Wheel Offset and Backspacing Explained


In this CJ’s Resource Center video, Freddy & the crew at CJ’s explain wheel offset and backspacing. No matter how you want to cruise the road, CJ’s has your answer for the perfect wheel fitment!

Track and geometry of your car/truck transform once you start customizing with wheel backspacing and offsets. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. That’s why it’s imperative that you know what your vehicle’s clearances are or you consult a professional before purchasing aftermarket wheels.

Knowing what you want is half the battle. Are you looking for a more aggressive lower offset or a more conservative higher offset?

A lower offset enables a wider stance, with the wheels sitting closer to the edge of the fender. This drastically improves the visual appeal of your ride but also runs the risk of damaging fenders due to your wheels being further out.

Eliminating any possibility of damaging your fenders, a higher offset wheel will sit further inward. The drawback of having a higher offset wheel is the reduced clearance between the inner edge of the wheel and the suspension components.

On the subject of clearance, the next thing to worry about with aftermarket wheels is backspacing. Whether you have stock brakes or you have an aftermarket brake kit, it’s imperative that you know the correct backspacing so you don’t run into clearance issues with the caliper.

Depending on how you want the aesthetics of your stance to resonate, it’s important to check with a professional before purchasing aftermarket wheels. Ensuring a proper offset and backspacing delivers your desirable style and the correct clearance is going to save you a lot of potential headache down the road.

Show us your own stance on the subject by posting a picture of your killer wheels to any of our social media pages and stay tuned for some great new installments. Also, if you have any tips, tricks or recommendations, don’t hesitate to shout out to us. Post in the comments below, we look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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NinjaZXRR says:

I’m curious will I be able to fit a tire that is the same size but with a shorter side wall for example
215/55-17 to 215/35-17 ?

Mac Dawg says:

Good Lord… 1″ = 25.4mm & 1/2″ = 12.7mm, when added together is 38.1mm

Son K says:

Dang, I was gonna shop some used rims. Now I dont know what I should look for for my car

Alex Vieira says:

So how much negative offset do i need for my celicas rims are flushed with the fender?

Bryant Espinoza says:

Where do I find negative offset wheels? I keep finding positive offset

domantfly says:

Backspacing is retarded

Harry L says:

I see there is a bunch of morons here. The video was explained very well.

Marty Peters says:

I just want some sick rims and tires for my 98 civic coupe gonna drop it

Josef Haji says:

Thank you

Tejas patel says:

What to do I have 18mm positive offset?

Z C TV says:

Is 18×10 15p deep or decently deep

CHINO The Dream Giver says:

Great great video

Monir Mahdi says:

Hey. Planning to put on new set of ferrada fr3 wheels. 20×9 front, 20×10.5 rear on my ‘18 charger. Would I have any rubbing or tire sticking out the fender if I put 315/35 rear? Front shouldn’t be a problem since it’ll be either 275/285×35. I don’t want any sticking out nor internal rubbing. What would be an ideal rear tire size? I wanna go the largest I can which is 315. If not, what’s the solution, I really wanna upgrade but a whole lot info out there that gets u confused. Please advice. Thnx

CEE LEE says:

7.5Jx17 ET30 and 7Jx17 ET50 rims are interchangeable?(2012 honday odyssey)

JCTiggs says:

Great video and very detailed. Thanks CJP!

J. Oldham says:

Positive +offset preferable for me

Lucian Muntean says:

if we put the spacing geometry should be done on wheels?

Pantera 5.0 says:

Damn, this shit was confusing lol.

Norr says:

Bead to the bead

MadCarTK says:

So if 6″ of backspace will run into clearance issues I’ll need more offset?

Jesse Bowen says:

Awesome video very detailed and well executed.

Jean Baptiste says:

Question: Lets say standard R14 rim with ET45 (165/80 R14) stock, What are the R15, R16,R17 ET’s equivalents respectively? Any calculator?

Eric F says:

simple concept explained very poorly.

M Thomas says:

6:00 wtf…. I have rewind this part 20 times and I still don’t get it.

fitnesspoint2006 says:

Great video! some extra points the positive offset may seem like the bearing are offset as well but as is the case of the e36 m3 the position of the bearing in the hub ends being center line with the rim even with stock rim off set.

antsolja says:

why do wheel and tire measurements always have to combine metric and imperial, PICK ONE!

Dogma427 says:

I got a vw jetta with the 195/65 R15 with the 35mm offset, and i wanna put a set of wheels that are 225/40 R18 with a 35mm offset. Since its a wider tire will i need to get wheel spacers?

Raymond Zeng says:

my stock offset is 45mm, if my new wheels are 40mm offset, does that push the wheel out closer to the fender?

W H says:

Very helpful good job !

Diego rubio says:

My stock offset is 47mm and I want to fit other stock rims from another bmw series and it’s offset is 18mm would they fit …?

Sven Jøhansen says:

It is possible to shave up the wheels?
My rear wheels are rubbing when I go over a pothole or bump.
Someone recommended me to have the wheels shaved but im afraid that it will impact in the integrity of the rims.
I have a forgestar f14
19” 10 rear and 19” 9.5 front bmw 335i xdrive 2011

Andrew Bradian says:

Haha who also searched offset wheels and scrolked through 5 or 6 rap videos to find this one?

Green Hornet says:

Thanks very much for the great info !

scottnkirsten ostrander says:

we have a custom wheel drilled from a blank do I do it the same way and how do I order it and if I find all of this on a damaged and broken wheel will it change the measurements

mapko15 says:

how much off set can i run on a 2012 mustang gt 5.0 wit the brembo brakes the stocks are 42 offset would i be ok running a 35mm off set wheel?

Power Gaming says:

So in other words go to a tire shop and order the rims with their help? Ok got it

Anish Adav says:

Is the difference between positive and negative offset only about looks ?

Jason T says:

2:09 Did I miss something? How does 6″ + 1.5″ = 8″? Is there material width not taken into account there I take it?

Dominic Jocson says:

better than fitment industries explanation hahahaha!

stateniland says:

ques.. my 06 BMW Sport Wagon got new shoes.. 19″ HRE’s The ride went from comfortable to horrible.. How does one get the nicer look of 19″ without the harsh ride? Going back to 18″ isn’t the way i wish to go.. suggestions? I thank you

M Noneofyourbussiness says:

I guess this explains how OOffset of the Migos got his Nick Name.

blablabla9155 says:

All this talk about offset and not one Migos reference, I’m disappointed in you YouTube

D Roc says:

Rain drops, drop top….

LAMONT L says:

I’m still confused

vroomgc says:

Good video man. I think for some of the others on here you could have had another wheel that had a strong negative offset and showed that in comparison.

AceKilla says:

how can i find out the perfect wheel dimensions for a flush fit with a concave?

Wil Ramos says:

Finally I know what it means. I’m gonna buy wheels with -offset then

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