Wheel Spacers Good or Bad? | Spacers Explained

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There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding and misconception regarding wheel spacers. So today I thought I’d try to clear a lot of that up.

The four main types of spacers:
Non Hub Centric Slip On
Hub Centric Slip On
Hub Centric Bolt On
Non Hub Centric Bolt On

Some specific wheel spacers that adapt the bolt pattern on your car to a different bolt pattern would be a wheel adapter and would follow the same principals as explained in this video.

Anyways, thanks for watching and I hope that helped clear some things up 🙂

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Mr Khan says:

great work man, thank u so much, need more informative videos like that, about chasess and suspension,
respect from Pakistan.

Tanicia Crichlow says:

now i know about space, wicked show bro

Tom Dublin says:

Awesome video dude, it really helped me out on to grasping an idea on how spacers work. Keep it up!

Pili González says:


mrpmj00 says:

PRO: Looks better
CON: Added unsprung weight means slower acceleration, slower agility, longer braking.

fuzzy wuzzy says:

I have to poop

Alex Craig says:

If you tighten in a star pattern gradually you eliminate the need for hubcentric rings. The star patter applies even pressure and will gradually center the wheel

Daniel Rivas says:

Marking this video a drinking game (spacers)

Navycorpsmanvet81 says:

I had to get a 1″ set for my rear wheels because the tires were too wide and up against my quad shocks. I dont have a panhard bar yet so I still kind of need my quad shocks. I know some people say you dont need them, but I was getting too much wheel hop without em so I had to get spacers and put the quads back on.

MadMat says:

Is it possible to run hub rings with the adapters, then hung rings with the rims? Seems like a pain to measure hub sizes in order to get the right size

Ivan Nel says:

Very informative, thank you

Toms Chevelle says:

I am running non hub centric spacers on my 70 Chevelle and have had no problems so far. The lugs can only fit in the tapered holds on way, you would really have to try to make it off center.

scmroman says:

I’m looking to get spacers for my truck to give it a more aggressive look but I’m it sure. It has rear drums brakes and idk if I can run spacers on them and if I would need differently sized ones for the front disc brakes.

AndreAgonia says:

When a RACE car has to adapt its wheels specifics due to “sponsor obligations” you know things went a bit too far on the commercial side

Qas F30 says:

best video

EL-PIRATA 956 says:

So What Brands Would You Recommend For People Thaf Dont Have Knowledge On What Brand Purchase…From Cheapest To Expensive..

Cooleo says:

dont use spacers

Dominic Daley says:

im surprised i actually learned something

Zach Petersen says:

He is literally one of the most intelligent car enthusiasts I have ever seen.

hoang nguyen says:

Wound it be safe to stack 2 hub centric spacers?

Mike Honcho says:

great video answered all of the questions i had about wheel spacers

G0BLiN says:

Why am I watching this

Tim R. says:

Thanks for dropping the knowledge

Arsh.D.savage says:

What car is that

Dbn Poldermans says:

That ending: “I won’t let them hurt you ever again”
Very comprehensive video. Thanks alot.
They get a bad rep, because people just want to stance their car with it, and like you explained could be dangerous when not thinking it through.

Kenneth Mcgarvey says:

Hey OffBeat Garage, awesome videos. Very helpful, but i do have a question. Whats your opinion on using large wheel spacers (2″), removing the studs that come with, and sliding them over hardened steel extended studs (3.5″) that are already on the car? Thanks in advance!

Boosted Lawnmower says:

Those wheels are ugly as hell

nunya bizness says:

n.b. wheel spacers are NOT LEGAL to use on the road unless fitted by the manufacturer ….track use ONLY !!!

OLCtv says:

Does info go for bolt pattern adapters too

The814Legend says:

This video should be referenced in every single car forum.. I’m so sick of answering dumb questions that seem like common sense. great video bro.. keep em comin.

Timothy Berg says:

Just subbed.
I like the thorough explanations and the TOC timestamps. I learned quite a bit. Nice!

Your dream wheels example kept me tuned. Mandrus does not offer what I want in the offset I need. I thought jumping from 32 to 42 would be too much, but it seems to be minor compared to what most folks do. Also, I am not racing. I just want to improve the handling by increasing to an 18″ wheel.

Which wheel spacer brand would you recommend, of course, heeding your advice about hub centric and bolt on design for a secure fitment?

Thank you.

Ti Guay Zhou says:


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