Wheel Spacers & Adapters – Good Or Bad?

Are wheel spacers safe? Are wheel spacers a good idea?
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How will wheel adapters affect handling? What effects will wheel spacers have on suspension geometry? Wheel spacers can help with fitting big brake kits, altering wheel offset if aftermarket wheels are used, and can widen a car’s track, thus reducing load transfer and ideally improving handling. That said, wheel spacers affect suspension geometry, and will change the scrub radius, affecting braking stability, and also reduce the effective spring rate at the wheels. Wheel spacers can also cause wheel bearing failure.

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novzki says:

How about effects of changing mufflers to mid or big cans?

Matt Somar says:

if you correct a positive offset with wheel spacers, does it change wheel geometry?

Malik Omer says:

Next video put a GoPro cam on the draw board. All the time he’s watching the draw board 😀

Thepawn17cp says:

Hate this guy

chiknhawk90701 says:

I have 350z Roadster oem tires are 55/205/17. I just put on a set of spare rims I had which are 35/245/20 with offset +40. The offset for oem is recommended 30. Is this ok? If I had a choice I would’ve picked rims with lesser offset than the ones with 40 but thats what I had around at the time.

CrepuscularTableaux says:

Subbed to your channel even though I was feeling depressed after watching this…destroyed my dreams in a good way. Thanks:)

RevMatchTV says:

My head hurts. This is great stuff!

Jonathan Dexter says:

get a gym membership bro. jesus christ talk about Popsickle man.

R-Cabz says:

You can eliminate all the draw backs of having a wheelspacer if you match the effective offset of your stock configuration with your modified set up. of course this would mean having bigger limitations to how far you can mod but it is the safest and best way to let both the benefits of the stock configuration, and the benefits of the modified configuration meet halfway and actually work. My friend did the same with his car. He gets his car checked every 6 months and the mechanics see no negative effects on his suspension system.

prettyboy103 says:

Dam well looks like ill be taking my spacers off soon. $119.00 down the drain lol

fede rockin says:

real good, exactly what I was looking for with all the info

Land Rover Toolbox Videos says:

Wheel bearings come in pairs. Whilst the explanation is correct when you “offset” as described it will obviously load both in an axial manner which is detrimental to both bearings on the stub axle.

JGibb 62 says:

my brain hurts

Juan Granados says:

I love when this guy gives a review I usually fast forward everything and get my results at the end good videos though

Sam Nobbs says:

this guy needs some camber

Jonathan Sosa says:

also get betyer tires before you do this

OhHyphy says:

I just bought a 370z and the only thing I don’t like about it is how far the wheel sit in the wheel well. I was thinking about getting 20mm spacers in the back and 15mm in the front. Would this change have more negative affects than positive?

Jose Ulloa says:

I do follow your videos and they are excellent. Recently, I bought an used vw gti 2013 with 18 inch allow wheels , the sctock ones. I decided to buy new tires, balanced them and allign them perfectly. However, I have noticed that when I drive more than 70 or 80 MPH, the car suddently begins to vibrate in my seat and passenger seat. I have read that those vibrations have to do with the rear wheels if the steering wheel does not vibrate, which is my case. In addition, the person who sold me the car told me that he put wheel spacers in the rear wheels, but not in the front wheels in order to improve the look of the car. I am planning to go ahead and get those spacers out and put the stock ones back again and see if that fits the vibration problem. Do you think that vibration can be related to those rear wheel spacers,? Thanks man.

Colin Bellew says:

wheel spacers are bad.I had all 5 rear wheel bolts sheer off where spacer meets wheel twice in a fortnight on a BMW 3 series. (rear driver side).Def would not even consider them again.Lucky I was at low speed or it could have been deadly.

Marvin vanegas says:

so it’s bad or not.. you did all this scientific B’s.talk..with no real definition..

Skorppa03 says:

This video gives a way too negative image about spacers and leaves out a lot of important information. I’d recommend checking any more in-depth video.

Cesar Lopez says:

awesome explanation on your videos keep up the good work.

Jordan P says:

I have a suzuki sierra narrow track and u don’t like how the wheels are closer I want to bring them out. I want to put 50 mm wheels spacers so it looks like a wide track sierra. Is this okay to do? I’ll put the wide track flares guards on too

Scooter George says:

One thing to remember. When tightening the nuts that attach the adapter to the brake drum or rotor, have someone apply the brakes so you can properly snug these nuts.  That helps prevent the nuts from backing off and wheels falling off. Not that that ever happened on any car I’ve owned…

Bill Cheung says:

All automobile need service aft 5km ??? Guess all habits do cost money for maintenance,??? Look at those hilarious monster truck lol

Влад Zwero says:

hello! i have factory rim specs 18×8 with 24 offset. but now i’m using 20×9.5 with 35 offest and 10mm spacers. my logic was that 35-10=25 and it’s almost factory. am right?

Flaccid Eight_inch says:

if my car is a daily is it safe to put spacers on it? (2014 Genesis coupe rspec)

mje19D says:

I can’t stop looking at that pimple between your eyes lol. I hate when I get one there.

Alex Bodnarchuk says:

On #4. Wheel Bearings. Your description makes sense – as long as you are using the stock wheels and tires. You didn’t draw the whole picture, you only drew the surface of where the wheel mounts to the spacer vs mounting to the hub, even though the real force takes place first where the tires meet the road, and then translates up into the hub and bearings…. If you add wheels and tires that are wider than the factory wheels & tires, and those new tires are wide enough that they go under the car to the point where the old tires were or better yet, even more under the car than the factory setup, you will not reduce the bearing life.

zachatttack says:

If you had a wheel and spacer combo that adds to oem offset does this effect the geometry of the car’s suspension?

adder80 says:

So.. In summation… What?

aspirinemaga says:

So, it’s good or not ? I didn’t understand

Griffin Izzo says:

Would adding 15mm wheel spacers to a car with +50 offset wheels have the same effect as putting +35 offset wheels on?

Vincent Christiani says:

I have a question. The added weight that you have when you put on a spacer, for example a 1 inch spacer, what affect would that have on your car? Would it make your car accelerate slower? Would it put more stress on your transmission? Someone told me that for every extra pound you have on new wheels(meaning your old wheels were 25lbs, new wheels are 30lbs each) it adds like 5 lbs to the car. Something like that. I just watched this video of this guy who runs 50mm spacers, and hes saying other people put 2 spacers together, and are still fine. Same wheel bearing.Do you guys think thats true?

Donald Koller says:

helped me decide not to do it, thanks

one2 one says:

I tested spacers a year ago on my car (Audi Rs7), specially in the front I didn’t like them. The steering got heavier and the front end felt more numb, no feedback from the tires. Also the steering radius was badly effected.

YZ250Yamaha969 says:

So I have a question. Have you heard of longer upper ball joints? Does it make sense to get a longer upper ball joint? Is it worth the price difference? ~$75 more per pair.

Shocker 3171 says:

I have an 02 E46 CI I have 4 M3 front wheels. Can I lower it and put spacers on. What size spacers do I need please?

rusted needles says:

all i wanna do is rice but you wont let me ! 🙁

daniel uribe says:

I would say watch offbeat garage video On the subject. I understand he is a engineer but engineers aren’t infallible. Yes the design it a specific way I guess we shouldn’t mod our cars as he said they design it a specific way. To much focus on the negatives of spacer when in reality it isn’t the spacers fault as it’s the offset.

waltwitty says:

I really have to comment on this… but is all this mumbo jumbo even true? Radius? Axis? What??? I think it’s the presentation with the tiny drawing and the wordy sentences without periods.

Madis Jõgi says:

I fit my Toyota Wider wheels so i let it have smaller offset. Centerline of the tire didn’t change. So am I good :D?

David Lindsey says:

SO when you buy wheels with more offset than a factory wheel . Are you not still moving the center line of the tire out the same distance /

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