Wheels treated with nano-coating after 14 months and 3 car washes

To buy the wheel cleaner used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KS5JJ4A/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=youtubesonaxwheelcleanervideo-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B00KS5JJ4A&linkId=c75ccb8825dccf4b12d83f8aadd114d8

A tutorial I wrote showing the ideal way to take advantage of Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus, use wheel cleaning tools(along with links to purchase) and the methodology. http://detaileddesignsautospa.com/quickly-safely-wash-wheels/

A testament to the benefit of having your wheels coated! These Porsche wheels were treated 14 months prior to this video being taken. The owner told us that he’d washed the car 3 times over the 14 months.

14 months and 3 washes, in an open car port in Atlanta. Coatings shine through as a wonderful option for protecting surfaces that are exposed to the harshest elements.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and would like to speak with us about longterm protection options for your car, we at Detailed Designs Auto Spa @ www.detaileddesignsautospa.com , are happy to schedule a consultation for you. We offer Modesta nano coatings, clear bra installation, professional car detailing, paint correction and interior coating solutions to the greater Atlanta area.

If you like the video and wish to purchase the wheel cleaner used, we appreciate using our Amazon affiliate link listed above. Thanks everyone!


usha paroche says:


Borg Drone says:

and then you cant stop your car cus you got nano shit on your brake pads.. butt it looks clean.. ya there is a sucker born every ..never mine..

Angie Versoza says:


Adam Harding says:

safe to use on exhaust tips too?

Cirez says:

Made in Germany (⌐■_■)

John McMahon says:

Does this stuff get brake dust out of your eyes ?

misy4ru3 says:

i prefer the looking before it was cleaned.

MB808AllDay says:

So is it actually a cleaner? Or does it just change color do to a chemical that reacts with air that turns it purple/black?

Андрей Денисов says:

This is that happens if you wash can one at 5 years.

Erik Markusson says:

Amazing to see all dirt and chemicals just flushed out in the nature and water! Ever heard of environment? In Sweden not allowed to carwash in the streets…

wickedroman says:

Got a Porsche and wash it 3 times a year, owner is a moron…

GraveUypo says:

i think there are better places to store red wine

Robert Rooney says:

What kind of Porsche is that is it a panermara and also can you shout out my YouTube channel

Gido Pranger says:

nice lambo

Zeeshan Badshah says:

where I can buy it plz reply

David Morales says:

at the rate you use that stuff you will need a new bottle for every wash

elesdee1 says:

i didnt wash my car for like a year now

Benjamin4402 says:

+Detailed Designs Auto Spa
What nano coating do you use?

Matthew Vecchioni says:


CasperPolskaHamburg R32 says:


Zakhwan Pauzi says:

rich person are lazy to wash their car

Stanley Chang says:

Hey does color changing, thioglycolate(mercaptoacetate) based, wheel cleaners damage ceramic coatings or reduce its life any?

More specifically, Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus or Full effect, on Duragloss Enviroshield Nano Ceramic Coating.

Ruben A says:

Three car washes in 14 months wtf!!!

Biscuit trOOper HD says:

The wheel’s dust seems not to be brakes dust…the brakes dust are darker than this. I dont know Rick, looks false

eboy Arañador says:

in saudi arabia u can find cars unclean for more than 3yrs and they use it daily

mezalong says:

don’t use this its bad for tyres,brake pads,hub…. everything ect. corrosive bollocks

Daniel Weinstein says:

my question is why would some let a Porsche get that dirty. mine get cleaned at leat once a week with touch up wax

Alvaro Lopez says:

Wow…. Where can I get this magic bottle?

I rhys says:

god just poor the bottle over it lol

Berenger Christy says:

Pretty sure any degreaser would do this when combined with a power/pressure washer. Might as well just get simple green instead of some fancy stuff that works the same

Juan Munoz says:

Where can I buy it

Dark Man says:

What coating did you use?

Felix Fangmann says:

nice red colour ahahaha

Nicolas Molini says:

I see no diference

Decepticon Leader says:

I love to see rims get cleaned. I hate when people abuse rims and don’t take care of there car

heinz 490 says:

phosphoric acid would do the job even if you didnt use nano first dont use Money but clean your Wheels when you go to a car wash in my country the gas stations have a kit with insekt remov and Wheel cleaner for free

amine soiyle says:

bonjour si quoi le nom de produits svp

bumble bee says:

Why wouldn’t manufacturers nano-coat the rims from the start?

matrix channel says:

that’s a lot of water used on the wheel.

StuntMenLive says:

Available in Europe?

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