Wheel Woolies Review! Are they Really Worth it?

In Depth Review of the Wheel Woolies Wheel Brushes! Pros/Cons, Price, Usability and Everything else you need to know about the legendary Wheel Woolies.

Where To Purchase –
B Kit: http://www.slimsdetailing.co.uk/accessories-kits-and-tools/brushes/wheel-woolies-3-pack-b.html

Handle Grips: http://www.slimsdetailing.co.uk/accessories-kits-and-tools/brushes/wheel-woolies-handle-grips-red.html

Caliper Spoke Woolie: http://www.slimsdetailing.co.uk/accessories-kits-and-tools/brushes/wheel-woolies-caliper-spoke-woolie.html

Wheel Woolies Range: http://www.slimsdetailing.co.uk/wheel-woolies.html

Vikan Wheel Brush: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/370333020757?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

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Paul Dolden Details says:

Great review I’m a fan of my EZ brushes but I’m looking into these

Glenn Byrnes says:

Hey buddy, thank you for your post on wheel woollies. I purshased a set a week ago to be delivered to Australia. You have put my mind at ease for an unbiased view. I did pay $154.00 Australian for them.

jay thompson says:

Great video bro . the one detail you left out is wheel woolies should be used along side of your other wheel brushes . use the wheel brushes with your chemicals and reserve your wheel woolies for soap and water .

Jack Marlborough says:

Jack here from slims detailing, good work man.

Hopefully hear from you soon!

BergmannDollo says:

i use the smallest one in the door shuts buddy it is great working around there

K K says:

17:55 “fuck that buzzer” hahahahaha

Dominic Aslett says:

just across this thanks to Jon at forensic detail, and I gotta say mate, I love it! fun to watch, you don’t beat around the bush, and as far as a review goes, I feel I could trust what you say. so thumbs up buddy, and I’m subscribing


Will the woolies scratch powder coated wheels?

Dermot Carroll says:

These are a well worth investment, using these with a quality shampoo is far safer and just as effective as using a dedicated wheel cleaner. They may appear to be expensive but my set are still going strong after 3 years and using these I haven’t needed to buy any specific wheel cleaning product.

Eric Gruntfuttock says:

Great brushes but its probably best to get the rims off and sort em out from behind.(like are lass)

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