. says:

Really lovely video, but you can’t use it for shit. If I sprayed soapy water on the wheel and the scrubbed it with a brush I would get the same result. You should only have sprayed it on and washed it off to see which did a better job.

Dustin Pomeroy says:

Brown Royal,guaranteed if you are not using it you are paying way to much and working way too hard,it’s an alkali and does what it says it will

hakman239 says:

Why are you using astonish wheel cleaner it cost £1

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