Wheels VS Rims: What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between a rim and a wheel? We take a look at why some wheels are called rims and some rims are called wheels.


Heather Sanborn says:

People who say “rim” or “noss”or”wing” not “wheel “,”nitrous “and “spoiler ” are tools and deserve to be punched in the mouth, same as pronouncing diesel “deezle” it’s “deesle” with an “S” , stupid loads

Robert G says:

To me, a “wheel” consists of the tire and rim, and a “rim” is just that a rim with no tire. Therefore a “rimjob”… is just getting rims only…

Gerard Marlet says:

in spain is: Hub, spokes, ring and the rim is the complete piece and the wheel is the rim+tire…

Kevin Keohan says:

I don’t this was necessary, but hey all good

Thomas-Mr-TT says:

I call them roundie go rounds

Jonathan p says:

i call them roundy bois

Arlen Morrison says:

I appreciate the acknowledging the validity of the different use of language by different groups, but the importance of knowing the official terminology. Very Paulo Freire.

Leonardo Ojeda says:

Thanks for improving the audio

fearofchicken says:

Lmao this got a dislike?!

Zsombor Kaló says:

Strange, this is the case in other languages, too. In Hungary, we have this confusion, even in “expert” context.

Matthew Litke says:

I can’t stand people who say rim when talking about a wheel

Nathan Bridges says:

haha awesome! it’s no different from people pointing at monitors and calling it computer!

CharlietoKind says:

i really like that hoodie. you guys have a store?

Still Available says:

It’s a shame you have to explain something so obvious… unfortunately it’s also necessary

Integra DIY says:

I thought it was hub/spoke/Barrel

Joezze-Bear says:


Phos9 says:

I think the rim is the part that retains the bead.

Chris Goddard says:

I didn’t know this was a debate. I’ve always just called a wheel a wheel and tires are tires.

alphamech says:

there is no steering rims in car but steering wheels
steering wheels = wheels that steer
those wheels you shown should be call rolling wheels 🙂
but i refer them as sport rims because everyone know this term.

Thomas Kinkade says:

A wheel is a wheel. The rim is the outer part of the wheel. I really wish people never started using the word rim to refer to wheels. A wheel is a wheel.

MaxTryk says:

I tried both wheels and rims – my car still crashes itself.

Ted G. says:

never knew this, thanks!

Urambo Tauro says:

I keep going back and forth over this in my head. Either way makes its own kind of sense. Right now, I’m leaning towards “wheel” as being the whole package (which includes the tire). Mainly because the word “wheel” existed long before we ever started mounting “tires” on “rims”.

But I don’t like referring to the center piece as a rim, because the rim is really just the outer bit that meets the tire. So if that center piece is only part of the “wheel”, and the rim is only part of that center piece, then we need another word for that center piece, and I’m drawing a blank on what to call it. A “rim/spokes/hub assembly”? I dunno, that’s a bit long-winded…

fearofchicken says:

Thank you.

Joezze-Bear says:

Bobby have his man the best rim job, not wheel job

sean golden says:

I call them circle things

Rasul' YUnusov says:

This guy told the same story like a tutor from the university where I learned)

Tim Winters says:

Interesting bit of wheel history: The iron/steel hoop shrunk onto a wooden wagon wheel was called its tire and was, in fact, the first run-flat tire.

Matthew Scarpetta says:

people call alloy wheels mags? they arent made of magnesium but they still call them mags. go figure…

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